GT Sport Stories: Mercedes emotional rollercoaster at Nürburgring


How can I put this into words? I mean, you work all your way through a season
online back home and now you get a driver that is, has a behaviour you know. The battle for 2nd is still going on as well And Mercedes Benz making a mistake. A big mistake there from 2nd place Mercedes. They’ve gone down, down, down the order, down to 7th place. We’ll just keep fighting on from now. You never give up! Shall we pull back a bit? Mate, just pull back just a tiny bit. Yeah that’s good. In the final race, it’s going to be when it’s
most important because our strategy could change, depending on the race situation. Here you have the conference which should be green light, red light. So, erm, from the sofa we might be able to,
kind of, come up with an on-the-fly strategy ourselves. He’s saving it? Now he’s saving a bit. Team member radio allows us to communicate
that new strategy to the driver. Hey Bettinal, it’s Cody. I mean he’s pretty
focused right now so I’m just gonna leave him be. That’s pretty good, you see that? Even doing that mistake he’s just 3 and a half tenths off but he’s been improving. So … tyre strategy for the last race? Mediums?
I mean I’ve drove them all. Softs? Which would you start on? I mean obviously I’d prefer the softer ones. Yeah, OK. But everyone prefers the softer ones so… I would say we should do, like, a race simulation.
We start with the softs, then there’s the hard and I do the medium at the end. Yeah. We see about the fuel and everything because
if it’s best, you put it in the first top, like 2 litres, maybe 3 litres, rather than just
running out like Nissan did last year. Yeah. If we’re behind the other cars, it will be
alright but we don’t want to be behind the other cars We don’t wanna be behind, we wanna win, yeah! In the Parabolica, usually if you have a bit
of good luck, you’d go the way to the outside and then just cut it in, like to the inside
and cut over. Just remember to brake a bit earlier on that
second chicane. It happened to you twice, your braking a little late though. The Manufacturer Series is underway here and it’s Lexus that lead the way, everybody ducking and diving. Into the slipstream as we head down towards
that first corner. Toyota/Porsche already trying to make some moves and nearly three
wide a little bit further back. Lexus do hold the line, Mercedes Benz pull
to the inside line down towards turn one. Are they gonna make a move on the brakes?
They certainly are. They send it up the inside and they’ve claim
4th position on the apex as well. Toyota, Porsche and Mercedes all vying for the same
piece of circuit. Side-by-side Porsche and Toyota. But the Toyota tries to get in front and here
comes Valverde in the Mercedes Benz! He’s gonna take both of them! Thank you very much says Valverde. Now that’s a move! The battle for 2nd is still going on as well
… and the Mercedes Benz making a mistake! Big mistake there from 2nd place Mercedes,
they go down, down, down the order, down to 7th place. Ah, this is just bad. We’re starting in first
gear. Yeah that is pretty bad. It looks like the field really bunches up
as well. Well, OK … we’ll just do our best. Here come Mercedes, they’re going to the outside
of Porsche but Porsche are gonna park it on the apex once again. Switchback! They go down the inside on the
final lap and they get the position. What an audacious move from Mercedes! Lexus take victory but the battle for the
podium, who is it gonna be? Mercedes in 2nd place. Very good recovery, very good finish. Good job mate. The 2019 World Tour 2 Grand Final for the
Manufacturer Series is underway! Coming onto the last lap of that final race
at the Nürburgring, I was about 11 seconds away from 1st. But here comes Cody! Is he gonna be able to
try and find a way past? He’s not really in as close as he would like. This straight is
actually very short in the Group 3 cars. Coming into the final corner, just side-by-side
with the Toyota. Here comes Latkowski, they’re side-by-side. This is amazing! For the Manufacturer Series final win! Just having really a nice, really rough contact
and Supra just brakes late … I brake late. Bishop on the outside in the Toyota, oooohhhhhh
he goes off, they’re side-by-side still. And Toyota and Si Bishop take victory. Like what can you do? I clearly got pushed out. Mercedes Benz come home in 2nd position after
contact in the final sector. You put yourself on the outside, man. As I know in the actual game of Gran Turismo,
when you push someone, when you make contact with them and they go off-track, you get like
a 5 second penalty. And we were in the end, like, 3 and a half
seconds. If we had got the penalty that maybe deserved,
we would have been standing on the top. But nevertheless, I’m very happy with 2nd. I just
hope we can do one better come next time.


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  1. apokalypz

    August 15, 2019 5:43 am

    In GT Sport it's automatic 5 second penalty when contact is made and car pushed out of bounds, should've been the same thing here. Cody won!

  2. Brooker0013 gaming videos

    August 15, 2019 2:21 pm

    I wanted Bishop to win but looked like he should of had a penalty. I thought it at the time and still think so now. It's a shame it ended like that. Can't wait for new York.

  3. Badly_Dubbed

    August 18, 2019 5:39 pm

    Was hardly a push to be honest but a mere touch. Nothing like the bouncing off each other on the approach. Both braking as late as you dare with Bishop on the inside on hards there was only going to be one winner there.


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