Jonny OddsShark: Will Tiger Woods Win a Major in 2017?

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So you think Tiger Woods can win a major this year. Well just like everything else you can bet on it of course, and for my money you’re loonier than Roy McAvoy at a fictitious US Open if you’re thinking about taking it. You can find Woods between 7/1 and 20/1 to win a Major this season, but I’d have to see closer to 100/1 in order to even consider putting lunch money on him. Tiger is finished folks. Call it his back injury if you want to, but he’s now withdrawn from twice as many PGA tournaments as he’s played in since 2015. We’re talking a player who was given 7/2 odds to retire by the end of the 2016 season, shortly after announcing has comeback to golf late last year. Tiger isn’t the only name you can bet on to win a Major this season, you can bet on just about any player and a couple that caught my eye were Louis Oosthuizen at 12/1 and Adam Scott at 6/1. Still not the greatest odds, but certainly far more value than what you’re seeing with Tiger. Do yourself a favor and don’t throw your money away.


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