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Being a single mom is so hard. And then,
you never really realize how many haters you accumulated
in a relationship till you’re out of one,
you know? Like the other day,
I was at the gas station, right, and I saw this brother
seeing me. So I had to, like,
press up the girls and act like I was on my phone. And I did the walk. Ladies, you all know the walk
we do when we want him to see us seeing him, but not to see
that we see him seeing us? He was, like, “Excuse
me, beautiful, I just
want to say — ” And before he got a chance
to really mack me down, I hear this header blasting
in my background, like, “Mom!” [ Laughter ] “Can you please
come pump the gas?” I was, like, “Oh, man, I don’t
even know Shorty, like… We cool, right? Listen, we live together.
She got a daddy. Hold on.
Will you please be quiet?! I’m trying to find you
a new daddy! You not tired of going to the
father-daughter dance with me? He might want to take you!” Then, like,
oh, God, for her birthday, she decided she wanted
to do miniature golf because black kids do that. I thought they was only like $3. Do you know they want $9.75
for us to play golf, and for kids 6 and over,
they want $7? But for kids 6 and under,
they want $3. Ladies and gentlemen, while we
was in line at Holloway Park, I looked my baby square dead
in the face and was like, “Today…you are 6.” She trippin’,
“Oh, man! Come on, Mom! I did everything to be 9! Come on, man!” “Little girl, listen,
a birthday cake, the presents, the kids,
they can all go away, ’cause today, you are…” Woman: 6. Ooh, come on, somebody. We get up to the register. Buddy, like, “Hi, ma’am, $9.75.” Looked my baby
square dead in the face. He was, like,
“And how old are you?” She looked up at him,
back at me, back up at him, back at me, and was, like, “Well, sir, on June 25, 2008,
I turn 9. But today…I’m 6.” [ Laughter ] Then we get out there
playing golf. She don’t know
what the hell she doin’! She’d pick up the ball and say,
“Look, Ma, I throw in the hole,” and I’m like, “You cheatin’.” So I was mad, ’cause y’all know
when black women get mad, we be mad all…day…long. Y’all, our conversation
went like this — “I can’t believe
you went up that beep, ’cause you gonna beep,
’cause next time, I’ll beep! Beep!” “Beep! Beep, beep, beep!” [ Laughter ]


51 Responses

  1. Tony

    April 4, 2018 7:50 am

    That actress playing the Mother is Fly as ****!! Kid or no kid…you wouldn't find me walking away. But I'm married so that ship has sailed.

  2. Bianca

    April 5, 2018 8:03 am

    wow, bih being mean (emotionally abusive) to her kid and wait… people are entertained by it! everyone has to do better!

  3. nesha50421

    April 7, 2018 5:40 am

    Cursing your child out is never comical. Evrn though the sketch moral is funny, cursing your child out is never funny & then the parents wonder why their children are cursing teachers out at school & then later in life they’re cursing back at their parents & other adults smh #stayWoke #DoBetterParents

  4. JarlyShots

    May 1, 2018 9:53 am

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  5. Rolanda Dwyer

    September 27, 2018 7:52 pm

    So um from 1:11 onwards… I totally own being THAT kid🤣😂🤣
    Especially after sharing the clip w my mother whose response was HILARIOUS!🤣😂🤣 On June 25, 2008…🤣🤣🤣

  6. tmston2

    March 14, 2019 5:31 am

    no body caught that “wen black women mad they 😡 all day” sometimes weeks, even hav done a few months! im like man is that healthy? u done had 2 cycles and u still mad?!?

  7. Rachel Frazier

    April 2, 2019 9:34 pm

    She ain't lying 😂😂🤣 😂
    My kids know the game… you 6 today 😂🤣😂🤣


    June 8, 2019 2:34 pm

    All five of my babies stayed the same age for years until they started getting taller and taller 🤣


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