How to Become a Clutch Putter!


putting date today let’s do it okay so
just start off like always with your tutee drill you’ve got to groove it in
groove it in okay or you’re a six-foot gimmie make sure you check this out and
I’ll leave a link below for a little contest the guy the inventor Adam who’s
doing with this you can check that out I’ll put a link right up there also if
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in the description below you could check everything out there as well let’s warm
up a penny stroke all right great work I know we’re
getting there now what we’re gonna do is our 3-foot circle we’re going four forty
five in a row today I know that’s a lot but we’re building it up you guys have
been doing great you’re getting better shoot for 45 give
yourself 30 minutes maybe stretch the board if you have to but go for 45 in a
row alright good luck good stuff comment below and let me know
how many you’re making in a row did you get 45 did you get 30 40 what let me
know kind of where you capped out at we want to get ultimately you want to get
to 100 but in our practice sessions we’re gonna ultimately cap out at 50 so
we’re right there we want to get there okay so 45 is a good number right now
next time we’re gonna go for 50 and now what we’re gonna do is this lag putting
drill with our with our towel okay we’ve done it before we’re gonna do it again
you’re just lag putting about 40 footers you just want to put them on the towel
put the towel over the hole you’re good to go you’ve seen this before we want to
get 10 to stop on the towel not in a row but get 10 of them to stop on the towel
and you’re good let’s do it good stuff okay that should be good and
what we’re trying to do is get it so that you can lag it to that three foot
zone three to five feet because then you’re getting really good by now at
making those shorter putts you’re not gonna have a problem you knock in
three-putt nearly as often so that’s what this lag putting drill with the
towel is doing for you now we’re gonna play 18 holes we’ve done this before we
want to go two times the second time the score should be lower than the first so
just keep track of how many putts try not to three putt we want to go at
least two rounds of 18 holes do it good stuff that’s day 17 is in the books
you guys are getting better his putting is going to be a key element to us
lowering our score so these although they’re frustrating and they’re very
difficult are great for improving our game and our overall score because
you’re gonna be so confident on the greens it’s gonna help tighten up
everything it’s gonna be great so let me know how it’s working for you how you’re
doing with the practice routine so far look I know it’s cold in a lot of areas
of the countries like practice is not even doable practice inside get a cup
get a little putting mat that you can practice on your short game go to top
golf or one of those places do something chip inside chip around your do what you
can to keep the field going okay kind of customize these practice sessions for
your environment so you can improve even though they might be snowed in all right
let me know how it’s working what you’re doing comment below like the video share
it subscribe to channel if you haven’t done so already I love you guys I’ll see
you next


7 Responses

  1. Andrew Jones

    December 12, 2018 11:49 pm

    36, 34, 35, 34 on the playing 18. Also worked on irons and figured out what I was probably doing wrong there (weight too far back). Wish I had time to get out and play a full 18 this week, I played 18 on the range instead and "shot" below my handicap.

  2. Myles Cross

    December 12, 2018 11:56 pm

    I have been doing the practice session but, I hate when it's bunker days because my practice facility has terrible bunkers. Could you give us some tips on how to hit out of hard clay like bunkers.

  3. Rob Neville

    December 13, 2018 7:55 am

    I still can’t get more than 18 in a row. My greens seem to have 3” break in 3 feet all around even the flat holes. This really helps though. Consistingly shooting below my handicap which won’t be for long

  4. Chris Raymond

    December 14, 2018 10:08 am

    I got to 45 after missing my 19th. Definitely need to work on that lag drill some more. Took me about 30 putts to get 10 in the square.


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