How to Fold up a Treadmill


(soft music) – When it comes to folding your treadmill, it’s going to vary by manufacturer, but there are a few things
that are generally the same on all models, so let’s take a look. Directly below the belt,
you’ll usually find a bar, which you can grasp and begin to lift until you push the
treadmill all the way up (treadmill clicks)
and hear just a little click. That usually lets you know
that it’s locked into place. Once you’re ready to lower the treadmill, you usually push up just slightly, and then they’ll either be a lever to push or in this case, a small
bar which you push on with your foot. The machine will then
start to lower itself, so there’s nothing for
you to do, but stand back and let the machine handle
the weight of settling everything down.


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  1. Nick Automotive game unboxing

    March 16, 2018 10:15 am

    God mind must be old school because you actually have to forcefully pull it down you can't just let it push itself down by pulling it out halfway if I was to let go of it while pulling it down it would fall and break my floor


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