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Are you struggling with an out of control
slice and looking for a way to fix it? This is Sean McTernan and your watching another
episode of My Golf Tutor, the number one place on the internet for you to play your best
golf now. Welcome back, todays question comes in from
Jay and Jay wrote, hey Sean I’m struggling a lot with a slice. Typically, with my driver starts down the
middle of the fairway then slices into the trees on the right hand side. I also struggle with the same issue with my
irons. Ideally I would love to hit the ball straighter,
do you have any ways to correct this? Jay thanks very much for your question, before
we get into techniques and ways for you to reduce a slice. The first thing I want you to focus on is
actually where you are striking the ball on the face. If you get a dry erase marker or Dr Scholes
foot spray and spray the face and hit some shots. A major contributing factor I see with a lot
of my students that come to me is that they are striking the ball out of the heal. This is a major contributing factor to why
they slice the ball so much. After you have gone and hit some shots to
establish where you are hitting the ball. If you do happen to be catching it out of
the middle and you are still struggling with that slice you have been talking about. Then this next segment is going to be for
you. So, I am going to use these alignment rods
to make my point. Based on a center strike, we know that when
the face and the path align up there will be no curve on the ball. The greater the difference between our face
and our path, the more curvature we will see. So, if you could imagine if I shade this area
in here the more and more my path goes this way in relation to the face the more the ball
is going to curve. So what we have to try and do to help you
take some of this slice off the ball is we need to get your path closer to the face. I have a drill that will help you achieve
this. So put down your alignment rod and I like
to use a head cover. What this drill is going to do is going to
force you to swing the path of the club what feels initially out to right field for you
because like I said we need to get our face and path aligned at impact. So, simply put a head cover down and just
start making swings by swinging outside of this. I’m going to imagine you are swing so far
to the left you are going to actually catch this head cover every time. The next time you go to the range give this
a go and see what happens. Initially, what I think you are going to find
is that when you do start doing this you are going to blast it a long way right because
you are so use to the feeling of the relation ship of the face and path. Your so use to this that when you change your
path your face is going to remain in the same position. If you start hitting it right don’t worry
about it eventually you are going to learn to time it and actually get that face to align
up better at impact. The next time you go to the range give that
a go and it going to definitely help you. If you or any one else has any questions please
leave your comment in the comment section below. One last thing don’t forget check out
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2 Responses

  1. Micah Rockwell

    August 8, 2014 12:11 pm

    Hello, you mentioned that slicing will occur if you hit the ball on the heel. How would you address the problem of hitting the ball with the heel? Thanks for the simple explanation in the video!

  2. Douglas Cadden

    February 23, 2016 1:28 am

    the draw == i have tried to set up like your vid but i still fade the ball or a big slice cant figure it out HELP PS IT IS NOT HIT OF THE HEEL


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