LEGO Friends: Mini Golf (30203) Exploration


Hey everyone! Jaystepher here with Mini Golf by Lego Friends. Set number 30203. Contains 26 pieces. Recommended building ages are 5 through 10. So here we have Emma playing a round of mini golf. This set is packaged in a polybag. What we waiting for? Let’s open up the bag and play a round of mini golf. One folded instruction manual and various bricks to build the mini golf course. Let’s take a closer look after it has been assembled. This is one quick build. Off to left we have Emma. Her blouse and shoelaces are printed. She has a bow in her hair, and that can be removed. The hairpiece is compatible with standard Lego minifigures. She is holding a golf club. It looks more like a hockey stick. I don’t like the design of it. Here we have the mini golf course. Two studs for golf balls. They look like hockey pucks. Let’s take a quick look at the course. Looks like it’s a windmill. It does actually spin. Basic construction with plates, flat tiles, and an arch. Got a flag. Let’s see if we can get Emma to score. Get that in there! Let’s see. No she didn’t quite make it. This is a bit too short. Should have been longer. The set did come with a few extra pieces. An extra shaft, couple of studs, hair ribbon, flat tile, and a stud flower. These can be used for other Lego creations. It’s a cute little set. Great to add to an existing Lego Friends theme or as a source for spare parts. And this concludes the review for Mini Golf by Lego Friends. Thank you for watching!


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  1. BricksInMyShorts

    September 23, 2015 4:55 pm

    Not sure if there is an actual Lego golf club piece, but that would have looked much better than the brick-built one in this set.


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