Golfing With Hickory Clubs | Part 2 At Kingarrock Hickory Golf In St Andrews Scotland


good morning welcome to Kingarrock my
name’s Ross are y’all kidding me the Niblick with the bounce back we’ve
got a birdie look here I mean the Stingers that are gonna be sent with
that are you kidding me is if a – I wasn’t hard enough to hit
her yet today Ross we’re just leaving the fourth Green heading off to the 50
about 20 minutes from St Andrews so not too far away from the old course and all
those are looking for a fun thing to do so a little gap in your itinerary go
free morning a free afternoon then number five here 368 yards Weems is the
name it is the family who owned the property before the Sharpe family it was
just a field when they owned it the Shar family turned it into this epic golf
course that they have here today this is a dogleg right kind of bends around that
tree this is a par 5 I know 368 par 5 yeah however not really hitting these
balls over 250 so it is a feasible 4 5 maybe will reach it I’m going straight
to the pro shop and buying this driver after this I’m pretty sure I mean this
thing is money yeah so I thought I played that around the dogleg however
there’s a second dogleg on this hole that’s why it’s more 5 good tee shot
hope just keeps going from there you know you’ve got past the first dogleg
off the tee and now you’ve got another one for your second short you guys have
played the hole well you’re over in the left side side but you know over here
even in the middle of the fairway where no goodness off the center cut you’ve
basically got no shot at the green you’ve got a choice to fire knock over
with a Niblick or a mahi or you know sort of go for broke and try and smash
it over the top of the trees along Eyre which doesn’t often tend to work out
very well or the heck of clubs but yeah tough toe up so far so good for you guys
we’re skating under the second dogleg couple of bunkers up there to catch you
as well so we’ll see what happens there are bunkers on this course I never got another one that’s different
the 7th Street see if anybody ends up and um see everything yeah we’re gonna
be going with this right here we are actually in great shape right
there through the little chute to the pin bunkers on either side we’re gonna
send it got 155 left to the hole that didn’t go well it’s alright we’re
we’re in the tall stuff and yeah I don’t know this is quite the Stinger Club
alright so you know it wouldn’t be playing golf in Scotland if you didn’t
hit a shot out of the Heather so yeah we may be walking over here to find the
ball but I wanted to get the full experience
I mean that’s why we’re here full experience hopefully we find it yeah
there it is yes in the Heather all right we need loft here we need to take a
whack at this I’m not sure this is gonna go well we got through the grass there
that was a practice swing hopefully we can get this out we’re back in play every day you cut up
and down from far way this is one of the two bunkers in front of the green pretty
sweet little bunker sand is a little different as well we’re a little off the
green here right back there we’ve got putter in hand we need to get
that ball rolling that’s another par number six 313 yards named monument why
exactly is it named Monument so we’ve got the house sandwiches with the host
gets its name from and right on top of it as a little monument and the story
goes that originally the monument was down in the town of Kieffer and it can
it might a spot where a treaty was signed which seen a couple of solar
clients really say you know we’re not gonna invade Cooper and the monument
used to get in the road of the traffic back in the day so Lord we’ve we talked
about him off on the 50 he bought the monument and then moved it stuck on top
of the hill and the hell and stuff like that see it’s just a beautiful that is
awesome little dogleg right green sits behind
that tree right there just short of the house that club rotated completely in my hands
they’re not to make excuses that’s just what happened that went way left we’re
gonna have to go chopping through the weeds again so
we’re walking down the fairway just talking about this shot that I just hit
and yeah there’s no denying what we’re that way no I mean you guys don’t see
the footage in the future but yes I’ve gone about 100 yards forward and then
taking a sharp left and gone about a hundred yards left
so we’re chopping through the weeds like you say and see we can find it that’s
right there yeah that’s not my ball
very good shot though sir thank you so much for hosting me this week it’s been
incredible walking me around st. Andrews getting a play tons of different epic
golf courses thank you so much where can can people find you and what exactly is
it that you do and are focused on first of all absolute pleasure you know like
the world experience faith and sin Andrews you know especially for the
first time you know faith golf was set up years ago with the vision of
promoting the destination and a lot of people think well actually easy because
you’ve got some Andrews and it’s an Andrews massively helps you know but but
we really like to speak about and promote the other courses as well that
are caused by its and Andrews we’ve got 48 golf courses on faith you know
parkland courses we’ve got hickley courses like this one we’ve got you know
your links courses your heathland courses which play completely
differently beautiful part line courses as well and it should to get people to
understand that the great value golf is an offering for you know for 50 60 70
pounds around you can play a really historic beautiful golf courses and you
know that an envier condition and we’ve got a great variety of accommodation as
well you know we’ve got exclusive use properties I’ve got you know a lot of
guest houses resort hotels so yeah we just work to promote the whole
destination any golf related business get involved with us – two operators
would work a lot with as well and just to sort of inform them and educate them
as to what was available on this fantastic region thank you so much I
seriously do appreciate it this has been a trip of a lifetime so far and can’t
wait to come back – have you anything thank you well right excellent show and
this rough yeah come come with me check check that divot
out right there that was the the path yes and we ended up right there a rough
can’t believe I got that much distance on it we’ve got some patrons like out
out in the field over there yes I can see for no different these aren’t
actually ours these are a local farmer that uses one of the fields to look
after it but we do actually have our own flock of sheep and photos where are we
on the there’s summer holidays at the minute and it’s got a little bit too hot
here in Scotland believe it or not for the sheep so if we base it on strike
setting underneath the trees not eating any grass so at the weekend a little
haircut and when they come back we’ll get them back into the rough and as you
can see they’ve got a lot of work to do when they come back and but yeah
everything we do the sheep were no different is about trying to maintain
the golf course great there’s certain 1920s atmosphere of rain the golf course
so the Sheep would have been used back in the 1920s to look after the golf
course we do exactly the same thank you there is where we ended up a little
short of the green about 65 yards left I’m gonna go put the camera behind the
green give you a little better vantage point all right we’ve got a uphill all
5-footer for our bogey right in the heart let’s
go by the way I’ve never been so excited
about a bogey rough stuff a few so yeah so semi so it’s called Cundy 5 301 yards
and so Cundy is another Scottish term for a little stream and it just runs in
front of the green here and then you’ve got the bunker which after the rain
yesterday it’s gonna play like a water hazard it’s all full of water and then
on to the green some some pretty thick stuff at the back as well so you got a
pretty accurate with this tee shot and fine get aligned somewhere between the
pen and the bunker and it sort of trundles on from there but yeah bit of a
stuffed tee shot for the guys to see early on 101 yards let’s go this is a
par 3 I’m walking behind here to set up the camera make sure we get a good
little look at the green because we’re gonna knock it close well I was hoping to show you all good
shot there we’re in the weeds long that went a long ways distance control is not
great we’re gonna have to work on that I felt like I needed to hit that though I
guess yes I really didn’t I was about twenty yards over the green and we are
in the weeds for the third hole in a row yeah
thankfully we’re only one over on those holes so far down when we get this up
and down but you never know just don’t I partnered with Scotland home of golf for
this trip it’s been incredible I want to thank them so much Fife golf
and Liam have been so excellent to work with and have him show us around take us
to these incredible courses want to thank them for this partnership this
week truly been a trip of a lifetime bucket list opportunity we have got to
stop hitting the weeds there we go we got to get this up and down down some
form with the OL Niblick yeah it’s better let’s go
are you serious how do I make a par from back there that’s that short game coming
to work even though we didn’t have it for the first two holes it’s all good we
came to play here the last few Monda numbering do get cleaner sort of gap in
the trees up there you go to see about clearer sort of things so I say the
attention was named the second hole has been the second told dickhead but when
you couldn’t get rid of that tree they had to sort of go for Plan B and named
the eighth hole that instead freaky throw sure here you go play out
to the right-hand side and fame so clear in from there or do you be brave and
trying go we go over the rough stuff and try and leave yourself about this sure
sure and that’s that’s a choice you’ve got out here of a risk reward shot you
know you can place a bail out to the right or you know go for glory and try
and take it over the rough stuff or even over the trees if you’re feeling really
brave to see if you can get it around the front in the green and take it from
there I didn’t come here to lay up so that’s
probably gonna be the option yeah 279 yards were we’re gonna send it like over
there yep all right so we got a driver well you can’t get too high because
that’s that’s the height of the tea so we’re going to tea it to there and let
it fly we’re not sure look like it went maybe
over the corner I definitely got a lot on that I was told it was a proper sky I
mean we’ll see do you think I got it around the corner
he’s not gonna afraid that very very very high launching potentially sky
driver didn’t make over the corner sorry sorry to tell you you don’t think
so there’s no hope around that corner right there boy
it’ll exhaust mean there yeah maybe wait a lot lor it did but I hate it solid and
that Ryan Quayle long mmm-hmm you’re gonna have to flown that about an hour
fifty yards past where mine finished you don’t think that’s in the bag
no what the trajectory you had sir the team will tell and it started to rain all right there’s
hurry ended up little distance left you need to get this up and down for par relationship with this club yeah I will
say my putting inside of five feet it’s been pretty good you just got hit affirm
played straight that was a bogey there we are Thanks six
over something like that that’s not the point of today today is just enjoying
the round it is a complete round now that is raining here in Scotland so I
feel like I’ve gotten the full experience so far one hole up on a nine
thank you we have number nine here sharp is the name 208 yards pretty straight
away it is drivable Green sets just to the right of that tree this is
definitely a tee I let it fly moment I definitely didn’t come here to lay up here’s where we are just off the front
edge of the green about 40 feet left for the Eagle Wesco that wasn’t good you
could see that as well I didn’t want to leave it short though so there’s that I
feel like I’ve lost all feel I’m not sure oh that wasn’t good we didn’t come here to lay out we’re in
with the park nothing like a little three putts well
we’re off the green so not a three-putt to end the round really appreciate you
having me out excellent excellent Lloyd thank you so much welcome really enjoyed
it just an incredible day out here at King
Derek Golf Club what an experience you’ve got to come here if you ever get
the opportunity you’ll never forget this round didn’t to play with hickory shaft
Hickory or wooden clubs hickory shaft with the Niblick and the Massey and
putter this has been an awesome experience we hit some good shots we hit
some bad shots we hit a lot of bad cuts actually I think we finished it six over
par had some pars in there had some double bogeys
some bogeys and that was today but we had fun hope you all enjoy coming along
this awesome experience I’m gonna link Matt and Lloyd down below their socials
so y’all can check them out hope you enjoy coming along if you did
drop a little like down below if you enjoyed these hickory shaft club round
experience little history all of that comment below if you’d like to see me
come back here someday and maybe film Stingers only something like that just
let me know that would be awesome and until next time we’ll see you only see
ya you


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  1. SantaSkip Knows

    August 28, 2019 8:34 am

    I would have to say Zac, that kingarrock had your number. But all in all a great golf experience. Wish I could have been there playing golf with ya.

  2. Dave Zadziejko

    August 28, 2019 8:52 am

    Zac, really enjoy the vids you put out. I like how your hand comes into frame and you point to where you ball went or how the how the holes go.

  3. WG Bassin

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  4. Joseph B

    August 28, 2019 9:25 am

    Definitely go back and play some more golf with those gents, they are awesome! Also, love the positive attitude and ability to laugh off your shots/situations. Keep it up 🙂

  5. humdrummer

    August 28, 2019 9:30 am

    I've played hickories now for a few months. Started after a 12 year lay off of playing golf so my hickories feel "normal" to me. I play an old 1929 Donald Ross course and I would love to play Kingarrock!… You need a few more clubs, I carry 11. A Mashie Niblick would be of great help around the greens! Niblick's tend to dig into the turf leaving the ball way short….Ha! you should try playing out of the sand! I've managed a 75 with those old clubs, felt like a round under par! You did well for the first time!

  6. Brian Rizza

    August 28, 2019 11:15 am

    Talk about low maintenance sheep as green keepers, but who needs sheep when Zac in the Heather ha ha ha, didn't work out stinger with a butter knife😂😂😂

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    This is a nice way to start the day! Thanks for bringing quality content that we as viewers can enjoy so frequenly!
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    August 28, 2019 11:38 pm

    What a banger vlog!!! I know you had to have an amazing time dude and I know those clubs had to be quite a bit different to play with than your usual. Regardless of score, it was a dope vid of a dope course that soooo few people will ever get to play! Keep it going brother ✊✊

  10. Marc Huntley

    August 29, 2019 1:34 am

    That was fun video. Enjoyed your camera work. HQ intro. So glad you got to go. Keep the videos coming!

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    August 29, 2019 4:56 am

    “And then it began to rain…”. Lol. Love the video and your positivity Zac. Keep it up!

  12. Steve Lowrie

    August 29, 2019 5:21 am

    Great video and seems like there is some really unanimous support. To play devil’s advocate, I’ll call your channel “GM Sr.”

  13. Douglas Waugh

    August 29, 2019 7:06 pm

    Love the way they use sheep to maintain the course x
    I wonder If we could use kangaroos for a similar thing down under ?
    Nice golf as usual Zac.

  14. Douglas Waugh

    August 29, 2019 7:10 pm

    Do you get a complimentary Sabbath stick with a few nips of Johnny Walker, included with your green fees ?

  15. Joe McCormack

    August 30, 2019 5:37 am

    That looked like a fun round nice foursome you had and zac you did a great job presenting the course

  16. SantaSkip Knows

    August 30, 2019 11:18 am

    Hey Zac, I got my video posted. I hope you get a chance to watch it, and maybe share it with others So i can get new subscribers

  17. Jason Smith

    September 1, 2019 7:06 am

    I’m no professional by any means, but why not follow through with that “wedge”? Instead of coming down at it and stopping basically blading it? Seriously asking for learning.

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    Zac looks like you really enjoyed your trip!!! Would love to hit some old hickory clubs!! Wasn't as windy out there as in the stinger video!! The grass look long on the greens too!!

  19. John Mcclurg

    September 3, 2019 9:08 pm

    Zac I just started watching this clip and had to pause it so I could tell you this but you probably already know it, but you showed a wooden tee and do you know they didn’t always use the tee. Just like in the movie I can’t think of the name now, but they used a little pile of sand to tee off, you need to try that he he. I’m going to give this one a 👍 even though I haven’t seen it yet your videos are all good


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