Kanika, A Short Film feat Nidhi Bisht | Girliyapa Ciné

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The day after he met me,
he’d said “I love you” We take the same bus
every evening… Bus no. 107 He knows I sit by the window, and pretending
to look at the sea, he glances at me He has penned my name
behind the seat; I start giggling whenever someone
enquires, who ‘Kanika’ is. I’ve always loved weddings.. My uncle got married last year. Everyone dances & feasts.
Immense fun. I pose like a bride sometimes… that’s when he takes
pictures of me. He always dreamt of
becoming a photographer… but then got occupied
with his job. He’s pretty funny too… He’s great at comedy. Mimics cartoon voices
like Donald Duck… He spends a lot of
time with me… …but feels awkward
around my friends. He doesn’t like the city, says no one understands
him here… only I do. My parents do small-time jobs. Mother taunts and nags
father all the time Neither have any understanding
of what ‘love’ is. That’s why I never
told them about him. Yesterday at the bus stop, he
proposed that we run away. Away from the city,
away from everyone.. Just us, together… …now or never, he said. He held my hand and we hopped
into the intercity volvo. It was the first time I was
going this far from the city. I’d never really gotten
a chance to get away… but now there was
no stopping us. No parents, no ruckus That night we watched a
bollywood movie in the bus. The lovers elope in the film as well.
Made me giggle. This morning, the bus took a stop for
breakfast. He got off to use the loo. That’s when a fat policeman
told me to get off the bus… and asked me what
school I studied at. “Bombay Vidhyarthi High
School”, I told him. Then the policeman asked me where my
parents were, I said they were home. And then? Kanika? Don’t worry, your
mother won’t yell at you. Go on, tell me. (ghetto accent) Then the
policeman brought me here. Do you know where
the guy is now? We found his camera
in her schoolbag. only she seems to be
visible in the photos. Keep this inside, in the store. Madame? Is it done? Do you not recall how he looked? What his nose was like… What his eyes were like? Like his… The guy at the back? (Constable shouting)
Bring him here! (Officers converse) No, more like the other one! the guy holding the paper… (constable) Get him here… (constable) Him, right? I don’t know, he looked
like all of them… (crows cawing at a distance)


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