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♪♪♪♪>>Welcome to “Golf Life,” a
show focused on your golf lifestyle. We’re here at Horseshoe Bay, 45 minutes west
of Austin, Texas. We’re gonna show you this beautiful 72-hole
course, as well as some awesome amenities right here in Central Texas. ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪>>If you were never
here before and just suddenly found yourself dropped on this spot and on this property,
it would be hard for you to know that you were even in Texas. It’s green. It’s rolling. It pretty much remains as nature shaped it. And it has just a great deal of appeal for
golfers, as well as people just on vacation looking for a beautiful place. We have three different golf courses that
are designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. and one by Jack Nicklaus. So there’s a variety of golf and just lots
going on here at Horseshoe Bay Resort. Ram Rock has a great many elevation changes. As I like to tell people, it’s difficult,
but it’s challenging. It has four sets of tees. And so if all the way back is too much, you
can always go up to the tee box that is right for you. Big greens, nice undulation. A whole variety of holes. And they’re continuous holes, so you’re never
playing out of somebody else’s fairway. You’re on your own hole and you feel like
it’s just you and your foursome when you’re out there playing. Ram Rock is a great golf course. ♪♪♪♪ Slick Rock — it’s a rolling
golf course, but not with the severity of Apple Rock. It is rolling. There is just lots of slope. There’s some people who say, “Eh, you know,
it’s a little harder for me because I have a hard time playing on ground that’s not so
level.” And so it’s going to test you. It’s not particularly long, compared to Ram
Rock, but it’s gonna test your ability to create shots when you’re not standing on level
ground.>>Behind me is Whitewater 360. This is Rio. Let’s go check this place out. ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪>>When
you get out here to Horseshoe Bay, you’re gonna find not just golf. Yes, we’ve got 72 holes of golf, 54 of which
are Robert Trent Jones Sr. courses, and they’re great. Another 18 with Jack Nicklaus, and we’re awfully
proud about that. But there’s so much more out here than golf. We’ve got the wineries. We’ve got this beautiful landscape, the rolling
hills. We’ve got beautiful restaurants. By the way, the water, you know, with Jet
Skiing and being out there and fishing and all the things that families like to do on
the beach. We have a place called the Kids Club, where
the kids — they’re begging to go back. Whitewater golf course is one of only four,
in North America, 18-hole, par-72 putting courses. It’s very unique. And it’s not just like some sort of Putt-Putt
course. This is beautiful grass with smooth greens
and a terrific design, and people are astounded how much fun it is to play miniature golf. And the nice thing about Whitewater is — you
don’t have to play it just during the day. It’s lit up, so you can play it at night. And families take advantage of that all the
time, and it’s a real neat feature of being at the resort, particularly if you want to
enjoy a little golf after dark. But not only that, we’ve got restaurants and
just so much that makes this a very special property. And not just this property. I’m talking about this area of the country. It’s absolutely beautiful. And until you get here, until you experience
this, you just can’t believe this exists anywhere in Texas and really anywhere in the country. ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ You know, we are
actually expanding tremendously. There’s renovations going on. We just opened up a brand-new wonderful restaurant
called the Waterfront. And we also have the Yacht Club and Lantana
inside the hotel. And so there’s lots to do right here, but
within 20 and 30 miles of here, we’ve got wineries. As you already mentioned, it’s within 45 minutes
of Austin. And so there’s just a whole lot to do. If you want to base yourself out of Horseshoe
Bay, you can go 30 and 40 and 50 miles in any direction and find yourself plenty busy
for a week’s time. The people who retire here — you know, many
of them are golfers. Some of them like to fish. Some of them like to ski, and they’re out
there on the water. But some like to do both, and so it’s a great
pla– If someone’s looking for a place to go and spend a few months out of the year,
I just can’t imagine, if you’re a golfer or someone who enjoys the lake, finding a better
place than Horseshoe Bay. The people who come to my golf schools always
comment on, “You know, we came here because of the golf, but we enjoy the hotel so much. We enjoy the resort. There’s so much for us to do.” And some of them even elect to stay a couple
extra days just because there’s so much going on at the resort itself outside of golf, which
was enough to get them here to begin with. If you’ve not been to Horseshoe Bay Resort,
we will look forward to having you here. Please go to Check out our golf packages. Check out the things we have with the golf
academy. Plus, the spa packages. There’s just so much to do. And we’ll look forward to having you here.>>Let’s head out to Mesa Country Club in
Mesa, Arizona, to learn how the Phat Scooter is helping the younger generation experience
the game of golf. ♪♪♪♪>>So, the scooter is just a
different type of fun, you know? When I was out there playing, I hit some bad
shots, and I really couldn’t wait just to get back on the scooter and, you know, kick
the kickstand and go to my ball, because… I didn’t care where I hit it. I was just ready to ride the scooters.>>I think it’s a really good thing for the
game golf. I think it’s gonna speed things up, and it
will get younger people more interested in playing. And it kind of makes it more fun. Golf gets a little tedious. If you can change it up a little bit and kind
of make things fun again, it helps it a lot.>>I definitely think this will help, especially
with the younger generation, because, like, a lot of other people say it’s hard to get
younger kids out here. It’s not as exciting. I mean, watching it on TV, like the PGA, it’s
exciting, ’cause, you know, they’re shooting 20-under par, but to get, like, just a kid
out here, this definitely will help. I mean, when I pulled up, I wanted to get
on it. Like, even though I was kind of intimidated
by it, I wanted to try it out.>>These things just make golf a little bit
more independent. You know, I don’t have to sit there and wait
for my partner. I can just get on mine and head off.>>We like things to be fun and enjoyable,
but a lot of us still take golf really seriously, so I think it’s important for them to know
that we’re not gonna mess around and we can handle it and take it seriously, just like
we can with a normal golf cart. But it’s just a little more enjoyable, and
I think it hits a wider base of people than standard golf does.>>To learn more about how you can get one
for yourself, design a scooter, or have questions about your Phat Scooter, go to We caught up with a teaching professional
at the 2019 PGA Championship and talked about the V1 Sports program. Plus, have you ever thought about hitting
opposite-handed to balance your body? Mike Malaska has. That’s next.>>One moment changes everything. Distance, precision, decided in a microsecond. So reduce your ball spin and get the most
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to win. ♪♪♪♪>>Here’s Mike Malaska, Top 100
Golf Teacher, from Phoenix, Arizona, with a great golf tip to help your golf game.>>So, when it comes to playing golf, you
want to be as consistent as you can be, and your body plays a big role in that. So it’s balancing your body. I struggle a little bit when I hear, “Sport-specific
training for golf.” Really, what you want is — you want your
body to be balanced out and so that it does what it’s supposed to do, and then you can
play golf, tennis, hike, whatever and you’re gonna do it at your best. So, let’s talk about a golf swing for a minute. This is something all of you should be doing
every single day when you practice and play. So, we’re standing here and we’re making swings. So, when I’m swinging right-handed and I’m
hitting the ball…I’m contracting one side of my body and elongating the other. So you spend all day…making that motion. So if you don’t do something to balance that
out, all of a sudden, this hip gets really tight, this one loosens up, and it starts
doing this to your posture. So, one of the best ways to offset that is
get yourself a left-handed club. And this is something I do — I’ve done for
a long time. So, you set up left-handed…and start hitting
some balls left-handed. Now, even if you don’t hit balls…even if
you just make swings left-handed — You don’t have to hit balls, but the deal is — now,
when you’re swinging left-handed, now you’re contracting this side and elongating this
side, so it balances you out. The other thing that’s important — it’s called
spatial awareness. When you turn around and swing the other direction,
your brain starts to recognize and more focus, and it feels more what’s going on ’cause you’re
not used to doing it. So, what happens is — you swing left-handed. It’s hard for a lot of people to do. And I don’t even care if you’re terrible at
it. Just making the opposite motion is gonna be
good for your body. And then, when you turn around right-handed
and you go to swing, you have a better awareness of where your body is in space and time. So, a lot of times on the golf course, if
I’m struggling on the course, I’ll turn around and make some swings left-handed on the golf
course, and then, when I turn around right-handed, I have a much better feel for what my swing’s
doing. So, it’s one of the tricks I’ve used to regain
my feel for my swing on the golf course — just turn around and swing left-handed. So, it physically helps you dramatically,
and, neurologically, it gives you more awareness of where your swing is. You might be surprised what it does for your
normal right-handed swing.>>Don’t just play golf. Understand it. Malaska Golf offers several unique learning
programs that are designed to help you understand and discover your golf swing. Go to for 18% off
the monthly or annual subscription price. Join the Malaska community today. V1 Sports and their individualized academies
have given golf teachers and students a new way to learn the game. Through powerful video capture, analysis,
and a simple way to review swings through telestrations, golf teachers and directors
of instruction are quickly moving to this platform. V1 gives each teacher the ability to brand
their academies to help grow their platform. Rob Labritz, a teaching professional, was
at the 2019 PGA Championship, and we heard what he thought about his academy and how
he uses the V1 program.>>Every time someone comes in, you get their
name, get their address, all their information, put them into the system, and then they’re
set up an online locker. So, what they can do is use their V1 app. They can capture their swings, send them to
me, if I’m traveling or if they’re traveling, and I can have them in a split second, where
I can just, you know, send lines and do all the drawings and whatever I need to do with
them and then send it back to them if they’re in another state or I’m back in New York. So it makes it very convenient. It’s mostly just the tools that you guys put
on the coaching part of the V1 — the lines, the side-by-sides, all the models that you
do. It’s just a tool that I use every day. I almost take it for granted. But to have that V1 app that people can look
at and see what they’re doing, ’cause they never believe what I tell. “Oh, you’re doing this.” “There’s no way I’m doing that. “I’ll bet you a million dollars you’re doing
this.” And then they’ll look at themselves on the
video and say, “Oh, my gosh. I’m doing that.” So the V1 — it’s instrumental. My name’s Rob Labritz. I’m the PGA Director of Golf at GlenArbor
Golf Club in Bedford Hills, New York. And if you go ahead and download that V1 app
and connect with a coach, you will get better at the game of golf. I promise that.>>Callaway Apparel, the official apparel
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Swing Tech technology. Maximize each shot with incredible range of
motion. From their polos to their pants, each piece
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the situation. Visit, see the latest
styles and colors. Don’t go anywhere, because we take you back
out to Hill Country in Central Texas to show you Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa.>>Do you know why a wooden golf tee splits
at impact? The cup of the tee creates friction, and the
force of the ball splits the wood tee. This also increases golf-ball backspin, resulting
in less distance. We created the Survivor Golf Tee, designed
with center-prong technology so the golf ball has the lowest possible contact and friction
with the golf tee. In fact, we tested with the Iron Byron to
ensure it provides the lowest ball spin available. Less spin means more distance. We named it Survivor because it’s the most
durable performance golf tee on the market today. The advanced polymer provides flexibility
and snaps back, so you can use it round after round. Survivor provides the lowest ball spin, greatest
overall distance, and maximum ball speed of any other golf tee. Head over to to get our
free shipping offer, or find Survivor Golf Tees on, or just visit your local
golf retailer and ask for the Survivor Golf Tee. Visit to get the performance
golf tee that will change your game.>>Sit tight. You’ll be on the back nine with “Golf Life”
in a moment.>>Omni Barton Creek sits just 30 minutes
east of Austin, Texas, in the beautiful rolling hills. This amazing piece of property features four
golf courses, amazing cuisine, and even better views. ♪♪♪♪>>They’ve got four championship-caliber
golf courses — two Fazios, a Coore-Crenshaw, and a Palmer — and two of which are right
here on the main campus. So, as you can see behind me here, this is
the 9th hole on the Fazio Foothills Course. And Mr. Fazio has done an incredible job using
the natural landscape and the limestone cliffs. He’s done a great job utilizing the natural
contours of Hill Country. You’ll see a lot of sloping fairways, pitching
at different angles, and helping you to get the ball close to some of these very challenging
greens. The Coore & Crenshaw Cliffside Course is as
you stated. It’s much more natural use of the rolling
Hill Country terrain. Certainly, less dirt was moved, and in true
Crenshaw form, very large, undulating greens. But he also allows you to play the low and
to bump the ball into some of the greens, which, again, makes it very playable and enjoyable. We’ve got another Fazio, the Fazio Canyons
Course, and that’s located just 2.5 miles just down the road here. Again, just an incredible experience over
there. Fazio’s done another wonderful job utilizing
the natural terrain. And that’s probably our most challenging golf
course. So, the course does have dramatic elevation
changes, and it makes for some really interesting shots. You know, specifically, some of the holes,
like 18 and 16, where you hit to fairways that are, you know, hundreds of feet below
you makes for some very diverse shots and a lot of fun. It is absolutely picturesque — just amazing,
you know, oak trees and just beautiful terrain in every direction, especially when you get
on top of some of these peaks and vistas and you can see for miles and miles. Just incredible stuff. ♪♪♪♪>>We basically transformed this
property from what it once was, which was a 309-room property, very well-known for its
golf. Now we’re still known for our golf, but this
expansion added 180 guest rooms. We increased our dining and restaurant outlets
to seven. We expanded our poolscape, added three amazing
pools, including an infinity-edge pool overlooking the Fazio Foothills Golf Course. We added a lot of meeting space, as well. We became more of a conference option for
groups. And, basically, with this expansion and floor-to-ceiling
renovation, even on the existing spaces, we became a little bit more relevant on the national
stage. We’ve got a lot of really great resort programming
that appeals to families. And, you know, with golf trending the way
it is, where it’s more of a family-type sport, where it’s not just a guy’s sport anymore
— Girls get out there and play golf with their dads or their moms. We provide that, but we also have something
to do if you don’t want to get out on the golf course, maybe, on that afternoon, whether
it’s our world-class Mokara Spa, our amazing pools, or just a lot of our resort activities
that we have available around property. It is a vast resort, and that was also intentional,
because even from a point of determining the angles in which the buildings should be set,
we wanted to make sure the views were first and foremost and that wherever you went, you
had a view either of the east or the west to see the beautiful Hill Country. You know, this was a project that is near
and dear to me. That’s why I came to this resort, to see this
through, and I couldn’t be more proud of how the design brought in the element of our local
flavor, which is the Hill Country. I love our artwork. Our artwork speaks to the outdoors, whether
it’s a topographical map that is carved out of wood of Barton Creek or it’s a depiction
of the flight of the monarch butterflies that, if you step back far enough, you can see a
waterfall painted, and then all of those different elements make it feel comfortable and have
a story. And I think it’s just a sense of discovery
that you can wander around the resort and learn new things just from taking your time
and experiencing the property. Go to to see our
website and to check out all of our offerings, whether it’s a golf package or our bed-and-breakfast
package or even to check out our summer music concert series, Barton Creek Live.>>Coming up next, we go inside the ropes
at the 2019 PGA Championship and give you a tip from Horseshoe Bay’s Director of Instruction
Bobby Steiner.>>Don’t just play golf. Understand it. Malaska Golf offers several unique learning
programs that are designed to help you understand and discover your golf swing. From the M-System instructional plan to the
Ask Mike Q&A, you’ll find a program that truly works best for you. Go to for 18% off
the monthly or annual subscription price. Join the Malaska community today. ♪♪♪♪>>From Omni Barton Creek, here’s
the Director of Instruction Bobby Steiner with a great tip on hitting your driver off
the tee.>>That was a pretty good drive. I bet you like to hit a good tee shot, too. Now, when it comes to how far any one of us
can hit the ball, we’re all limited — some more so, some less so. We can’t help that. But what we can do is maximize our chances
by getting fully wound up behind the golf ball. And I want to talk about how to do that. Today, it’s about a 270 tee shot. In order to hit a 270 tee shot, you’ve got
to, first of all, think about a 90-degree angle. The first 90-degree angle is shoulder turn. And how do you measure that? Well, from the perspective you have there,
if you can see the middle of my back, then you know I’ve turned 90 degrees. And 90 degrees is the first step to that 270
drive that we’re looking for. The next step in getting your 270 is another
90-degree angle, and this time, it’s wrist cock. How do you measure that? Wrist cock, 90 degrees of it, is measured
by the angle between the left forearm and the club shaft at the top of the backswing. If you’re maximizing your wrist cock, it’s
another 90-degree angle, and you’re at the second stage of getting your 270 tee shot. The third 90-degree angle is arm swing, and
that’s measured by the upper arm of the right arm and the lower arm at the top of the backswing. That is arm swing. I should look like a waiter holding a tray
of glasses at the top. And if I’ve done that, I’ve accomplished the
third leg of the 90-degree angles on my way to 270. And let’s not forget, then, that 90 plus 90
plus 90 equals what? 270. And that’s how far you can hit the ball if
you maximize with all three 90-degree angles. Thank you for watching.>>Every so often, we take you out to the
PGA Tour for advice and insight that might help your game. For sure, every event is unique, but a major
is something totally different. We went out to the PGA Championship, an event
that is spectacular on a grand scale, hosted by great venues like Bethpage State Park Golf
Course in Long Island. Now that the PGA Championship is the second
major of the year, it takes on a new level of importance and intrigue.>>I think having the PGA move to May — it’s
interesting. Now we have all four majors one month apart. It really changes kind of the scope of the
players and, you know, kind of their preparation. And the PGA has always been one of the four
majors. And, to be honest with you, whether it’s the
second major of the year or the fourth major of the year, it’s still the history behind
it. And, you know, having it as a major is — you
know, it’s just one of the best events that you could possibly play in.>>It’s a whole new sort of tournament, because
now we’re playing in 50-to-60-degree weather, instead of the 90-degree weather. You know, it’s a little bit more challenging. And, of course, when you play at a venue like
Bethpage in 50-to-60-degree weather, when it’s been raining, it makes it even more challenging. So to have the major closer to the front end
of the season makes a lot of sense for the whole golf world.>>Just the venue itself, with areas like
the 60,000-square-foot PGA merchandise tent as you enter the tournament, provides golf
fans a unique experience. Then there’s the massive media center with
historical tributes to those who have dedicated themselves to our game. The PGA of America does it with class and
style. And then there’s the PGA Tour players themselves. This major creates a different perspective
for the fans on practice rounds…>>Go, Tiger!>>Tiger!>>…to the early-round media interviews
with the reigning champion and, of course, Tiger’s press conference. Everything is ratcheted up during this major
for the players. The attention provided by their tour staff
with every detail is a highlighted focus on the range. Unlike other tour events, most of the players
are with their golf coach during majors. These coaches are PGA members in their own
right, dedicated to teaching the game and working with the players to make sure they’re
finely tuned to compete.>>I’m a PGA member for 25 years, so it’s
important to me, ’cause it’s my championship for the tour guys. You know, and there’s — You know, there’s
a group of club professionals here, too.>>The past PGA Championship winners are provided
access to play and compete on their own terms alongside PGA members who qualified to compete
in the event. For those working PGA Professionals who do
qualify to compete in the event, the experience is like no other, especially when you make
the cut and finish as the low club professional.>>And the PGA Tour players are the guys that
people want to come and see, and the club pros are the ones that grow the game every
day. We’re lucky enough to have 20 spots in our
championship, so, you know, you can showcase some of the greatest PGA Professionals in
this tournament, as well. And I enjoy being a PGA Professional ’cause
I like to teach and coach and run the operation and also play a high level.>>The PGA Tour is the tour players. It’s, you know, the theater of the game and
the entertainment of the game. But the PGA pros are the ones who are out
there working every day. They’re building programs. They’re running the clubs. They’re doing lessons. So they’re the workhorse behind the professional
golfers of America. So it’s a great organization and, you know,
something that I’ve been proud to be a member of for many, many years.>>You know, I became a PGA member because
of the PGA Professional Championship and the PGA Championship. To have an opportunity to play in a major
— that’s why I became a PGA pro. Everything else just kind of falls into place
from there — teaching, coaching, just to have a lot of fun with the game. But this is the grand stage right here.>>The history and importance of the PGA Championship
is something to experience. If you’re ever given a chance to attend a
major in May, don’t miss the next PGA, coming to an awesome venue near you. Thanks for watching “Golf Life.” Don’t forget to visit us at and
sign up for weekly giveaways. Plus, find us on social media for daily golf
videos and reviews. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you at
the 19th hole.


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