Mini Golf! | Vlog #5 | Life With KEC

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(E&K) Hey everyone! (E) Its Emerald (K) and its Kat (E) and today we’re
at Bayview to do some mini putt (K) Let’s go! (E) let’s hope we can make par. (K) Its very hot very very hot Uhhgh (E&K) Laughter (E) Alright so Kat she just putt out of rage (NOT REALLY RAGE) and that’s an illegal push what is that!? What is that?! (E) I think she has some serious rage issues (NOT REALLY RAGE) (E) (Rage noises) (E) Are you ready to go Kat? I already started, theres my ball over there way better putt (K) FaKE RAgE (E) AHHHH GEEZZ (E) Alright hurry up (K) Did you show my face yet? (E) No, Alright hurry up, let’s do this, (IDK) (K) Ohh… (E) It hit the hold but ity bounced right out>:D (E) AGH again (E) IS that your fourth shot? Yeah (K) No, its my third shot…>:DDDD (E) So this is your fourth now, this is no way (E) Now that’s your fourth shot (K) No it’s my third (E) N-Now that’s your fifth (K) No that’s my fourth (Arguement) (E) You got a triple bogey deal with it (K) Ok (K) Go (E) YESSS (E) Alright can she stick this putt in for a whole in one!? (K) No (E) OOOH ISI (E) watch my putter and this is my plan right no really miss then went back I
don’t care and they went back and fell in the hole like Rosco and Hershey mean
it Oh all right so now that wasn’t that wasn’t
nearly as epic as mine how is that more epic also we forgot got some our intro
we did we didn’t not yeah oh we did oh all right so this hole this hole is
pretty interesting so you go down here right
and then and then you go on this like people right steep off and then goes
down and falls into these holes right then you go down get out of these pipes
and close these holes now let’s go so top and Hut – cute gonna fly it out oh all right you can finish that oh oh
you can finish that out oh yeah okay ready come on you can do
this oh just missed it went in alright I’ll finish it up you know I just missed it again I’m gonna push it push it no this is a plane that defines too
expensive finishing it out honey I miss it I miss sorry we’re cutting it short it’s just
really hot yeah


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