Holmes’ ace and win, rain resets Phil’s hole-out & Tiger’s torrid start


When you make plans for the three-day weekend… But your boss calls you into work on the Monday holiday. That’s right. That was Phil’s bunker hole-out that never counted. It was a long four days at Riviera. From Thursday’s seven-hour rain delay, to the TOUR wiping scores clean for the first time in six years and starting round 1 over. The entire week was a Good, Bad & Unusual golf marathon, with several Instagram-worthy moments. Tiger Woods giving one fan exactly what he wanted. FAN: Make this and it’s going on Instagram, Tiger! Let’s do it! He heard and he delivered! But he really blew the lid off the place, opening his third-round birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie. Just take a look at actor Josh Duhamel’s reaction! DUHAMEL: What?! What?! Lefty’s flop shot over the grandstands had
Jordan Spieth saying, ‘what?!’ Or more like, ‘where did that ball come from?’ Just look at Spieth’s reaction! But few reactions were better than this week’s Genesis Open champ, J.B. Holmes’, when he aced Riviera’s 6th hole to take the lead in round 1! ANNC: Wow! Right in the middle. What a shot for J. B. Holmes! He bought everyone drinks after the round, but are there rules on buying a round when you get three hole-outs in one day? That’s right, two different rounds, one day. Bryson DeChambeau had two chip-ins on the
same hole, just hours apart! And then holed-out for eagle a few holes later on the 17th, for good measure. ANNC: You could just do it like that, Bryson DeChambeau. The 54-hole, four-stroke leader, Justin Thomas doing something we are all too familiar with. ANNC: That’s a shank. That’s an absolute shank. THOMAS: Haven’t done that in a while. ANNC: It’s over in the 10th fairway. Now this is even more rare in professional golf. Local club pro Ben DeArmond carded a 17! A 17 on a hole in this week’s Web.com TOUR’s LECOM Suncoast Classic, by putting it in the water off the tee 6 times. But did recover by shooting just 1-over-par on his back nine. DeArmond took it in stride and said his dad
was jokingly calling him Roy McAvoy from the gallery later that day, in a nod to that famous scene from ‘Tin Cup’. This week, the PGA TOUR tee’s it up for
the WGC-Mexico Championship and the Puerto Rico Open. I’ll have your recap of both events in The Takeaway.


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  1. an absolute bossanova

    February 18, 2019 11:07 pm

    where's the hot lady Diane ?! booooo!! I want Diane back

    jk Teryn, I'm just still lowkey salty that you got hitched 😭😄

  2. VERTICAL Wisdom

    February 19, 2019 4:04 am

    So as usual, the PGA, USGA, and R&A — have spent months on new rules, banning the criminal act of anchoring a putter. How progressive and proud they must be. They ALL state the most important thing is "growing the game" – My ass. EVERYONE has known and stated for decades that the game is too damn slow. But, instead of addressing that a bunch of guys learn to putt within the rules. SLOW PLAY is killing golf – the Am buys the balls, clubs and emulates the pros but the winner this week in the if not one of the, slowest players in history. Start popping the pros with a stroke for slow play EVERY time it happens – finish the rounds in 4 hours AND GROW THE GAME.


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