Golf’s New Rules (2019): Moving Loose Impediments or Touching Ground in Bunker

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Under the 2019 Rules, there is no penalty for moving loose impediments when your ball is in a bunker. However, some bunker restrictions continue to exist. For example, you are still not allowed to touch the sand with your club behind or in front of your ball… when making a practice swing… or when making your backswing.


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  1. MrThrock09

    April 3, 2018 8:56 pm

    Let’s see the golf clubs are incredibly forgiving the golf ball is livelier than ever. what the hell else can you guys do to make golf easier for a weak minded people? How about if you just leave the rules alone this isn’t the united fucking nations this is Golf can we preserve the integrity of the fucking game.
    (golf) isn’t for everyone if you’re too fucking stupid to learn the rules then go bowling and have them put the bumpers up so you never get a gutter ball this is exactly what you guys are doing old and young Tom Morris just rolled over in their graves how about Bobby Jones Harry Varden Ben Hogan Snead Sarezen congratulations this is corporate greed attempting to draw in more customers rather than protect the honor of the GAME!!!


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