Nile Wilson on Gymnastics


I guess obviously it was my local gym
club in Pudsey, you know I used to go once a week I was 4 years old and I’d do
very very briefly remember it, you know the mats on the floor I think they had a
beam to walk across. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, I was in Leeds Gymnastics Club, I just remember loving it and wanted to go every day. All I thought about
was gymnastics and completely completely obsessed. It’s the way it makes you feel, the fact that it’s so unique as well. It is the closest sport, thing,
activity in the world to flying and I often say that to people and it’s true, it’s right. It’s so important for me to put across that message what
it does for your health for you know transforming your body with the muscles
we use and just enjoy and the way it makes you feel for example I’ve got my
dad in here you’ve seen and doing the backflip and the way that made him
feel and the experience he had doing that was very very special so
encourage everyone anyone to get involved and just join in with
gymnastics You ask the question how do you stay motivated I
guess I say how do you not? When you’re doing something that you enjoy so much
you know I come in the gym every day and everything’s a challenge and I love a
challenge. No one’s got to where they are on there own and the coaching team that that I have is one of the best in the
world. My family, my friends, my close network of people are part of this
journey and just always encouraging me positive vibes all the time. I’m a
British lad, I’m a Leeds lad and you know so proud to represent my country anytime
wherever, whenever. I love the atmosphere of competing I just love the way it
makes you feel I love the buzz off the crowd you know it’s so
incredible to be a part of this movement of gymnastics to being 10, 11 years old
in a sports hall with just our parents watching, to what the sport is today is
it’s a proud feeling to have gone along that journey and hopefully the success
will continue to grow because I believe that is the major part of everyone this
whole surge of gymnastics everyone wants to do gymnastics because of what British
Gymnastics and us guys have achieved so it’s an amazing movement and a pleasure to be a part of.


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