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Hey, I’m Martin Berger. Next summer I want to take you on a unique handball world tour! We visit clubs, national teams and social projects in handball all over the world. We will share our experiences with everyone and shoot the first documentary about the entire handball world. The big international tournaments inspire us, handball players. But how did Mikkel Hansen learn to pass in Denmark or did Tess Wester develop her goalkeeping game in the Netherlands? Where does the rapid rise of the South American teams come and how does a joint Korean national team actually work? I want to answer these and other questions. I will interact with handball players in halls all over the world and you should experience it live. I would like to open up the world of handball to you with videos about training sessions, game philosophies, analysis of trainers and much more. I will show you how champions league winners and world champions train, handball players like you and I have fun in foreign countries, but also handball social projects convey important values ​​in our society. I am a passionate handball coach and the founder of the non-profit handball association “Handball knows no boundaries”. With this, I want to awaken the potential in our society. So we started a handball integration project all over Germany, organizes coaches training and Training units from renowned trainers, such as Christian Prokop, analyzed and made available to everyone. And now I have the vision to connect the handball community with the first documentary film about the entire handball world. But I have no chance alone. Handball is a team sport and that’s why I need your help. If you want these unique insights into halls from all over the world, then support my vision with a donation or secure a jersey from a distant country as a thank you for your support. In any case, share this crowdfunding with your favorite teammates. Because only together can we go on a handball world tour. And Handball inspires all over the world … As you can see we are one big handball family. The handball world tour should start now. I hope you are there. The captain is already on board… Hey, people support Handball Inspires by Martin Berger. The handball world tour. I’m really looking forward to the findings. How do you see that guys?
We are also excited! Let’s go people and support that man.


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