Golf Putting Instruction : Right to Left Putts

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Okay, now we’re going to deal with the putt
that goes from the right side to the left side. So, this is a more natural putt for
a right hander because when we strike the ball our natural motion will bring the ball
from right to left. So, this is an easier putt for me. I’m more comfortable with this
than I am with a left to right putt. But we don’t always have our choices of where we
get the putts. So, this one is going to break from the right to left and it’s a little bit
uphill. So, it’s a good putt. It’s perfectly makable. But, so what’s the idea here is:
about six, seven feet away from the hole so, I’m going to take a moderately big back swing,
not too big, about right here and just have a nice follow through. So, I want to get this
pendulum motion going. So, okay. I was a little short on that one, but had the right line.
Let’s try that again. So, that was right in the cup. So, the right to left putt is something
that for a lot of right handers should be very comfortable because it’s part of the
natural motion. Couldn’t get it; but that’s a good putt to practice and this one you can
hit right in the middle of the putter because it was a little uphill so you can make sure
you get it to the hole. So, don’t hold back, practice these putts and you’ll start lowering
your score a lot.


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