How Many Birdies Can I Make From The Front Tees? | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club


I hope you are having a wonderful day we
are out here in Nashville golf and I flooded club my home course had so much
fun over in Scotland hope y’all enjoyed coming along for that incredible
once-in-a-lifetime dream trip today here at Nashville golf we’re gonna be playing
the front tees we’re gonna see how low we can go and we’re playing the front
nine this is number one right here behind me we’re just going to take you
straight to the tee this is a how low can you go number one here 352 yards
there’s water about a hundred and twenty yards short of that green so no real
reason to hit driver here cuz it’s a bad angle into the green you could get it
down there close but chipping back over a bunker towards the water
not exactly the play you want I’m gonna hit six iron off the tee give us a good
look with the wedge in should be pretty good right there this
is a great drill for working on scoring on the course getting used to shooting
lower scores than you are used to shooting I like to do this to try to
just make as many birdies as I can get used to shooting four five six under par
for nine holes that way I get comfortable when I have a good round
going from the tees that I would typically play from so I would highly
recommend doing this playing the front tees or whatever course you’re at just
trying to make as many birdies as you can all right here we are right here 130
yards left to a fairly middle pin don’t really want to be left don’t really want
to be in the bunker right we’re just gonna take dead aim we’re trying to make
birdies here got a little puff into the breeze got a gap wedge that crack we were looking for there
that’s alright it was a good number but it did bounce into the bunker really not
too bad right there decent line the bunker a little work to do however
should be able to give this a run maybe chip it in that is a four on number one number one
there was probably going to be our most difficult hole today to make birdie on
that’s the tough hole pretty much no matter where you play that from so even
par through one onto number two number two par four 262 yards to the middle of
the green we’re gonna need to hammer this hybrid that was as good as I am ever gonna hit
a hybrid that flew middle of the green I was almost right at the pen we’ve got an
eagle look that is one of the best hybrids I’ve hit in a little while the
trajectory was great ball flight was really good trajectory and ball fight
that’s the same thing they’re both good about 20 feet 15 feet left for the Eagle
here landed just over the bunker trickled on up there let’s roll this in
all righty here’s where we are right there up the hill let’s go come on eagle on number two two
under let’s go that’s a double pin slammer for y’all
that was an exciting moment early on in the round lovemaking Eagles on the
channel drop a like down below if you likes that putt there I was a big fan
that was good speed good line good tee shot to set us up for that
Eagle it all worked well there on to on to number three par-5 440 yards pretty
much dead straight away the gut driver in hand want to favor the right side let
it come down just inside that tree line I said just inside the tree line on the
left right not the right yeah that’s all right it was a little pole but should be
in good shape that was actually hit really well
very solid I did pull it a bit so left side of the fairway pin is right there
ball is right here 115 yards left to the pin I wasn’t what we were looking for that
was not a get wet shot see if we can’t get it up and down well that was not a good par there on
number three that part of their on three did feel a bit like a bogey yeah
that wasn’t great however we’re moving on on to number four par four 326 yards
bends to the right just a fraction kind of up and to the right
we’re gonna get high let it fly I hit that one really well it was
cutting a bit hopped right off the slope alright so he landed somewhere up in
there ended up where is it right there really not too bad middle of the fairway
it’s kind of a tight laning area up here didn’t quite scamper through the rough
as much as I thought it would you know about 20 25 yards short of the green I thought that was gonna break a little
bit to the right all right are there on for 2-under through four holes today
those last two holes we had some great opportunities to get birdies just didn’t
quite execute around the green however 2-under on to number five par
four 269 yards the green kind of sits back in there so we are gonna be taking
it over the corner gonna be going with hybrid driver really isn’t the play
I hit hybrid really well you’ve got a chance of getting up there close you’re gonna miss it here on number five
you do want to miss a little bit right we should be up there just chip it the
goal for today is to make as many birdies and eagles as possible so we do
want to play aggressive however you want to play smart aggressive I knew I hit
that hybrid well we are right there that was actually almost through the green
it’s a long ways for me to hit a hybrid we’re in good shape right here
choking across the green let’s get it up and down that one there came out a little fluffy
plain and pretty soft so I didn’t get the release I was looking for
however we need to start rolling a little rock like we did on the first
hole not the first all second hole but we did who one putt on one the one putt
on two is even better that’s what we need here on number six looking to roll
the rock number six here par-3 131 yards does play downhill about 15 yards gotta
be going with sand wedge it was a better wit shot all right where
you are right there that’s my buddy Tori’s ball it’s chip shot up they’re
looking at about 10 11 feet left for the birdie
I need to show you all this my ball is in its pitch mark that’s where it came
to rest yep Oh are there on six 440 yards par 5 it’s
gonna be a pretty tight driving pole we want a favor kind of the right side just
inside that tree line we’ll think that one all day every day
of the week that ends in Y driver has been excellent today so far a lot of
these tee shots are fairly tight and very happy with where I’ve been
positioning myself off the tee however need to chip them a little closer we
need to roll the rock see if we can’t get some birdies coming down the stretch
in good shape here in the middle of a fairway 123 yards left to a middle kind
of right side of the green pen edge I’m getting a little steep on these
wedges that’s why they’re kind of squirting out to the right little short
little right although I think that distance was pretty good still leaving
them out a bit right need to get out onto the range work that out shout out
my attacking goal with the wedges a bit more so I can control the flight
trajectory and distance a bit better let me in the door gave it away what
would be a birdie here on number seven moves us to 3-under 142 a left kind of
back pin up the hill I don’t know if you can quite see it right about there
thank you Toro for the number we’re gonna be flying a pitching wedge here I
think it’s gonna take all of it I look pretty good right there we’ll
take that go see where it is up there there’s hurry landed right there
there’s our ball about five feet maybe six feet left here for the birdie let’s
roll the rock let’s go back-to-back birds we’re
trending we’re back on track back-to-back birdies for under through
eight on to nine I forgot to do a pin slammer back on seven for the birdie
just left the pin in so we may have used that pin slam right there or the one on
two for the pin slam on seven I’m not really sure we’ll see in the Edit on
tonight par for downhill there’s a bunker all in front of that grain right
there 297 yards it is all carry slightly downhill a little into the breeze to get
high let it fly with driver I didn’t want to hammer that because I
thought that how I’ve been hitting the driver today and they actually carry the
green but took a little bit off that hit a hi little baby cut alright we are
walking up here it landed back edge of the green here you can see the divot
right there and then the ball right there I’ll take that not too bad
this is a very difficult green to hold from 300 it’s pretty thin so we’ve got
us a good look maybe a little chip in Eagle to end the round and that is the way to finish bird bird
bird hope you all enjoyed how low can I go today here at Nashville Gulf and let
it Club 5-under 31 finally made some birdies there towards the end that was a
lot of fun drove it really well chipped it decent
putted it mediocre definitely had some putts mid round that I thought were
makeable that we kind of let slip by however had so much fun hope you enjoyed
coming along you liked this kind of content drop a little like that would be
greatly appreciated and comment below what you’d like to see for future post
subscribe below if you haven’t already and I just want to say thank you all so
much for all the incredible support here on the channel so much more content to
come stay tuned and we’ll see what we see


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  1. River Valley Fishing

    September 4, 2019 4:58 am

    Look who's home! Sending love from your neighbor state, the natural state! Been loving the content brother keep it up!

  2. Jake Petersen

    September 4, 2019 4:59 am

    I played the front tees the other day with a buddy who's learning and got 5 birdies and 1 eagle! Makes me want to go back to the front tees almost lol.. Edit we played the white tees not the red tees haha

  3. TideFan01

    September 4, 2019 5:21 am

    How come you pull the putter back toward your feet after you line up your putt and come set? Just a routine thing?

  4. Mike Stewart

    September 4, 2019 5:45 am

    Damn nice finish, Zac! Feeling some of your pain on the wedges and rolling the rock…though I’m fighting a pull on wedges. Glad the Scotland trip went well. Back to high 80’s and blue skies! Tee it high and let it fly kind of weather!

  5. sr_golf

    September 4, 2019 6:11 am

    Hey Zac, you really inspired me to continue my golf game, and even make my own youtube channel showing my journey, so thank you

  6. Plus2 Golfer

    September 4, 2019 6:23 am

    Went and played Greenbrier from the tips a few days ago and shot 73…9 fw 12gir 31 putts… Would've probably shot the same from the front tees lmao

  7. camelCase

    September 4, 2019 6:41 am

    I play with my dad and uncles every 2 weeks who are probably 28-34 handicappers. If you're not playing blues, you're a woman lmao.

  8. mike hedrick

    September 4, 2019 6:48 am

    I'll be in that neck of the woods in 19 days I'll be at hermintage in Nashville competing in the special Olympics north American inventional. I'm a special Olympics Connecticut athelete with 16 State golf titles 4 nationals to my name

  9. SantaSkip Knows

    September 4, 2019 7:00 am

    Nice round Zac. I went and hit a bucket today. Did a little putting and chipping as well. Hopefully I can download it tonight. Hopefully it came out ok

  10. mpc77769

    September 4, 2019 7:02 am

    Was gonna wait but HAD TO comment after the Dbl Pin Slam!!! Glad you're home safe and on familiar turf 🙏👍

    I'll continue watching now.

  11. humdrummer

    September 4, 2019 7:04 am

    I can see where you might get used to shooting lower scores by playing the forward tees. I have played them myself. You still have to get the ball in the hole. Short game is the key….Another practice round that I think will improve your game is play the back tees with no woods….Do a video on that….

  12. Nick Braun

    September 4, 2019 7:35 am

    Great round. I actually just did this on Monday evening and I also shot a 5 under. This is a great drill and it’s a lot of fun to see how low you can go. I wish you would have done all 18 I really enjoy your content.

  13. TBL FAN

    September 4, 2019 8:05 am

    If You're Playing Alone, Does Vlogging Make It Just Alittle More Fun Knowing You're Actually Talking To People Who Love Watching You? Even Though Noone Is There. Also Love The Videos. 😁

  14. Brandon Mehan

    September 4, 2019 8:34 am

    Zac I will be getting stationed in Millington at the Naval Base hopefully I can meet up with you one day been a fan for awhile and really enjoy what you do for the golf community keep it up.

  15. Chris Barker

    September 4, 2019 8:48 am

    That course looks like a lot of fun! Would love to play there one day . I have also tried this drill. Definitely helps !

  16. Tommy Barlow

    September 4, 2019 8:58 am

    Awwww… I felt sooo bad for you on #3 when you pulled the ball to the left side of the fairway, rather than 10 feet to the right, so you would be in the middle….😢☹️😢☹️

  17. Nolan Smith

    September 4, 2019 9:01 am

    When you only have one or two courses to play you should be mixing up the tee's you play even if it's the womens tee's to get reps with different clubs

  18. CrushOfSiel

    September 4, 2019 9:13 am

    Looks fun. I might try it but I'll have to prepare myself to get roasted alive by the men's club if they see me teeing from the reds, haha.

  19. Bryce Parker

    September 4, 2019 9:50 am

    Gotta be honest with ya zac. You've hit your wedges mostly right for a loooong time my friend. It might be worth fitting your wedges to a different lie angle than your iron set.

  20. Dave Zadziejko

    September 4, 2019 8:58 pm

    Great round Zac. After you got the eagle you ‘struggled” (haha I would love that struggle) on the next two. Eagle putt still on the mind?

  21. Brian Rizza

    September 4, 2019 9:13 pm

    Great video as always. Nice to see someone other then me that needs to dial in the wedges ha ha ha. You think you will start playing mini tours or tournaments?

  22. MATTI Helenius

    September 4, 2019 11:30 pm

    wow, 16k views on 26k subs, feels so longtime you were so much smaller, but I'm so happy for you! You've great content and great plays! Keep it up Zac!

  23. Samuel Grubbs

    September 5, 2019 1:36 am

    Finally got to watch it! You finished real strong there at the end dude!! And nice eagle 🙌 almost had a 2nd eagle there on that one chip shot 😬

  24. Aaron S.

    September 5, 2019 3:03 am

    Always enjoy your videos Zac! My game is garbage right now playing as a 9 index all the way up from my lowest ever at 5. Keep up the good work my man, respect!

  25. Jimmy Votaw

    September 5, 2019 12:00 pm

    I love that you respond to almost every comment, even the haters, with a positive remark – it shows great character.

  26. BombTechGolf

    September 7, 2019 5:12 am

    Never thought of this… I usually try to play the tees longer than I normally would do course feels more manageable when I’m on my normal tees.


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