Match Predictions | 24/7 The Match: Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson


NARRATOR:Course match play
scoring means the result
could be decided before
they reach the final hole.
A circumstance, in fact, that
both parties are planning for.
I hope the pin’s right here.I’ll beat him, uh,
probably two-in-one.
That would be my guess. On the par three
down the hill, the water, I’ll probably make a two
to win two-in-one. I’ll head in there one up.
It’ll be close, though. -It’s a good finishing hole.
-CADDIE: Yeah. It’s unfortunate that, uh,
we probably won’t make it here. But… if we did, it’d be
a pretty spectacular finish. I hope Tiger plays well enough
to make it here. We’ll see. TIGER WOODS:I’m envisioning it
being over
by the time we tee off the 18th.He’ll be closed out.That’s how I’m envisioning it,that’s how I’m gonna be
prepping for it, and uh, the 18th hole will be there
to just be played. I’ll have him closed out. I don’t pull out my dance moves
very often, but I could see myself kinda
shuffling up here on to 18 and just whipping them out. Might even do the worm
across the green if I were to win nine mil.
I just might do that. Not today, but if I were to win,
that could come out.


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  1. John Dunlop

    November 15, 2018 7:54 pm

    Combined 2018 Ryder Cup wins for these two was … ZERO. So I predict the over-under for total paid viewership will be about 10.

  2. The Home Plate Special

    November 21, 2018 4:58 am

    CapitalOne, HBO etc. you should review and I suggest pulling the golf video ad that CNN app and others are running with Woods and Mickelson with CapitalOne logo on it. Listen to the end. Not appropriate to use that violent language. How would you like your kid to hear a sports hero saying that stuff?


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