How to Swing a Golf Club : Using the Golf Dance to Improve Your Golf Swing: Part 2

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Hello I am Arthur DeBolt on behalf of Expert
Village. We have done the first three steps in the six steps to the golf dance. So I am
going to review slightly the first three steps: one is address, two is the shift to the right
heel with a club in front in my toe, and three is turning away and bringing the club up so
that your left arm is level with the ground. Now four means that we are going to move from
the right heel over to your left heel in this manner, so that is real easy to do if you
can keep your eye on the thought that your left heel is where you want to be. Watch my
right toe as I move my right toe a little bit; can you see my right toe move? There
we go. I have almost no weight on that foot at all. When I do shift from the right heel
to my left, I am going to bring the club over my shoulder and point it at the target, which
tends to turn my shoulders even more, and squat slightly so that now I am ready to attack
the ball. So, go back too far, and look out little ball here I come. Now I am ready. I
bring the club down on five, five comes to the ball, hit it, six is the follow through,
which causes you to turn your body into the target line. I am going to do all six parts
at this point, so you watch very close. I am going to do it as slow as I can and still
arrive at the same spot. One, two, three, four, five, six.


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