How the Cure Putter Changed PGA Pros Career

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We’ve got enough pressure as it is to, you
know, try and keep our card or win a golf tournament or whatever. Just being able to get on the green and know
that you’re gonna have a better chance of making a putt means the world to us.>>What can happen to a player here is — when
they get the putter working really well, they actually start to score better and move up
leaderboards. You’d be amazed at how many times we can get
a player just to save a half a stroke a round, which equates to two shots a week or you can
even bump that up to a shot a round. It could be a putt here, a putt there. You’ll see the confidence start to grow and
grow. So, if we take a guy like Robert Garrigus
and get him into a putter, he starts making putts, the confidence grows, but he’s saving
shots every week, every tournament, every hole, and he’s moving up the leaderboards
and can really make a high jump.>>You know, I putted with a number of putters
over the years — long, short. I’ve probably done everything. It’s really refreshing when I picked up the
Cure Putter. It seemed like it hit the putts for me, almost. It was really nice. The roll was incredible. And the look — it took me a while to get
past the look, you know, ’cause it was a little bit bigger. But, you know, I’d used small putters my entire
life, and once I picked one of these up, I started rolling putts in right away. That gave me confidence, and confidence in
the game is everything.>>I would say that players today are more
willing to try anything that works for them, especially on putters. It’s where you’re gonna save the most amount
of strokes. In the case of Robert Garrigus, we’ve got
him into a Cure Putter, and with our M.O.I. and the stability of the putter, he’s starting
to make more putts and seen drastic changes.>>Well, and it wasn’t the ability that I
was struggling with. It was the mental side of things. You know, I knew I was hitting it good enough
to win. I knew I was stroking it good enough to win. I just couldn’t get over that mental hump. And as soon as I put this putter in the bag
and made a cut and then I finished in the top 25 and then I finished in the top five,
almost won Dallas, and then had a good chance last week at Congressional, just didn’t hit
it as good, but my putter kept me going in the top 10. I was plus-2.38 last week in putting. I don’t think I’ve ever been that in my career. That’s huge. And if I can have bad weeks of ball striking
and finish in the top 10 like that, it just makes me smile. I mean, it’s just awesome. And I’m so excited. You know, everybody was asking me about it. There’s a lot of guys inquiring about it now,
now that I’m playing well and putting well. You know, it’s nice to not have to worry about
hitting it pure, because it’s gonna hit it pure itself. You don’t even have to try. That’s the thing with the putter. You know, everybody picks it up, and they’re
like, “Oh, my goodness. This thing’s so huge.” I’m like, “Well, just roll it once and tell
me what you think about it.” And every single person was like, “Wow. That feels really good.” And you can feel it on the face. It’s a very solid hit on the face. And you can manipulate it. You can hit it a little on the upstroke and
get those downhill putts to come in softer and you can hit it a little higher on the
face and have those uphill putts be more firm. It’s a great putter and it’s completely changed
my career for the last month, just being able to be on the plus side in strokes gained — putting.>>Learn more at And as a special offer for “Golf Life” viewers,
save $25 on any putter when you enter code “golflife25” at checkout.>>I’m Robert Garrigus. I play on the PGA Tour. I use the Cure Putter. It’s helped me. I hope it helps you.


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