Let’s Play: Super Mario Galaxy Part 1

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holy What up guys is flux here welcome to first episode, we’ll be playing Super [Mario] Galaxy Give me a second all right are now we’re ready! What’s up again? Flux? [we’re] [bout] to play some Mario galaxy. Letsa Gooo! [alright] lets uhhh pick a world let’s go to new file Alright save. I’m really excited to start playing this game again. Haven’t played it in a while, so Prepare for like a bunch of fail because I suck at Mario games in General you see I can’t even Yoshi, best character don’t go. Oh wait wait Alright born let’s go We’ll be reading Dialogue alright. Every 100 years a comet appears in a book I see okay. Oh my God Every hundred years the comet appears in the skies above the mushroom kingdom When comet was so large one year it filled the skies and sent countless shooting stars raining down? Do-do-do-Do-Do-do the toads brought the shooting stars to the castle where they became a great power star It should have been a very happy time for the citizens of the mushroom kingdom Mm-Hmm That was the night of the star festival held Once every hundred years to celebrate this comet Or what I like to call it yellow golf ball in the sky because there’s no texture on it. [oh] She’s in the film do you I’ll be waiting for you [in] a castle on the night of the star festival There’s something I’d like to give you from [each] She sounds just like that. I know all right All right here. We go first game play the game. Yeah boy. All right. Oh, it’s just so beautiful Honest targets everywhere. Oh man. What do you say? My total is right you gotta give it a scream Hello, sir hey grab as many as you can Can do I mean I live here? I’m pretty sure I would know what it’s called Boy, do I know him [open] up with your [skull] person? Yeah, I played this before. You know let me get our Bets there all day, jesus they all know each other your pill from here is just a vessel oh, oh Oh, I can’t jump off so cheap The castle is just down this path. You can’t miss it I mean once again. I live here. You [know] this is back at the [castle]. Well, it’s nice to do this is the castle that far because [uh] Seems I got here pretty easily you know flying to you know pretend I was like an airplane and all blue you know odds take so long to get there from the regular more eight worlds, and I just like oh Yeah it is a bunch of pirate ships Out to kill us oh gee oh geez I did not know a luxury electricity could freeze oh Well, they should shoot him up common bond [stop]. Oh loser. I’m new boozer was behind it Fucking loser man. Who’s that keeps trying to kill everybody and stuff so cool? And then peach just literally standing there As [browsers] slowly [walk] up to her castle. She does nothing literally nothing at all Princess peach Who were formally invited to the creation of our new Galaxy? wah-wah-wah-Wah The [Festival’s] over I did not know that bowser was an electric-type. I should have been prepared oh oh geez don’t get a little bit of Yep, your eyes aren’t going to save me now All right now that oh Yeah, God. I can’t spin yet. So now they totally they’re stuck there [can’t] ground power unit, so the Letran Are you guys worried about the festival dome here [turning] the corner [in] stuff? The best way and now who cares about the princess. You’re totally just so One-Track Minded One one mind track one Don’t know what to say. Oh help me. What do you mean help yourself? I’m a plumber not a frickin Natural disaster die [they] go. I don’t [even] know over here on the castle. We’ll be watching your demise. Oh lazar Beams Wow Alien abduction another global another Electricity Kenji, [oh] no, he’s taking Earth. Oh How could this happen? How could this happen oh? my God, aah oh my Princess peach I totally did not see [that] coming And it’s not like seems like you know stood there for about 20 minutes and then got the part when the capsule that would throw [freakin] ground Well about like five or six minutes into this lunch playing This chains on every day. Oh You know cody? Cody how could you oh? [mmm] are [these] [your] [clothes]. Oh, no, those are okay? Tomorrow’s like [sighs] drugs, and I already know What finally you’re awake? Let’s play? Apparently the world just kind of you know got taken over by thousand you know this rabbit’s talking about some legend away. Yeah Okay, so this game is Done, really, oh I Had sick jamal I’m sick because I [won’t] tell you where you are. Wow that is awful the world almost You’re kind of I mean the castle not the world coming yet this world Kinda Doesn’t revolve around Princess peach Princess Peach’s castle and her existing and all I Cannot find it. [I] [wanted] [a] whole episode trying to find the rabbit Sabrina Where are you? Oh? crushing the [power] of spaghetti compels you Jesus cannot I’m Gonna do it one more time. Oh double play several Okay, [those] [with] your lines up. I hear him or her or [it] Here it is right here gotcha pick up me What’s he saying, but I looked in there See I looked in the [grave] wait. Don’t jump in it again. Oh second one Ha ran the water slows you down all right. [she] hit a dress. [oh] It’s uh it’s [buneary] hiding in the tall grass. We’re yet [I] got my pokeballs ready not to let stuff up yes, I Just don’t eat the flowers Yes, oh Wait, I’m walking like that’s never mind. The kind of songs done. We’re here What grass are you [oh]? Then I’m on grass. Oh brad. [oh], this was a little grass Are we walking on grass don’t we also in space Where’s the grass how do they grow brad from space a bigger way to learn theater catch me? [oh]? I Got [you] [science] Will come back come back come back come back for [mathematics] [and] back on that It’s not fair you went [fasting] [whenever] [you’re] in the pressure. Which is always not going to start chasing you stop slow down [um] thank you, Jesus. [I] can’t believe I let myself get caught wearing the [but] Well, you can all of [us]. Maybe you really can’t help mama who now what why how? Okay, that is a castle. [I] was not ready for this seems Kasi, let me just will or should we jump up to her In the next episode guys. I hope you enjoyed the first episode. I’m probably gonna do those plush videos Soon, I just wanted to get something quick out of the way so that people to recognize my channel what I do probably do gaming stuff So I do a lot of gaming stuff I’m gonna have like a put a bunch of people over just have you know multi-layer stuff, but I Think that was good front first video. So uh hope you guys enjoy and Mario is having Some sort of problems All right, but uh with that. I hope you [guys] enjoy flux out


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