How do we learn And how do we go from knowing absolutely nothing, To become really good? In a very short Period of time We have this golden rule that is called 10.000 hours of practise But that is not true , because 10.000 hours That’s a whole lot of time! It will take you only one week. But you must be very Dedicated. Stay tuned in this video and you will know how Welcome to BadmintonExercises, here is our 5 tips to learn anything quickly! 1 step – decide what you actally want to be able to do How are you going to look like, when you have reached your goal? You must somehow consider What it takes for you to look back in the mirror, sometimes And say to yourself I did that I have finally reached my goal that i always wanted to reach But before you can reach your goal, you must decide: What is your goal? Our second tip will be: Deconstruct badminton You must know how to break down badminton and practise small elements of the game. Trying to practise badminton is some kind of a misconception. Because badminton consists of 1000 of small elements. For example We have the footwork technique and we have the racket technique And that is two completely different things So probably if you want to do a backhand clear It is difficult to just go and try to do this badminton clear If you don’t know how to break the technique down So before you can create the stroke You must know something about, how to hold the racket The grip. You must know something about the elbow Where should your elbow be? Should it be here or here? But you also need to know something about when you hit the backhand clear Called the whiplash effect You must know how to practise all the small elements And then When you master all the small elements, you will be able to create The backhand clear Our third tip – You must research And find out by trustworthy sources, which skills is required first, to become a better badminton player. Ask some people, read some books Watch TV-series Maybe some articles that can help you To achieve that goal Do not ask unreliable sources like this dog Basse How do i improve my backhand? How do i improve my backhand? Even though Basse turns out to be Very clever How do i improve my backhand But that is because, it is my dog Instead you should be looking for reliable sources Do not ask your dog Ask your coach, read some articles and stuff like that Probably On the internet, just search for BadmintonExercises and the subject of a technique Or the kind of exercise that you want to practise And then there will be a huge list of different approaches to this subject Type in the search area badmintonexercises, and the subject you want to learn there will be tons of our videos but also some other badminton related videos, to help you improve your backhand If you don’t consider us as reliable sources There is a lot of other badminton material. For example Badminton Famly and Swift badminton club They are also very reliable just as our channel The more clearly and completely You can define what you goal is? That will help you to accomplish and reach your desired goal In the most effective and shortest Period of time it can be Number 4 tip will be Remove obstacles and barriers that is effecting Your productivity Okay, so During a day, you have 24 hours That’s great, okay Then we want these 24 hours Must be as productive As it can be But let’s just start and take away the things that we have to do, during a day We need to have this break , to eat and stuff like that. During a whole day, we can put away 2 hours Then we have 7 hours where we can be productive That’s here 7 hours, we wil have to do whatever it takes to reach your goal The fourth part is about removing barriers to make it easier to practise Making it easier just to sit down and actually do the things you want to do and get better at it In our lifes we have 1000 of distractions During a practise process Turn of the TV and block the internet Close the door and turn off your cellphone. Remove all the distractions that can take your focus away from whatever it is. Make sure that time you have set aside to practise in a way That makes you able to practise as you want and be as focused as possible! Maybe you don’t have to work and study Then you can have another productive hours right here You can actually think a lot of badminton 14 hours of training in on day That’s too much – If it’s physical training! But what if it’s technique or mental training Or you are doing some fitness and reaching for some fitness goal, related to badminton Then it is also possible Number 5 step – that is the last step And that is the most important of them all You must commit 20 dedicated hours into during this and trying to reach your goal Be as productive as you can Remove all barriers there is to learn You must research and find some reliable sources to learn from Think about, how you want to look like when you reach your goal. Are you going to play like a professional Or are you going to play some matches and just have fun Many people don’t know what they want And if you don’t know what you want It will be difficult to reach it But if you want to learn something about badminton Try to decide how you want to look like When you know how to look like You are most likely going to reach that goal!


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  1. Larry North

    February 7, 2019 8:41 pm

    Hi, interesting advice, as always, thank you. Although your English is very good, your pronunciation of the word 'technique' is incorrect. Listen to the examples here.

  2. Sportster Steve

    February 8, 2019 3:17 am

    My game was self taught, I've only had a bit of coaching. I used books, coaching videos and dvds, then YouTube watching top players, especially left-handed, as I am. I think my game is very attacking, good to watch, but risky at times, but fun. This is a very good video, you got a Like from me.👍😀

  3. Adam N. Jørgensen

    February 8, 2019 9:20 pm

    Satan's en god video. I overrasker mig hver gang i kommer med en video.

    P.s. Din hund er virkelig cute

  4. william obrien

    February 22, 2019 12:55 am

    I started playing in 1982 and still learning how to play a lot of snobs in badminton clubs if no good they will not play with you not me give everyone a chance

  5. Pranjal Vyas

    February 26, 2019 10:19 pm

    This video was a really good inspiration and support which defined how to redefine our schedule. Thanks #Badminton Exercise 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄


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