What it do Super Panda Reacts Super Panda Stand Up Relax y’all back with a another reaction hoodie Panda in the building hoodie panda in the building to him we shall return you guys
oh no to him is a lot you shall all get to see him on a dare judgment
insha’Allah we will all get to meet up my Muslim brothers and sisters as
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reaction started I don’t know some of you guys are living under a rock or
something like that but like the end is near like there’s a meme going on right
now they saying if the Dajjal came what are you gonna do me like what is the
first thing gonna do how are you gonna react like to be on turn alone how I’m
gonna react I don’t know how you guys will react bro like the end is near
literally the end is near we worried about getting successful stuff like that
that’s not the case that’s not the principle of this life I’m so serious
like do you not praying five times a day that is not the case like yes cool to
have a job and pay your bills stuff like the but the end of the day you have to
pray bro you have to pray that is mandatory know what to say we’re the
ones that are not Frank please Londyn don’t spend all your life
collecting this world’s treasures death awaits us all the destroyer of all
pleasures every soul shall taste the bitterness of death so prepare for the
day when all your deeds are measured you will die the way you lived and
you’ll be raised the way you died wherever you may be whether you’re in
fortresses up high perfectly on cue right at its appointed time they say
that death is the only truth and this life is but a lie that time will come to
when your loved ones will cry voice is trembling as they inform your relatives
late at night so sad you had to go you are such a nice guy they said it was in
your time but that’s not up to you and I yeah when they hear the news of the
calamity standard formality expressing their condolences to your family the
movement of time is nothing more than an erosion of existence in this dunya so
fulfil your feride renew your intentions and hold on to the prophets Sunnah
because time waits for no man so why should he wait for you oh no he
thought life was just a game until death decided to make his move while weeping
why would you enjoy but now it’s too late for you you pronounced Micra
straight to the one that created you you see time is killing us while we think
we’re killing time the place where you babe has already been assigned we deal
with death like his doubt for when the promise is divine will you be satisfied
when you’re lying in a space that’s confined or firmani being a found would
cry every time you’d see the grave the possessor of two lights may allah be
pleased with the slave you say that the grave is the very first never to darken
successfully in the couple will be successful all the way these days we
just laugh and joke in the cemetery someday even visit believe in this
unnecessary brother don’t forget that even your life is temporary don’t live
your life like death is not in your vocabulary others use the term death
defying but nobody’s ever defied death with every step that you take you’re
getting closer to your last breath they like that hang out they would drown the
sand at the hood by every time that death was mentioned now our own loved
ones passed away yet we show no apprehension tomorrow’s not guaranteed
but you’re still worried about your pension you were too busy with this
world gave the hereafter no attention don’t build a life in this dunya by
destroying your art here are read and take heed from surat al-alaq er this
life’s a test you can retake or restart the clock which will make your shroud
may have already hit the market o son of Adam
only a number of days and whenever a day passes part of you passes away you’re a
travel in this world brother you’re not here to stay so prepare for the day when
your own limbs will have they say you will regret every moment that you chose
to disobey imagine standing before Allah while your deeds are being weighed when
people gave you advice you didn’t give them the time of day you thought you’d
practice when you’re older but it didn’t go your way so we laid you to rest right
side face in the car by just pray the last words on your lips was the Shahada
friends and family turn up to pray o janazah if anyone could escape death it
would have been the prophets and Sahaba hey the footsteps of your friends as
they walk away from your cupboard your family is in pieces may Allah grant them
sober no should I would have could have now you can’t blame it and cut their
spoke as if you fought on butter but didn’t get up to pray for Shaitaan me I
whispered in your ear but it was still your own decision now you wish you spent
your whole life in a state of submission to angels appear in their questions who
is your Lord what is your religion who was your prophet I pray you state the
right answer for this world is a disease it’s a sickness worse than cancer
because if you dislike to me Allah Allah dislikes to meet you remember you have
an open enemy that will try to defeat you Shaitaan will leave you alone he’ll
try and misguide you till the end so if you lose in the battle to him now then
tell me what will you do then once the angel of death takes your soul
it will be too late to repent is advice to myself first and foremost we all need
to make amends don’t want your soul to leave your body like a thorn branch
ripping through wet wool the world is smaller desires are large the dirt will
ensure we’re finally full angels the dark face is whipping you calling you by
the Western names telling you to taste the punishment of the blazing flame
saying o evil soul come out to the anger and wrath of Allah so while your life
makes sure everything you do is FISA being in love constantly remember deaths
and try your best not to get misled if you could hear what happens in the grave
then you would stop burying your dead my brother you could be here one morning
and be gone by the afternoon that’s why we say in the lillahi wa inna ilayhi
Raju there we have it he’s absolutely right he’s absolutely right we take the knife
like this a joke guys like if you’re not praying really is like you can’t blame
the sheath on telling me to do this it was your decision and then when you die
you your gray the two angels ask you three questions
who’s your the Lord who’s your messenger and what’s your religion if you can’t
state those three say kebab like we on this earth this is this is this is not
real this is a glop of meat literally glop glop glop you know what I mean in
the whole table I’m trying to say this is the matrix man this is the matrix
just like this all I test my guy everything here is not real it’s not that was so good
I’m lost where as hopefully you guys enjoy this reaction cuz I did Salam alaikum my brothers and sisters


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  1. Anna Belly

    September 1, 2019 3:13 am

    Hey brother and sisters😉
    Ask every times for Allah forgiveness. Allah is RAHMAN AND RAHIM. Never forget that !! He knows his beleivers make mistakes …. but Allah is The greatest FORGIVERS. Never lose hope and say often ASTARFIULA, pray extra, make gift of Allah's name any time you can, fast when you can, do zakir every day 100 x Subhanallah, Al hamdulilah, La illaha illa Lah, Allah uakbar … and more if you can, do your best to be a good beleiver and forgive to the people who did mistakes or harm to you. ALLAH likes the one who forgive !!
    May Allah guide us 🙏🏽
    Thx SuperBro 💕💕💕


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