mini-golf, ice skating, and rock climbing.


hey guys! (hello.) so, it is our last day.
unfortunately, we are leaving tomorrow. do we go down? yes, we go down. (okay, we’re going down). we are going to head downstairs to sign up for our ice-skating time right now. this ship – because this ship has a freaking ice-skating rink. yep, and then we’re gonna go play some mini golf. (mini-golf! yes. putt-putt.) *upbeat mini-golf montage music* hey, guys! (hey, guys.) so, we finished the golfing. (we did.) it was a lot of fun. (really fun.) and we have to go ice-skating now. we don’t have to, we picked a time. and our time is 2:10, and it is currently… 1:56. so we gotta change and head down to the ice-skating rink… yeah. okay, guys! so, we are pretty much all ready to go. we’re probably gonna- *quoting a vine* i’m a giraffe! *jake making random noises* *more upbeat montage music* h: how was it? j: i sucked so bad. h: how was it, jake? j: it was a lot of fun. i just said that. h: so, when i say “how was it”, really mean is how did you do? j: oh, i sucked. really bad. h: that’s what i was looking for. h: we are gonna head back up to the room, change into actual pool clothes, and then we are going to go to the pool, as one does on a cruise ship. h: and then we are going to, uh, participate in a speed rock-climbing contest. j: oh, yeah. h: whatever the heck that means. so, yeah, this’ll be an interesting rest of our day! j: we finished ice-skating, like we said. h: we did. we went and got some snacks, so we’re all set. we are gonna go to the pool now, uh, because it’s our last day on the cruise, so we gotta go to the pool. *even more upbeat montage music* j: so, it is about, um, nine…? h: …nine-thirty. j: nine-thirty. j: we are going to get ice cream. h: yes, we are. h: jake just told me he would bet his life on the fact that his shoe wasn’t under his bed. h: where the heck was your shoe?! j: *almost silently* under my bed. *the last little bit of upbeat montage music in this vlog* j: hey guys, thank you so much for watching our new video. h: if you want to see the last one, click the link right down there to check it out. j: our social media links are also in the description down below. h: make sure you follow us, and we will see you guys next time. h: bye!


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