HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Field Hockey upsets #14 Skidmore

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and penalty shot coming up for the Herons
Kelsey Denby with two defensive stops on that sequence but the whistle goes
and the Herons are gonna have a penalty stroke with a chance to take a
one to nothing lead. Over comes Maura Moran to take it, she’s 3 for 3 on this season on
penalty strokes gets it, deals it, lifts and it’s stopped but
it trickled in! just across the goal line. Coughlin got her left leg on it and it just did bounce over the goal line so Moran, by maybe a couple of inches, gives the Herons a 1-0 lead. as the Herons will take penalty
corner number eight of the afternoon gets the ok, it comes the middle, Conley stops, Wood gives it right side to Frary Frary winds up, she’ll take her shot and score! Frary from the right side of the circle as her shot finds it’s way home with 19:10
to play in the second half, the Herons will open up a 2-0 lead rolling back inside the circle where it’s picked up by Folts, kept in bounds though by Gillen-Keeney, puts it back inside the circle and in on goal, Score! The scoring streak is over for Patrizio with 16:07 to go and the Herons lead it 3-0 I thought that it was a definitely a team win, we came out we knew that we had to possess the ball and play total team defense which is what we’ve been working on all week it was our goal to play like total team
defense, block up the cage, Biz had amazing saves and we really limited them to the shots and corners which was huge and so yeah it was a total team win I
guess First half, William Smith really controlled possession but it was really tough to get get past their defense what changed in the second half that you were able to put two more in the net? Yeah, I think it was just um sometimes in the past
this season we’ve really tried to carry the ball and instead of using our
passing game and our passing game is really just William Smith Field Hockey
that’s how we end up scoring our goals and winning our games so we really just
focused on passing getting the ball in and out inside, outside passes and then
into the circle and we had some really nice tips Al and Hannah and Maura really
working the ball and Sierra working the ball inside the circle and earning corners
which then translated into goals which is how we ended up scoring all 3 of, well 2 of our goals and then our third one ended up being a tip from Al which was
good. So just our passing game really. Then just talk a little bit about the
backline I mean they were really solid today, limited Skidmore’s chances greatly Well, like I said Skidmore has amazing offense and they always been such a challenge for us I think that our backline, like I said we worked on total
team defense all this week and it was one of our big goals to play really
good solid team defense so I really credit our backs they played amazing
Alana, Emily, Cyd, Lauren all played amazing back there and really we were
like a brick wall and Biz too, making great saves. Especially Alana on
their corners, saved a great shot that they had that almost went in off a tip
so yeah they had a really great defense. Alright, congratulations! Thank you you Oh here we go


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