LA MEILLEURE TECHNIQUE ? (Golf With Your Friends)


Ah, golf! Ah! Space
(reference to a previous video) All space, all hectares to cover with balls. You got balls? OK, false start. Ah! Golf ! Ah golf, yes! This rich people sport! Yes rich!
-Obiusly! Well us, we play mini-golf. This is the least expensive golf. And especially we also lazy to move our ass … Yeah we’re lazy.
Come on! We’ll put on my friend or what? OK here we go
-Go We put on. Han, do you have customized your balls? It is in what? Ah “customize” It’s just the color there? I’ll try to do it like my hair, for example. Here it is ! Hi Guzz ! You’re beautiful! Yeah, I know. This is my new color actually.
-Pink ? Original. Yes it is original, yes. When are you going to do your hair that color, we had already talked about it, it seems? Oh, that’s weird, you have to play golf it’s true! Ah yeees well that’s funny! You asshole, you’re going to do it anyway! Lobby in the comments so that he’ll do it! You must not disappoint people like that! Don’t worry, it will happen. So let’s go there now? So how does it play? Hop!
Oh but wait, why I can not there? Ah but it is forward! OK.
Ah no no no no …. But shit! -Yeah buddy!
-Ah hello!
Ah shit! Double Bogey!
Ah damn I did what? You did shit! Holy cow… Yes, but apart from that? Mh, mh, apart from that uh … Ah bastard!
-Ooooooohh …! ( MLG)
Ah bastard!
-Ooooooohh …! password please before moving Oh! shit. Noooo Porto? Yes? I’m coming Wouw! No no it’s not going there … Oh! // OMG! MLG // Oh no! I not oh c’mon … – Wait wait wait
– It’s crap this game! You do can be done less … stuff … * facepalm * Olala … All the same! – Uh moreover it makes me a little scared, what is this shit?
– Hey! One hit! OK Go ahead! Ok, music Tin nin! Tin nin! Tin nin! Tin nin! We have an editor for music, okay? Oh … I wanted to do all the work … H- h- nan – OK
– * Breath * An hour after… Oh! Pffffff … * laughs * Nan i said two hit … wait … * Laughs * go ahead Please, go ahead Three times, that’s it, you say? Yeah I said three times! Yes Yes of course Well, wait, I’ll come too Ok come. If you do it in two hit I fucks you! Ouuuh! MY Godness !! – * Laughs *
– Oh damn! Hold on… – ** GREAT INSPIRATION*
– * Laughs * Heeeeeeeey … I’m, below … (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) * Laughs * – The guy is happy * eyebrows *but I’m above you!
– Yeah, yes it is the only game where you can be happy to be below … * Laugh skid* it’s nothing sexual … Yes * laugh skid* I need to stop damn! WOOOUW! Woh! woh! Where are we going here? where to go? But where’s the flag? Yeah I know, it’s there Oh yes oh yes! Oooh … Naaaan * Inspired * AH ah ahh … no! (It’s nothing sexual …
Yes * laugh skid*) – Well this game annoy me
– * Laughs * Yes! Hello! Wouhouhouhou! I have come all the way! Olala I must not miss it … -Get out of here…
– HOHOO! OOHOOO I just screw you! WOOUUUUUH – Rooh fucking shit …
– Ooh … -You ‘re still below me (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
– Okay… Wait I’m gonna do it there … Oh! Ooh! *rage* OUH! OUH! OUH! OUH! YES! YES! YES! YES! shit Oooh! Oh what a jerk, I can not even do that… awesome … Ouch What did you do? I do not know but something. I do not know, but something! Naan don’t come out! but no! but no! You’re out! naaaan … Woooouuuuuh Buuuurdyyy! Come on stand still! quick Here! and here I’m in! Oh! Oh yes! *INSPIRATION* “Release the Kraken!” *RAGE* – Oh this helmet! it will not hold! Oooh …
– * Laughs * Oh shit! Pfff … – Wait I’m gonna teach you me, look! Wooouh!
– Yeah c’mon Oh! Oh! Ouuuuuuuuhhhhhh!
– (Bastard …) But no! But damn! But I’m back en- but damn … * facepalm * Shit … Ouaaais, it’s cool that’s cool … – Nah Nah … OH!
– Ouaaaais !! ooooh … Ok, ah yeah okay okay … – Go ahead…
-… Aaaaaaain ~ ouiiiiii ~ – And no. * Laughs *
– Oh, you come back! Hello! It’s okay? then how was it? Anh not bad, really, but not en- you really did you want to go I think, go – C’mon c’mon let’s see … and then?
– * Laughs * Olé! shit ,jerk … So? – * Inner Rage*
– You respect me? * Outside rage *OH SHIT I SWEAR! Well I’ll waiting for you, hun? Hold on… You know it is useless to do that. Uh … there’s no soome
– Sooome Sooome euhehehehe *las ketchup dance * Ceilings there? – Who prevented you there? Wait I go …
– The WEEE uh … changement- The change is now! CHANGE?? IT IS NOW! Oh yes okay okay I understood … – Nan in fact I did not understand but it’s, it’s hot …
– Woooouuuh! Oh! OOOH! shit … Oh but it’s not truei c- * Alien cry of cabbage soup * Hold me back otherwise I invoke Beelzebub! But c’mon but de ra- stop rounding your, your month end there seriously -…whore
– * Laughs * To round off your month end … Go you shoot … here That’s right, go – Look, it’s how it’s done
– Yeah? I, I feel your face, well you see tense With your blond …. Oh there’s Harambe! (RIP) It’s Harambe! eh? Oh you don’t have the ref, you suck … “Oh my fucking god!” Huh HARAMBEEE – I’m going to win!
– Oh fuck… but kind, now! You know you annoy me! – Yeah …
– Oh fuck, but this is too much every time! – Shut up…
– Yeah It is the 13th hole, there’s still- 15..16..17 .. (Porto learn to count) 18 .. It remains 5 holes (YAAAAAAY ) Go c’mon darling! Oh no you have to go faster, there, louder! You know you- huun! like that there … – How?
– You’re … huun like that, and it works there, go hhHHHUUUUUUUU- – Ah, but you-
– Oh yeah it works well (irony) RAAAAAAAAAAAHH that is, hu you see it’s hu, gently you expelled slowly Ha-! (Guzz shocked) You understood go ahead huuun- You do not understand? it’s slowly, huun- * Inspired * HA and here you do- HUUhhhun Oh no in fact you didn’t- * LAUGHS * Well, start. It is between the huuun- and HUUhhhun You fait- huuhhhun – Here
– huuunhh (Guzz shocked) (Pffffff) Damn! You should give golf lessons * Laughs * Then Madame … * Laughs * Take your club And made between huuun- and HUUUUGH! Do not bend your knees especially! Do not bend …. no it is useless, but even hit ? it is useless, just do HUUUUUH Warning I go go go go … Yeah! Oh I managed! And you made a great HUUUUH! A large … HAAAAAHH Ahhh almost! You – you’re not quite in orgasm, I find (I’m more far than you) Haaaah- * Laughs * * Laughs * Oh my God, well c’mon! huuun- * Laughs * But it works every time! * Laughs * * Laughs * it works! * Laughs * HUHU it works! Oh no but it’s not possible that! So let’s see porto being in deep shit.
It is still at the beginning! Yes because not i don’t orgasms>:( yes … huuun-! – Ah well that’s
– Here OK. OH I’m just before the ax what! Hey, if you look closely it’s babies “SURPRISE MOTHER-FUCKER” I made too many orgasms or what? I made so many orgasms that I made babies
– Guzz and Porto 2017 huuun- (like a boss) Oh, no it’s over – Oh holy shit …
– Ah yes!
I- Here it is and never, rich stuff again here And annoy Porto on Twitter for that hair ringworm, thank you. Oooh shiiit


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  1. Tensa

    January 25, 2017 9:11 pm

    J'espère que ce montage vous a plu ! N'hésitez pas à me donner vos avis sur le montage !
    Ci-dessous la FAQ des commentaires auquel je répondrais !

    00:00 – Darix Togni – Digi G'Alessio
    01:16 – Gold With Friends Soundtrack – Mr Sunshine
    01:43 – Apashe – Sand Storm feat. Odalisk
    02:20 – Vivaldi – Les 4 saisons – Été
    04:18 – Vangelis – Chariots of Fire Theme
    06:23 – Carl Orff – O Fortuna Carmina Burana
    06:41 – Kaaris – Se-vrak
    09:52 – LIVE – GOD BLESS (feat. PUNCHNELLO)

    04:50 – Le Choc des Titans

  2. Quelqu'un

    July 4, 2017 2:31 pm

    Qui veut que Guzz et Porto fassent un mini golf IRL ?

  3. killer diamant

    July 26, 2017 2:18 am


  4. AVK Music

    August 16, 2017 2:08 pm

    PLEASE une partie à quatre avec Wankils putain… Entre votre technique et la rage des autres, y a de quoi mourir de rigolade !

  5. Linky Fox 2

    December 31, 2017 2:14 am

    Ta utiliser une vidéo de anomaly qu'elle honte c du vol mais continuer les video (dsl de mon écritures)

  6. Tortinio

    January 6, 2018 4:24 am

    Enfin un monteur avec des gouts musicaux de qualité ( surtout la musique de début et d'outro )!^^

  7. David Plays

    May 23, 2018 3:39 am

    j'ai un ami qui fait du golf, et c'est pas un gosse de riche pour autant, PRÉJUGÉ !!!

  8. laNANA

    June 15, 2018 5:43 am

    mon grand-père était LE patron d'un golf connu, cherchez Jacques Philip et normalement, je dis bien, normalement il doit être sur internet …

    ehhh bah non … non non non, oubliez ce que je viens de dire euhhhhh …

  9. Jules Potoczniak

    July 11, 2018 5:47 am

    J’adore dans les sous titres à chaque fois que porto il rigole il y a écrit rire dérapage 😂

  10. Sandra Donckerwolke

    September 8, 2018 3:31 pm


  11. Servallou

    September 19, 2019 11:54 pm

    On a beau dire qu'ils n'ont pas atteint le million, mais en attendant ce sont les seuls qui ont leurs nombres de vues proportionnelles à leur nombre d'abo


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