Newcastle Growth Drivers #OnTheRoadWithCraig

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– Everyone. Craig from The Edge
Property Buyers here again. We’re on the road, and
this is filming down from Bar Beach looking
towards Merewether Beach, and as you can see, a
pretty spectacular day here. And this is one of the reasons why a lot of people are moving out
of the hustle and bustle of Sydney with a million
median house price and moving up to somewhere like Newcastle, where there’s a lot of
infrastructure spend going on. There’s some great beaches. It’s about two hours, two and
a half hours north of Sydney. That’s Bar Beach there, point, and the median prices across most suburbs, wouldn’t call Merewether under that, where it’s over one million, but there’s many suburbs
not to far from here, 10 minutes drive, where you’re looking at between five and six hundred
thousand as the median price. A little bit further
out and in some pockets of Lake Macquarie and out towards Maitland you’re looking sort-of in
the threes to mid fours. So, there’s plenty of opportunity. Again, there’s plenty of
infrastructure spending going on in the CBD and surround as well as out towards Maitland, and obviously the airport upgrades, etc. So, there’s plenty of reasons to look up around the Newcastle region
as an investment opportunity. One, for affordability, two,
for the infrastructure spend, three, for the lifestyle. They all add up to good
drivers for growth. So, we’ll get out there on the road again. Enjoy your day, I know I will. Don’t forget to like and share the videos and if you’ve got any
comments, please comment below. And if you’re interested in having a chat, book a consultation
with us on our website. It’s a free 30 minute consult and we’ll see if we can help
you on your investment journey. Bye for now.


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