KIDS play MINI GOLF ADVENTURE with FAMILY. Miniature Golf Let’s play for real! [KM+Parks&Rec S02E06]


See, he’s been studying Ah Oh, no Grandma: …going to make a wish? Grandma: Throw it in the water Roxy: I wish… Gabe: I wish that Star Wars was real Grandma: Alright But I didn’t say anything You didn’t make a wish? Roxy: I wish Yo Kai was real You can still make your wish. You throw your money [?] Roxy: I wish Yo Kai was real Mom: Where are we? What are we doing today? Um…Mini Golf Grandma: You can practice over here Mom: Yeah Grandpa: Yeah, just practice. Try and get in the hole It’s all out there Hadrian, do you want to come over here and practice? Hadrian’s ready He’s the most ready out of all of these guys Back up Here’s what you’re going to do Oh, Gabe, don’t move Gabe, don’t move Go, Roxy, Go Okay, Roxy’s next And then Marcus yeah Alright So…Melissa and I will continue on with the little people. Mom, come on Tragen, your turn, come on Okay Oh, Gabriel Wait! You got to wait for them to finish [?] Grandpa: See how I did that? And I got ready so you could kind of putt pass me Oh, I…[inaudible] Can I hit my ball now? Yes Good shot Ah-ha, it’s all about…It’s all about hitting the edges, for me. Yeah That’s a really good way to do it, Tragen Go ahead Put it down Marcus: And I want to go with Hadrian Where you go at the same time? Okay… one two three. It’s up Oh, you might have to hit harder Mom:Oh Oh Grandma: Try again Hold on This one is really tricky Oh, nice job guys Oh There you go oh oh Ah Whoa whoa whoa Try again, Roxy Well, because she needs to get out of your way. There you go There you go You want to go around and see what it looks like? Come here Go ahead This way Walk around so you see the house See? It can either go through the house, or it can come down this way And you can put it all the way around Hadrian Right like that Go Nice Mom: Oh Oh, you got it Grandma: That was beautiful, Marcus Here you go Mom That’s awesome, come over here Momma You got it, and I got it on camera oh, great I did good Let’s go the path Agh [?] Up. Go up. You can go up Okay. no no no Carry it Carry it Go ahead. Go up this way Go up this way. put it down Put it down. Through the middle Aw Oh, so close I want to do it the easiest way You want to do what? I want to do it the easiest way Very good Where ever Okay Easy One more try… Look Grandma And then you have to do Oh outside [?] Ah You just have to try again There you go I can do that If you just try again That’s it [?] Oh See he ended on your head (ball) He did He did it Aw See, you…I think you try again Yeah, Roxy, go ahead, try again There you go, it’s gonna come back I want mommy Roxy, you see where the hole is…right? yes okay High five My turn Nice Your turn, Gabe what? Gabe, go find it. It’s in the grass Tragen, don’t do what Gabe did Nice and slow. You don’t have to hit it too hard Almost Quickly mom, there’s two big holes Yeah, you got to get it in either one. I think the closer one comes out closer to the hole That’s it oh oh oh oh Oh my gosh, so nice and straight Get it. Get it uh uh There you go. There you go, Hadrian That’s better That’s much better Why don’t you walk first [?] Oh oh oh, so close Where did it go? Right there Oh oh It went through that hole. See where Hadrian is trying to shoot it back in? Oh, it was right there Woo hoo But I want to watch… Alright, here comes Tragen No? okay There we go, Marky Oh, watch out Goes back here Comes out right through here. (gasp) so close…so close Woo hoo, I win Wait, this is tunnel 15? Yeah, we’re on number 7…a couple…still going Whoa Okay, Hadrian, look. Grandma’s on the next one go Yep, let’s go See, he’s been studying Because that’s what the Pros do Er, get in So close What a good boy (Gasp) Wow you.. He plays pretty well right-handed one-handed yes Thank you Hadrian: Grandma Bye Excellent Oh Oh It won’t stop. Stop Stop you crazy ball Go ahead Wait, I’m …no, grandpa’s furthest I think Tragen is Yep, Tragen’s the furthest Go I’m just…I’m just trying to get this No, now I am, one minute, Tragen. That’s betters Yeah, show us again, Dad Shoot it through, Grandma It went right in? You ready? Oh, you gotta jump it This one has water and a waterfall You ready? yep, you got to jump it Uh uh Now we have another This one’s the waterfall challenge Oh the… Yeah Oh ah Oh no Can you get it? I can’t, you momma You get Marcus Whoa whoa whoa Yes. Marcus, make sure… Make sure the club…see how the long point is going this way? okay? Uh here go Perfect Yea Well, this is the very slow door, Grandma Do it aw Let him play Wow, it didn’t go through? Yep Nice job, Marcus Hit the ball… I’m sure he’s pretty confused about where we came from Very nice Look at [?] You got it and the slightly soccer – ish approach. One four is 14 Right? That’s a lot, you’ve played a lot of golf already oh That’s it, nice and straight Good job Oh nice Let it roll. Let it roll Up You have to get to get a croquet set Up Go up Oh oh, that’s a shortcut Are you waiting for number… one five one five 15 Yes, it’s 15 Oh, sweet Here he comes Hadrian’s coming wow Where is Grandpa? Oh there he (is)… I know, Grandpa is way over there, we lost him. I will help you Okay, Marcus, thank you Remember, he’s going to help every…others at all mini golf areas I helped you A hug for Grandma At least for the first couple years, right? I always did Oh Want to try again? He can try again He’s trying (?) I win Wow, you sure did Look, you have to go through these (?) Yep, It’s pulling it open and closed And it’s a part… one sec (?) Oh that robot is…to block your ball You got to get your ball Did you get it? Ooo (?) jail? No okay Oh, Hadrian helped (actually Grandma) Oh, Oh, he got it Hadrian helped Marcus… Marcus, this is the last hole, okay? So when you hit… When you hit the ball, down at the other end, and it goes in the hole… It’s all done. You don’t get it back. Okay? mm hmm I know, but we can come another time yeah? okay? Nice, Tragen This one’s really hard, okay? You can’t go…you can’t go past this rope, so you have to hit it really hard all the way up there ..and big bump You can’t go past the rope It was then that Marcus needed to be stopped Parents needed to parent. And of course, they didn’t get an end scene. “…Having a little trouble closing out his day” “The ball itself has its own energy” “It’s natural environment is in the hole. Why don’t you send him home.” “Time to go home there, ball” “Awww” “That’s your home!” “Are you too good for your home?”


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  1. Carter Corner

    October 20, 2017 9:51 pm

    Can you believe we've never taken Carter to play Mini Golf??? We definitely need to make it a point to go! -Britany, Carter's Mom

  2. This is Ryder

    October 21, 2017 5:06 am

    you guys are seriously good at that lol. the kids i mean.. how nice they can spend time with the grandparents like that and such nice weather. 🙂

  3. ThePrinceTv

    November 3, 2017 12:34 am

    Mini-golf is fun for the entire family. You guys had a lot of fun on that day. Love the Happy Gilmore clip at the end. 🙂

  4. CamiCakes

    November 21, 2017 8:25 pm

    Mini golf is such a fun family activity! You guys look like you had a lot of fun especially with the waterfall challenge!


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