Marianita’s Story: Recovery After a Stroke

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when you’re just doing stuff with two hands and all of a sudden you have only one let me tell you it is not easy I couldn’t do anything around for myself she has a lot of paralysis or hemiparesis on her left side was having some difficulty with balance and walking and he was becoming increasingly concerned about her risk for falls to see if we could improve on her walking and her left arm in general it it just quit she was unable to complete the things in the home like getting dressed so we came in to manage those kinds of things so that she could be much more independent at home I had a lot of willpower I always told myself I’m going to walk and by golly she did she not only practiced the skills that we gave her but as we would progress and we would make suggestions and we would work with her on how to put that into our daily living she actually did that I walked downstairs I haven’t been downstairs in three years you don’t know what it’s like not to have your independence until you don’t have it but yet there’s always somebody and I always call them my guardian angel just because they came in to help me my great-granddaughter came yesterday and I was walking with my cane and she just hugs me and she says Granny you’re walking you walk by yourself you know she was so happy because I wasn’t in that wheelchair for us it was wonderful to be able to participate in trying to reach those goals and to get to the place where she could do those things independently for me to be where I’m at today I only say thank God and thank Kindred for helping me so much


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