Introducing the Continuous Rally for Teaching the Forehand Stroke (short court)

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Introducing the Continuous Rally for Teaching the Forehand Stroke. Purpose is to teach students to rally consistently across the net and to develop the rally competence so that the rally can be used as the basic teaching strategy for teaching tennis. Okay students we are trying to get into a rally now so what you would do is, you would toss the ball to yourself and use an underhand serve okay using a forehand, eastern grip. I would like you to try and hit the ball so it would bounces around the service line. First we’ll try to get to two shots consecutively then you stop, restart the play, and get to five continuous shots, let’s try. Okay stop. One of the things you would see is that students hit too hard and then it’s hard to retrieve that ball. So make sure you have the ball bounce around the service line or that’s what you instruct them to do. Second, maintain your eastern grip, now I would like you to call bounce when the ball bounces and be behind the ball. Let’s try it. Let’s do five shots consecutively. Start another one. Okay stop. Remember you would see that a lot. When you have students hitting the ball too hard, you would have to repeat, give them the cue, gentle hits, aim to the service line, because if not it’s hard to get a continuous rally. Thank you.


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