How To Practice Sloping Lies On A Flat Golf Range

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Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And in today’s lesson I am going to teach
you how to play different shots on a perfectly flat range. It will make your practice more interesting. And it will make you a better golfer. Stay tuned. [MUSIC] Ok. So here we are at the golf range. Like most ranges we have a perfectly flat
range. Now the problem with perfectly flat ranges
is. It is preparing you for something you are
never going to face on the golf course. You hardly ever get a flat lie on the golf
course. There is usually some undulation. You have got the ball above your feet.The
ball below your feet. You have got side hill lies that way. Side hill lies that way. So wouldn’t it be great if we could find a
way to practice those sorts of shots on a golf range without developing an incredibly
expensive apparatus that tilts the mat. I think I have found a way. So. If I get one of these swimming noodles and
just cut it down a little bit. If I put that on the ground, like so. And I stand on it. Now that is simulating me standing slightly
down hill. And I take my set up. And it certainly feels uncomfortable. But let’s see how I go with it. Not a bad shot. And it certainly felt unstable. So we can practice a slightly downhill lie
that way. The other way we could do it. I could stand with my left foot on the noodle. it certainly feels weird. I don’t feel too stable. But see if it works. Yeah. it certainly gives me the feeling that I am
unstable. But it certainly helps me prepare for what
I am going to do on the golf course. Now of course the other thing we could do
is we could get the other bigger noodle out. Like this. And I could stand with both feet on the noodle. This is very uncomfortable. I am not very comfortable at all over this
shot. We will see how we go with it. Well that one worked ok. And then of course I can get my heels on the
noodle as well. So that’s pushing my weight forward. Simulating that I am standing slightly down
hill. So none of them I felt too good over. So it’s simulating what’s happening on the
golf course. And let’s face it. When you are on the golf course and you have
a ad lie you can’t say gee I don’t like that lie. I’m not going to play it. You have to play it. So don’t be too worried about the consequences. You can practice in a bulk fashion where you
are hitting multiple shots like this. Or if you wanted to you could alternate. I am a big believer in alternating. I did do a video earlier this year on change
the way you practice. And I am going to do a lot more on that subject. In 2017. I think we need to prepare ourselves for playing
on the golf course. And we can practice a lot better than we do. So you might want to hit one shot with the
noodle on your right foot. One shot with the noodle under your left foot. One shot with your heels on and one shot with
your toes on. And you are hitting varieties all the time. So on the course you don’t hit the same shot
twice. You may hit the same club two times in a row. But it won’t be the same shot twice. So practice how you intend to play. So give that a go. It will be interesting to see what comments
you have. You could try a bucket or a brick or a timber
off cut. You are limited only by your imagination. So by utilising these simple training devices
you can turn you flat range into a slightly sloping range. And that’s got to be good for your golf. So I hope you have a very merry christmas
and a happy new year. And all of the best for 2017. I’m looking forward tom it. So eh if you like my videos you can click
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