Jack Lang NCAA Golf Regional Selection

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[Music Playing] [Clapping] It’s been pretty unreal obviously when I was playing I wasn’t really trying to think about what was going on. I wasn’t trying to think about the circumstances so then after you’re done it gets a little bit hard to let it sink in. It’s starting to just see and where I’m going to play in about a week and a half starting to realize the preparation we need to put in. I’ve never played the course before but it’s obviously nice being at the closest regional to Davidson so we don’t have to travel so far. And really I think that it doesn’t really matter where I play. I can just sort of adapt to whatever kind of course were on but I am excited to play in Tennessee it should be a really good time. I think my scoring clubs are really good so my short irons and my putting, my short game those are things that I definitely want to keep doing well at and make sure that I’m staying on the same things that I’ve been doing. My mental game is really, really solid at conference so I wanna stay in the same state of mine but really the one thing that I want to improve on is probably my long irons and really my driving. My driving accuracy wasn’t as great at conference I would have liked it to be luckily the course really didn’t call for that but I’m sure at regionals and at the course in Tennessee it’s going to be a little bit tighter and a little bit longer. So I’m gonna have to be on with my driver. [Music Playing]


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