Handball Heroes – Series 1 Trailer


It’s time. We’re off to find the chosen ones, from a land jam-packed full of champions. A quest for the best of the greatest game of them all! Handball heroes. We’re on the hunt for skilled manoeuvres. Handball heroes. We’re hanging out with the shakers and the movers. Handball heroes. And we’re coming to a town near all of you..sers. Have you heard of the Handball Heroes Handbook? Woah. The little book of mega-moves. The best handball shots from across the ages are written on these very pages. Show him, Alana. Are you ready to be a hero, Zac? Expect the unexpected. My signature move is the Zac Attack.
It takes my love of hip-hop, magic and handball. I start up the turbine. This is where the
serve generates its power. I jump. And I spin, keeping the turbine powered the whole time. Which hand is the ball in?
You never know until it’s way too late. And that’s why I’m a handball hero. I declare a thumb war. Arghhhh!


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