Linkin Park’s Dave Farrell plays golf with Brendan Steele

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Before the 2016-17 PGA TOUR season got into full gear, Brendan Steele and long time friend Dave Farrell enjoyed a leisurely round in their native California. Oh, just like that. Over grass the whole way. Never even an issue possible with that. It was never not gonna be good. I hit my tee shot probably about 250 yards,
which conditions-wise is fine for me, that’s pretty normal for me. There’s Brendan, who is from this spot right
here, 90 yards away. I don’t have an option to just hit it 90 to
100 yards further where Brendan hits it pretty much every time. But right now you’re mostly talking about
muscles then. So you’ve got a muscle deficiency. I thought maybe you just wanted to walk to
my ball. Play it as a scramble. There’s this secret on tour that they are
not letting out. They’re not letting us common people into
the club on, there’s some special fitting of ball to shaft to driver head to iron. Yeah, that’s the secret. Oh baby, this has action. Nice, good shot! That’s right where you told me to hit it. If this whole golf thing doesn’t work out
for you, you have a future as my caddie. It’s pretty cool to take a step back and really
appreciate that I’m in a position where I can be friends with a guy like Dave. We’ve become really close, and he loves the
game and it just makes it really fun. Got it!


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