How to Teach Preschool Gymnastics : Forward Rolls for Preschool Gymnastics


Hello! My name is Sibylle Walters from Flairs
Gymnastics in Davie, Florida. You can find us on the web at
We are going to continue now, and we are going to roll down the cheese in a forward roll.
Ready Gabby? Forward roll, excellent, good job, ready, next please. Come on Halley, bend
over slowly, nice that’s the incline of the child to start to roll down, it will be a
little bit easier, ready Gabby? Hands up, bend over and good job. Ready Halley? And
roll. Roll one more time Gabby, right, nice and tall, and roll.


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  1. sarah grace

    February 15, 2011 6:49 am

    These teachers help them wayyy to much,, I know their teachers but they have their hands n them too much.


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