Mirror Box Therapy & NEUROPLASTICITY Following Stroke

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So this is mirror therapy. So while
you’re doing this, okay I’m going to have you look at the reflection in the mirror
okay. Mirror therapy is another tool that’s
being used in stroke rehabilitation. It’s being utilized to maximize or to get the
most out of neuroplasticity which just means getting the brain to
function, or to function again. What mirror therapy has been,
studies have been done on it, and they use functional MRIs to
kind of look at the brain while doing mirror therapy. They find that there
are parts of the affected hemisphere that were affected by the stroke, do fire
in certain areas, when the patient looks at their unaffected hand in the
mirror because it does mimic the affected side. If someone looks at
this, even just me, or the patient it, actually looks like he’s looking at his
right hand, writing. He is right-handed so that’s why we’re doing it as a
reflection of the right hand, so it can be perceived as the right hand being
functional again. You could do something functional, you could even just do simple
exercises, the idea is that the patient understands that they have to look at
the reflection. The thing that’s great about mirror therapy, something like that,
with the mirror box and just as long as the patient understands what he or she
needs to do and that they could follow through and carry over, is that they
could actually I could give this mirror box, I could lend it to them,
they could take it to their room. So you doing the flipping, right and
looking at the reflection the whole time. Patient: Yes. Therapist: And you are going to do a wrist up and down, while
looking at the reflection. Looking at the reflection the whole time
and best you can, I know it’s a little confusing, but you’re doing good
so far, yep, I’m just going to be pick them up and
just put them right in the bucket and the tin cylinder. Again try it, and you can
even look at the reflection of the tin can in the mirror as well, okay. So eyes
on on the mirror the whole time. As best you can keep focus on the mirror, even
when you come down to pick them up, keep your eyes on the mirror. The good thing about mirror therapy it could also be done with the arm and also be done with the
leg and foot as well. Good nice job.


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