Golf Swing Drills To Stop Early Release (DO THESE!)


– Hi Adam Bazalgette here
founder of Scratch Golf Academy here at the beautiful Club at Mediterra. Golf swing drills to stop early release, this is a problem that
just plagues people, I think it’s perfectly fixable. I’ll show you some ideas,
the ones that I find work for me in teaching. Give you three reasons, show you how the pros do it differently by giving you three reasons or three things you
have to do to stop this and some drills to help you out with it. (upbeat music) Well if you’re new to the
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appreciate if you do that. Let’s have some fun with
these early release drills. So this whole business
of lag getting the club past the ball, hitting but
the ball before the ground. Listen a lot of people
find this really, really, challenging, I don’t think it
needs to be that challenging, hopefully I can help you in this video. Not all pros do it the same,
they don’t all look like they have the same amount of lag, but there’s one thing that they all do. Let’s have a quick look
at a couple of players and see what this critical,
critical, variable is. So Davis Love on the Left,
Tom Watson on the right both major championship winners. Tom Watson eight majors for that matter, Davis Love great lagger at the club. You can see he’s got more
lag than Tom Watson there, and certainly if we take them
right around when they’re getting ready to hit it he
certainly has a little bit more than Watson, and some have even more and some have even a little bit less. what they all do though regardless, they all get the handle of the golf club right around the end of the glove there, pass that golf ball before the club head goes down to vertical and meets the ground so
the club handle must pass the golf ball before the
club reaches the ground. Of course Davis does that
with plenty of room to spare, just look at that, what
a great look there. I have a free three-part detailed course solid strike formula really will help you with hit your iron solidly, just go down the description
box and pick it up. Okay so when I give golf lessons, I’ve been doing that for 30 years, I’m pretty used to how people going about, or the kinds of experiences
they have when they try to improve their golf swing. I really don’t see people
have much success trying to tuck their elbow in or just hold lag, to me it’s not that athletic, it doesn’t really work that well. All the great players
and I mean all of them, to differing degrees, just showed you a couple of players on the video a minute ago all
increase lag and store energy. Now one of the little things
I’ll do during a golf lesson, little drills if you like
I’ll have a student stand here and I’ll come around the front, kind of hold the club with them and we’ll hit some little
chip shots 15 yards or something like that. It’s amazing how much tension you feel with a lot of people, stiff solid wrists. Listen you’ve got to
have some grip pressure, but that should not and cannot, if you’re gonna be good at this, translate into stiff wrists, so play around with this factor, this is our number one soft wrists. And just get it to where you can feel the club bounce a little bit and feel it react a bit. You may not hit solid
shots at the beginning. I’ll try a small one here, I’m gonna go for a little more softness than I probably want to have, so in other words a little more bounce. Now it wasn’t quite as
much bounce as I wanted, I could feel some, solid hit though, that was a good thing to
get these things loose. Again you can have grip pressure and still have loose wrists, if you’re stiff and
you’re hitting at the ball the kind of thing I feel with people, so often students when I stand there you’re in trouble right away so learn to let the lag
store, that’s number one. So here’s the next one, can you get the handle passed the ball? We showed you that at the
beginning of the video, here’s a great mental picture. Picture a light beam, you
could extend it up above the golf club but from this view what you’re trying to do is, it won’t hurt your light beam, break that imaginary beam, get the handle passed the ball before you go down and hit the ball. It really isn’t difficult to do, as we said in the previous segment though, if you’re excessively bound to trying to make solid hits not
look like a fool out, then miss hitting a few balls, you’ll hamper yourself. So get the handle past the
imaginary beam of light and give yourself a little time to try to arrange solid
contact and sort it out. All right, now as we talk
about lagging the club or adding lag and getting
the handle past the ball, certainly the body plays a role in that, this video isn’t primarily about that but let’s just give it a brief touch. I think a good image for instance, if this was a five-pound lead
bar with no club head on it, but it had a handle on
it, heavy in other words and I had to toss this 15 or 20 yards, you can bet I would recruit the ground and use my core and my glutes to try to create some energy there, in a really natural
spontaneous sort of way. That’s all we’re gonna say for this video regards body
motion, it does have a roll. Just for the sake of what
we’re working on though, just let it show up as it would if you’re really playing
to a target out there with a heavy Club, not just trying to strike
something underneath you. So I said earlier in the video, it doesn’t work too well to try to stick your arm in or hold angle, I mean it might work for you, but I haven’t seen experientially
teaching people golf that it works out well. What would be a better thing? Well that’s our third thing, when you release, release it hard, don’t try to hold angle,
try to release with energy, let’s look at that. So release head just means to me, transferring energy to the golf club, going from bent wrists to straight wrists and it really comes
more through the wrists then it does if you like from the wrist. So, a good mental image I
use in golf lessons a lot, is if you had a wet leaf stuck to the club and you had to flick it off, what would that look like? You decelerate, you’d feel some
pop in the golf club there. So, let’s try that on a
small scale to start with and by the way I’m going to do it on a miniature scale here, you just see how easily you could pop there or there or there. Human beings can do this, we get so tied into the ball and looking at it and trying to hit it, it’s hard for us to make any adjustments. So let’s try it out here, I’m gonna give it a good hard smack here, a good hard release of the wrist. I really felt some
energy transfer down into the golf club there. Now probably if I was actually playing, I’d have a little more
body motion than that, the club may not hit the
ground quite as hard as that. I don’t care for this drill though, let’s try it again, let it store and pop the imaginary wet
leaf off the golf club. Got a lot of energy in that one, little on the thin side, one more. That’s more like it right
there, really felt some sting. Have some fun with this at the range, don’t do it at infinitum, back off and hit some regular shots and then back to the drill, you’ll have this thing sorted out. Well thanks, I hope that
was a helpful video for you. Would really appreciate it if you hit the thumbs up, like button, helps us build a little momentum here at the channel to
bring you free content. As always, appreciate your
sitting through the video, hope it’s helpful to you and hope these golf swing drills will stop your early release. (calming music)


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  1. Scratch Golf Academy

    September 5, 2019 7:54 pm

    Leave me a comment about a lesson you'd like me to do.. We'll add that to the production list!


  2. Thomas Palmer

    September 5, 2019 8:45 pm

    Since the golf swing take less than 2 seconds and .25 on downswing, you can not be thinking of all your body parts. Would like you to share combinations of swing thoughts……one for backswing and another for the downswing which would produce a swing. Thx. Tom

  3. Tom B.

    September 5, 2019 9:18 pm

    Great video, I'm hitting some occasional chip shot shanks, i can't tell why, I've always been a good chipper. Help !

  4. Paul Ohrenberger

    September 5, 2019 9:48 pm

    Great video…as always! Like the images, but how do you feel deceleration (to get the POP) when you're trying to accelerate through the ball? I WILL try the 'wet leaf' image. Thanks!

  5. Sylvie Ouellette

    September 5, 2019 10:52 pm

    Adam, you're the best. All your videos are very helpfull. Good explanations, good words, good drills. Merci beaucoup.

  6. rackum44

    September 5, 2019 11:06 pm

    Hi Adam glad you're safe from Dorian. Would you make a video on swing plane. You have the shaft plane line and you have the line going from the ball up through your shoulder. I've been trying to make my hands follow the line going from my shoulder to the ball of course until your hands get in front of your body is this a good thought to have?

  7. Dennis Schuster

    September 6, 2019 1:09 am

    the visualizations you give are the absolute best! my favorite swing thought is picturing driving the spike into the ground!

  8. Paul Malone

    September 6, 2019 2:41 am

    My lead hand is just outside thigh at shaft parallel but I have shaft lean about like Tom W. . Have you seen much of this ? I guess I throw it out a little quick. I don’t hit the ball high kinda on the lower side .

  9. Greg Cline

    September 6, 2019 2:54 am

    Good video Adam! One thing that you have mentioned before that has helped me is you have talked about throwing the club toward your target (and I have actually seen you do it on other videos). I have found that if I swing the club with that thought in mind, contact is more solid and I also have picked up about a club and a half in distance. That swing thought will also take care of the early release. Thanks for all the great info you pass along to us.

  10. Craig Hill

    September 6, 2019 7:12 am

    Thanks Adam. Very helpful including for extending my left wrist and arm (I’m a lefty) so I’m reasonably straight and connected after impact rather than separating. Very good drill.

  11. Solo Fullblod

    September 6, 2019 12:59 pm

    Hi Adam!
    Saw my release on video yesterday. Not fun. I have played golf my entire life off and on and been down to around hcp 10. I hit draws and play well with all clubs but too short with the irons. That is because I have always stopped the hips at impact resulting in scooping the ball too high and releasing the lag well before the ball. After impact the arms bring the hips around. I seem to have the weight evenly distributed on both feet too at impact. I have worked on it and thought I had fixed it but it is just as bad. My instructor said It might help to lift the heel of the right foot in the downswing to help the hips rotate but that it might be difficult to use them forcefully like a hockey slap shot. Is it that difficult to bring them into play you think and have you a method for this particular hip problem? I only get around 115 meters with a 7-iron and that means I have to use one or two clubs more than another player which makes it hard to compete.

    Best Regards,

  12. Rupe Wilson

    September 6, 2019 3:47 pm

    Not the early realise i was looking for.. but after watching it, i remembered you drills, and it works… thank you..

  13. u2b4laz

    September 6, 2019 4:09 pm

    I'll try this drill. It looks like a good complement to the nick clearwater's flying wedges drill. My wedge shots lack the kind of spin that professionals get and i'm eager to see if the mental image of that "wet leaf" will help me fix that.

  14. Josh Hagerman

    September 6, 2019 10:16 pm

    Just watch his hands. Go slow. Who cares if people see. You have to start somewhere. I have only been playing in my life since July and even without watching many lessons I am down to 40s or less on 9. It will take more time for others, so be patient and swing slower! My biggest thing that helped me. Hand position, yoga that makes my body so much more capable of being consistent, and swung slower and built on that and one day you will feel the feedback and it will click. Patience. And yes, I have thrown a club lol. Don't be like me haha.

  15. oregieman

    September 7, 2019 12:22 am

    Adam…gotta tell you, been working hard on my swing this year but the leaf on the club face was a lightbulb moment. Tried it tonight at the range and boom, fantastic! I was amazed and everything just fell into place! Thank you one of the best!

  16. MrMukesht

    September 7, 2019 2:30 am

    Dear Adam, when you showed hands are ahead at impact with irons, I presume it does not apply to rescue clubs and fairway woods?


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