Interview With The 100% Authentic Tiger Woods

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Bob: Hello, my name is Bob Benz and this is AMA news Bob: Today we have the TIGER WOODS Tiger Woods: Hi Mr. Benz! Bob: What sport do you play? Tiger Woods: I play golf Bob: Where do you play? Tiger Woods: I play in a golfing field Bob: What do you need for a game of golf? (to advance your skill) Tiger Woods: I play and practice a lot! Bob: Which do you prefer? Playing or watching golf and why Tiger Woods: I prefer playing because it is very fun Bob: Who’s your favorite athlete? Bob: And what sport do they play? Tiger Woods: I am my favorite athlete, and I play golf. Bob: What do you like to do after a match? Bob: And what do you do when you lose? Tiger Woods: [After a match] I like to listen to music Tiger Woods: –And I never lose Bob: Thank you for talking with us! Tiger Woods: No problem! *in perfect english* Tiger woods: AHHhHhhh I’m FaLlInG Bob: Great! That’s all for now, *Bob ignores shoe being thrown at him* Bob: Tune in next time for more AMA news! Loki wants you to subscribe please


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