Masters 2019: Tiger Woods moves within one stroke of Francesco Molinari’s lead.


a wave of late day severe storms forced
masters officials to move up tea times creating a rare Sunday morning breakfast
at the event with all eyes on Tiger Woods specifically whether he can win
his fifth green jacket and first major in nearly 11 years can Francesco
Molinari regain his bearings and become unflappable again after foundering a bit
and coming off a bogey he landed within a foot of the hole for a birdie on 8th a
better position than either Woods who was behind a TV support and Tony Finau
Molinari did it again hitting a lengthy putt for a birdie that put him back at
13 under over to you Tiger Woods kept up the pressure converting a birdie putt
that put him at 12-under still one stroke back Finnell managed a
par put that kept him tied with Brooks koepka at 11-under as Ian Poulter
dropped to 10-under with his tee shot on 7 finding the trees as the wind picked
up Molinari continued to make an adventure of the final round with woods
Finnell kepta and Poulter all at 10-under and seeking to punish him for
it Molinari finished with a bogey and woods took advantage closing to 11 under
one stroke behind Molinari kept Cup playing 1 hole ahead of the leaders did
the same moving to 11-under finow and Poulter remained at 10-under Molinari
for the second straight hole looked human as his tee shot at the par-3 6th
hole found the patrons and he took relief with a drop before his second
shot which bounced nicely to leave him with a 6-foot putt for par Woods
couldn’t capitalize on Malin Ahri’s predicament and Molinari seize the
moment with a par putt to maintain the 3 stroke edge on woods and Finnell so much
for any thought that Molinari might crack there so far he’s showing the
nerves he showed at Carnoustie last summer Molinari found his first bit of
trouble on the par-4 5th hole with his first shot going off to the side he
recovered nicely sending a little shot from the fringe just past the hole and
neither Woods nor Finnell could do to challenge him with par at the whole
Molinari stayed at 13-under while woods and Finnell fell to three
strokes off the pace with bogeys they had company because over on the 6th
green kept cos bogey dropped him to three strokes back as well as the
leaders approached the 4th hole the wind began whipping up coming from multiple
directions it seems as if those forecasts might be on the money here’s
Tom Boswell on the golfers tee shots on the fourth hole spoiler Woods gives back
the stroke he picked up on three with his first bogey Molinari regains his
two-stroke lead over woods finow in Brooks koepka by powering the hole
Woods tee shot on the third hole was the antithesis of his effort on number 2
nestling onto the green and closer to the hole than either Molinari or Finnell
with Molinari and Finnell powering the hole Woods pounced with a birdie that
put him one stroke back of Molinari who remains the leader at 13 under finow and
kept car another stroke back at 11-under Woods found a bit of trouble early with
his tee shot on the second hole flying wide left and down a hill into pine
straw while playing partners Molinari the leader at 13 under par and Finnell
were safely in the fairway as woods in Finnell found they had company at 2
shots off the lead when Brooks koepka birdied the 2nd hole would send his
second shot skittering onto the fairway and out of trouble he salvaged par on
the par 5 hole as did Molinari in Finnell Woodson Finnell trailing
Molinari by two strokes teed off at 9:20 a.m. with the three making par on the
first hole golfers have been grouped in threesomes and started from the first
intent tees in the concession to the weather forecast for one golfer the day
began with a bang as Bryson de Shambo struck a hole-in-one on the par-3 179
yards 16th hole golfers are in groups of 3 and starting from the first and 10th
tees the group behind the leaders is formidable enough to promise an
interesting and possibly wild finish Brooks koepka is lurking three shots
back with Webb Simpson and Ian Poulter 4 behind in Matt Kuchar Dustin Johnson and
Xander Shah flee among those 5 back woods wearing his signature red mock
turtleneck faced a schedule adjustment as he fights father time and mother
nature simultaneously for another major now 43 he has had four knee surgeries
and four back surgeries as he put it and his physical condition requires
concessions this is going to be different woods seeking his fifteenth
major told CBS on Saturday normally we get to sleep in on Sundays if we play
well but Sunday will be an early wake-up call get the body going get the mind
ready this will be a little bit different going off to tease threesomes
how early I’ll probably wake up around four or three 45-ish and start the
process of getting this body ready he said with a smile the upside of that
there’s less time to get nervous waiting for an afternoon tea time she wasn’t the
only one getting an early start sunday Molinari the Italian player who won the
British Open was on the practice area two hours before his tee time


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