How to Play the Djembe Drum : How to Play the Single Stroke on a Djembe Drum


Hello my name is Aaron Moon and I’m here
today on behalf of and I’m going to be discussing a few different rudiments
you can use with your hand drum. Now if you play drums you’re going to already be familiar
with a few rudiments, what I’m going to illustrate today is a single and a double
stroke roll, a flam, a flam tap and a paradidle. Now basically these rudiments are going to
be the same except you’re using your hands you’re not using a stick, with a stick you
can produce a rebound which is just going to snap off the drumhead with the pressure
that you apply with the stick in your hand. With the Djembe you have your right and your
left hand and you don’t have the advantage of the stick, so single stroke roll fairly
simple same idea it sounds like this.
You can get faster with it and get faster, that’s basically your single stroke roll
and you can keep that at a steady temple, you can speed it up, keep it at your sped
up speed and you can slow it down, you want to try to keep it even just like you would
with a stick on a sneer drum.


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  1. gnargnarrads

    February 20, 2010 5:57 am

    Who the fuck uses snare drum rudiments on the djembe? Let's hear some Choo-choo-cheese-inverts on the djembe!!


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