Handball tournament organizer recalls humble beginnings

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handballis a uniquesport with richhistoryearlier this weekwe ran a storyabouttheRed Deathhandball tournamentherein Missoula and today as thetournament concludes we’re looking backat one of the players who brought thesport tothe areak-pax isLauren Heiserhas this storythe 2019Red Deathtournamentis thefourthstop in theworldplayers of handball race foraprofessional handballTour which hasovera hundred andtwenty amateurs and afew of thetop players in the worldparticipating but none of this would bepossibleifit weren’tfor Red DeathhimselfRandi Jolliffe in the 90s he andhis friends were heading up to Kalispell for a tournament when it wascancelled Ihad taken time off work so I said I’m gonnahaveatournament so I started astupid thing with a keg ofbeer andfifteen guys and some t-shirts sincethen he’sbeen working to arrangetournaments in thestate of Montanahesays no matter your age or skill level the sport draws you inif you puton apair of glovesand you put a ball inyour handand a beer afterwards you’regonna loveityou’regonna love itIabsolutelylove it in MissoulaLorenHeiser MTN news


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