Khulna Shipyard Limited PR Movie 2014


Construction of Khulna Shipyard Limited started in 1954 under supervision of the-then East Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation, in short EPIDC and technical support by Messieurs Stucken Sohn of West Germany. In 1957, Khulna Shipyard Limited officially started its journey to build and repair different type of ships. Messieurs Burness Corleft of the UK and Messieurs Maienform SA of Switzerland administered this yard until 1965. Later on, the administrative authority was vested on the officers of the EPIDC itself. After independence in 1971, the authority was naturally shifted to Bangladesh Industrial Development Corporation, BIDC. Responsibility of this company was given to Bangladesh Steel Engineering Corporation, in short BSEC in 1972. In 1999, this yard, as sick industry, was handed over to Bangladesh Navy. Within short time, Bangladesh Navy has turned this yard into a disciplined, progressive and profitable company. Khulna Shipyard Limited, enabled Bangladesh to dream as a shipbuilding nation. Since its inception, Khulna Shipyard Limited has been contributing in the ship building industry of Bangladesh. More than 680 different types of vessels have been built in this shipyard until 2013. The ships which have been built here are: Passenger Ships, Oil Tankers, Cargo Ships, Container Vessels, Ferries, Fishery Research Vessels, Tug Boats, Harbour Patrol Crafts, Landing Crafts Vehicle & Personnel, Landing Craft Utilities and warships like Naval Patrol Crafts. It builds Water Barges, Pontoons, Foot Over Bridges, Waste Containers, Gangways of different types & sizes and Steel Structure for Bridges as well. It also makes various machine parts for heavy industries like sugar mills, jute mills etcetera. Khulna Shipyard Limited has adequate facilities and technical skills to repair ships either on land or on water. More than 3,000 ship repair works have been successfully accomplished over the last five decades. Presently, this this yard produces approximately 2000 Tons of steel works per year. Khulna Shipyard Limited, an organization with unique shipbuilding experience. Management and quality control system of Khulna Shipyard comply with international standard. All the newly built and repaired products of Khulna Shipyard pass through a specific and orderly procedure under ISO 9001:2008 certification. Here, the quality control cell discharges their duty very keenly. To ensure such quality, these are done under international classification societies like: Germanischer Lloyd or GL, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai or Class NK, China Classification Society or CCS, Lloyd’s Register when required. Khulna Shipyard Limited, committed to assure quality products. Khulna Shipyard Limited outstretched upon approximately 69 Acres in other words 279,000 Square Meter area and located in Khulna city, only 45 Kilometer northward from the Mongla Port. The slipway here can accommodate medium sized ships for new building and repair with maximum 90 Meter length and 4 Meter Draft. There are 8 sidetracks, each of them are 100 Meter in length. Depending upon size, these sidetracks can accommodate from 8 to 16 ships at once for new building and repair. The berths are equipped with one in number 8 Ton and two in number 5 Ton capable berth cranes. They are also equipped with one in number 30 Ton capable derrick crane, one in number 30 Ton and one in number 10 Ton capable mobile cranes and adequate number of fork lifters. Further Khulna Shipyard Limited has two dredgers to keep the channel always utile. To Assure a stable electricity supply this shipyard has its own power supply system. To provide quality products, Khulna Shipyard Limited has different workshops for different purposes. With credence to do something big there is a long platter shop. Alongside six overhead cranes this workshop is equipped with press bending, universal bending, roller bending, CNC flame & plasma cutting machine. Other required machinery and equipment for shipbuilding and repairing are also present here. With a determination to do something strong there is a solid machine shop. Beside a 10 Ton capable overhead crane, this workshop is also equipped with different type of lathe, sloter, planer, horizontal boring, magnetic surface grinding, shaper, milling and pipe bending machine. With a commitment to create something new by melting down stiff metal, there exists one of the largest foundry shops of Bangladesh inside Khulna shipyard Limited. This workshop is equipped with 10 Ton capable overhead crane and cupola & crucible furnace. Beside anchors, pumps & valves, machine parts for machinery of other heavy industries are also produced here. A complete carpentry shop is here to beautify the ships. This workshop also takes part in repairing wooden segments of ships. Different type of wooden works like furniture making & assembling, pattern making for machine parts, blasting & painting, lagging & insulation and fabrication by cloth & rexin are the tasks of this workshop. Furthermore, in 2014, a 100 by 70 Meter with 30 Meter height fabrication shed has been added. It has facilitated with four in number overhead cranes Beside other facilities. Because of the new shed, now two ships can be build easily in an adverse weather condition. The electrical shop with its skilled manpower installs & repairs generators, makes & installs switchboards, radars and echo sounders etcetera. This workshop also deals with other required marine electrical andelectronic works smoothly. Khulna Shipyard Limited, an efficient artisan in shipbuilding industry. Khulna Shipyard Limited established a unique milestone in the country through manufacturing first ever warships for Bangladesh Navy. In fact, Khulna Shipyard Limited is the only associate to this pride. The great power of this shipyard is its skilled manpower and the yard authority always seeking for safe, echo-friendly and comfortable workplace for this large people. They are provided free medical facilities at yard’s own medical center along with accidental insurance facility. Located at the west bank of the River Rupsha, this yard is perfectly trimmed with different kinds of trees. A group of promising people are providing their unique effort and contributing in international standard shipbuilding. As such, it has attained standard of ISO certification. Now international classification societies are working together with this shipyard. Skilled manpower and professional management have turned this shipyard into a well disciplined, dynamic and above all to a profitable company. Khulna Shipyard Limited, a unique instance in development. In the quest of skilled manpower, Khulna Shipyard Limited is superintending a technical training center. Desirous young trainees are being trained here for no cost at all, instead they receive monthly stipend too. After successful completion of their training, they get opportunity to work at various industries of the region including Khulna Shipyard Limited. These devoted skilled people passed from here now working not only in the different district of Bangladesh but in abroad as well. More so, to ensure educational facility of the officers and employees, Khulna Shipyard Limited is intensively looking after primary, secondary & higher secondary schools. at the same time to educate the children with religious and moral values there is a religious school as well. Khulna Shipyard Limited, thinks for the country, thinks for the people. Prime considerations to this shipyard are the clients’ satisfaction and fulfillment of their need. Therefore, affordability of price, timely handover and above all the quality assurance are significant to this shipyard. This yard thinks something new, this yard can turn possibilities into realities, this yard is capable to contribute national development. Above all, this shipyard is ready to face the challenges of the 21st century. Khulna Shipyard Limited, created for creation. Khulna Shipyard Limited, your trusted partner.


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  1. Partha Prathim

    June 18, 2015 7:57 pm

    I apologize and with due respect to the maker want to knock on some issues on the film- I think camera work (not because of DOP rather for direction) were too poor, may be because of doing less home work on pre -production, shot division and per-visualization. All used Graphics should have been unique made by production's own creative/motion Graphics person rather used downloaded things from net! No need to say anything about voice over! Also some other issues which did not make the film appreciable! Please forgive me!

  2. Md Abdullah Al Baqui

    January 7, 2017 5:40 am

    We are proud of you. It is tear-dropping achievement, specially when we see a sick industry has turned into an internationally comparable big industry. Though I am tens of thousands mile away but feel so proud when I see my Khulna or My Bangladesh is rising head above others.

  3. Jubba Muna

    June 3, 2017 5:10 am

    amar mathai dhorena ki vabe ins sumitra Indian nevy vessel Bangladesh sea area te tran uddhar karjo chali sunce China theke 2 ta, USA theke boro naval ship anar por o Indian normal ship help nite hoice eto boro lojja ki vabe ami nebo

  4. Anwar Parvez

    September 13, 2018 9:32 pm

    খুলনা শীপ ইয়ার্ড এখন গুরুত্ব হীন এবং এর প্রয়োজনীয়তা হারিয়েছে, কারন এখন এটি পরিচালনা করবে ভারত,যাহা আমাদের জন্য অত্যন্ত লজ্জার বিষয়।


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