Golf Tips & Lessons : Tennis Racket Drill for Golf


Hello, welcome, my name is Julio Nutt, I’m
a master instructor at the Jim McLean Golf School in Miami Florida. In this clip I’m
going to demonstrate a great drill for you to develop the correct rotation of your shoulders,
in your golf swing. If you think about it, this is a racket, you can use a tennis racket,
a sports racket, which is going to make it much more visual, it’s much more visual than
a small golf club up here. So you take your racket, and what you’re going to do is half
swing, going back. At this position, you got to make sure the racket is looking forward,
and the racket is angled. If I do it from this angle, you will see how the racket is
having an angle of the same path or angle of the swing. You don’t want to have the racket
looking down to the ground, you don’t want to have the racket just looking up to the
sky, you just want to have a one piece take away, where this triangle is all moving together
back, and the racket is looking forward. Then you go to impact where you transferring your
weight into your left side, and then you release that racket, and this racket is going to come
pretty much to the same position it was in the back swing, same angle and same position,
because you’re releasing it and keeping your hands in front of your body. This is Julio
Nutt, at the Jim McLean Golf School.


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