♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪>>Welcome
to “Golf Life,” a show focused on your golf lifestyle. Colton Little alongside Dale Abraham, Director
of Instruction here at Bighorn Golf Club. New rules for 2019.>>A lot of changes to go over.>>We got bunkers, we got penalty areas, we
got the new drop rule. We’re gonna cover it all right here. ♪♪♪♪ All right, Dale. We obviously hit our ball into the penalty
area. You see the red stake. There’s a couple new rules the USGA has applied
for golfers to abide by. One was impediments around it, and the other
one is grounding the club. You want to go into those?>>Right. So, now we can move loose impediments even
though we’re in a penalty area. We weren’t able to do that previously. But you can see, there’s a little rock here
that’s kind of in my way. I can get those little rocks out of the way,
maybe get the leafs out of the way so I’ve got it now a nice, clean shot at the ball.>>And as long as you do not move the ball
— Previously, you weren’t able to move those impediments. Now you can just as long as that ball doesn’t
move.>>Yes, if there’s an impediment leaning up
against the ball, probably not the best idea to try to move it. But in this case, it was an inch or two away. I can move it, and then I’m almost virtually
certain that ball’s not gonna move, so I’m in good shape.>>Perfect. Grounding the club. Earlier, past rule, you can’t ground the club
in a penalty area. Now you can.>>Yes. So I can actually ground the club, I can make
some practice swings, get a feel for the type of shot and how that club’s gonna react on
the ground, and then I can go in when I set up. I can actually rest the club behind the ball. And, again, as long as the ball doesn’t move,
then I’m fine, so there’s no penalty for that, and I can just proceed like a normal play. ♪♪♪♪>>So, we’re on a par 5. Flare one off to the right, we’re in this
area. Hit the ball high and it beds into the ground. What do I do?>>Right. So, with the old rules of golf, embedded balls
were only in closely mown areas, so what they called through the green. So, in those closely mown areas, that’s fairway
height. Now it’s in the general area, which means
fairway height, rough, even something like this, where it’s just kind of — it’s not
a bunker, it’s just a waste area. Now if I’ve got an embedded ball, I can actually
take relief. Again, I’ve got one club length on either
side of that. Longest club in the bag other than the putter. So I might take that relief either this way
or the other way, mark it. And then, when I pick it up, I can still clean
the ball if I’ve got my little towel, and now I’m dropping it at knee height. So, again, here I’ve decided to drop it at
knee height. I let it go. This one, you can see, is gonna roll too far,
so if it does — if it rolls more than two club lengths — or, it actually rolls — excuse
me — outside that little relief area, the one club length this way, one that way in
kind of a semi-circle, if it does that twice, then, on that second knee-high drop right
there, I’m gonna actually get the ball, and I’m gonna place it right where that ball hit,
and then it would be in play. And that’s just to limit it so it doesn’t
roll another two club lengths outside this area, where I’ve gotten more relief than I’m
entitled to.>>So, we have some other rule changes that
involve the bunker and embedded balls. Let’s go check them out.>>Let’s go. ♪♪♪♪>>So, Dale, we made it to the
bunker again, but this time, we’re gonna involve that drop rule, but there’s a lot of other
rules that we can apply with the bunker.>>There is. So, if we determine now that that ball’s unplayable
and you’re the only one — the player would be the only one that can determine that, we
are now allowed to drop outside the bunker. Before, you had to stay in the bunker to drop,
and then you’re dropping it shoulder height. From the old rules, in a bunker, a lot of
times, the ball is gonna plug, so it doesn’t really give you a vantage to get out of there. Now you can get out of the bunker. So, I can take this line where the ball is
right through back — can go back as far as I want as long as I’m staying inbounds…>>Okay.>>…and I determine that line,
and then I have one club length, really either side, so I’m gonna take my longest club, other
than a putter. So, typically, that’s gonna be your driver. You’d estimate the length of the driver, you
put two tees down, one on this side of that line, one on this side over here. And once I get those down, I now can drop
anywhere in this area from knee height. That’s really important. No longer are we dropping from up here. We’re dropping from knee height. No spinning the ball or anything like that. You’re just dropping normal. If I like this spot right here, drop it from
knee height, and there it is. As long as it doesn’t roll outside this relief
area, those two tees or the club length, then I’m good to go, and that ball’s in play.>>And it can go that way, it can go away
from the pin.>>Right.>>As long as it doesn’t go left and right.>>It’s just a little circle, semi-circle,
away from the pin, no nearer to the hole. And you can also see — I used a different
ball here than that one over there. We’re allowed to now, when we’re taking drops,
we’re allowed to substitute a ball. So, as long as it’s the same — If there are
one-ball rules in effect, as long as you keep that same ball, you’re allowed to substitute
another golf ball for it, and I’ve done that here, and I wouldn’t even have to pick that
one out if I didn’t want to. ♪♪♪♪>>So, you hit the ball into
the trees over here. You got nice, dense wood right there. How much time do I got now to look for a ball?>>Three minutes. So, they’re trying to speed up play. Three minutes from the time you get to where
you think it might be, and that’s it.>>Three minutes, it’s gonna speed up play,
keep the round going.>>And if you haven’t found it in three minutes,
you’re done.>>Leave it alone. Love it. Moving on, the flagstick with your putting. ♪♪♪♪>>Now with the pin in, the new
rule is, I’m allowed to putt from on the green with the pin in, and if I hit that pin, it’s
not a penalty. So I go ahead and hit my stroke, ball rolls
up there, goes somewhat close, maybe going in.>>Ooh, get there.>>And if it did go in — I know that one’s
really close — I’d be happy with that, but if it went in and I’m on the green, no more
penalty.>>Well, Dale, we really appreciate you letting
us come up to Bighorn, use your expertise for the 2019 new rules the USGA has come up
with. Where could people find out more about Bighorn?>> Great place to check it out. I really suggest you do it. It’s a really unique, special place.>>When we return, you’ll visit the lights
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with organized chaos, as all players chip and putt out together, all playing the same
hole, trying to be the lone birdie with a chance to put cash in their pocket. It’s absolute madness.>>My birdie!>>Whoo!>>It’s a $15 entry, $5 for a hole-in-one
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on that hole, then Jessie collects $3 from everybody on the spot. If you make a hole in one, and we’ve had 20
of them this year already — if you make a hole in one, everybody pays you $10 plus the
hole-in-one pot, which I think is at 1,200 bucks, so another 1,700, 1,800 bucks. Not a bad night, right?>>Oh!>>Come on, baby.>>…talking about. This is super high-paced. How do we keep up with it?>>It’s an honor system at the end of the
day, and we believe each other when we say are in a certain spot at the same time.>>Oh, I’m loving it, man. This is what it’s like every time. This is what it’s all about.>>The guys from the Madison Club where I
actually work now and then guys from the Quarry and the guys from all the different courses
in town all came together, and they decided to play in one large group. And it was — right away, it was magic. It was so much fun to watch these guys. It was a different vibe than I’ve ever seen
before. We were all relaxed. We all work in the golf business. It’s a job you do because you love golf, not
because you’re ever gonna be rich.>>Is that beard gonna help you tonight?>>Fingers crossed. Beard power.>>Beard power. Are you comfortable? You look super-comfortable right now.>>Super-comfortable. You got to stay warm out here, dude. I usually have a scarf, not gonna lie. I’m the guy with the scarf.>>Oh!>>Oh, my God.>>It’s a whip-out game, a skins game. And then, we have a team game every weekend. And right now, we’re doing this thing called
Mustache Madness. We have a guy who noticed that there’s a lot
of kids here that’s not making any money. They’re poor. We have a kid shot 60 today that’s living
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good enough to play tour golf, but they can’t afford it. So, myself and Ron Sloy came together, and
Ron said, “I’m gonna help. I want these people to have a chance to make
it.”>>Yeah!>>Muni Madness is on Instagram, @MuniMadness,
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in a moment. ♪♪♪♪>>The Blackstone Country Club
is a place where dozens of golfers have invested in single-rider vehicles, or SRVs. They have recently chosen Phat Scooters as
their exclusive SRV, providing members with regular service and discounts. We caught up with a few older members to learn
how Phat Scooters are keeping them young with an enjoyable ride on and off the course. ♪♪♪♪>>Yeah, the scooter’s really
the up-and-coming method of transportation on the golf course and how they think that
a lot of younger players will be wanting to use the Phat Scooter to play golf. And I agree with that completely, but it’s
also for the middle-aged and for the older generation, as well. The word is certainly getting around. And, of course, when we see people that have
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so it’s a pretty great life. But we’ll have probably 500 rounds between
the two scooters, 250 rounds apiece on these scooters, and we plug them in every night
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a scooter, it’s sort of like… “This is so slow, and it’s so cumbersome.”>>But Phat Scooters, made right in Phoenix,
Arizona, provides unprecedented U.S.-based support for warranty questions, new parts,
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golf course or for personal use, head over to “Golf Life” traveled to Blackstone Country
Club to test the new 257+ fairway woods from Knuth Golf. The company claims to have more distance and
forgiveness due to the titanium face, deeper CG, and higher trampoline defect on the toe
and the heel. Touring pro A.J. Silverman and a few Blackstone
members tried the 257+ technology.>>So, that shot there was majority on the
heel. Glided right through the turf. Solid contact. Great launch angle. Really solid sound. Great distance. With the technology behind this club, it’s
eliminating off-center hits and fat shots that are allowing you to get really good trajectory. It actually looks really good. It allows you to set up and make a really
good swing.>>Felt great. Solid contact. Felt like a flush ball. Good high ball flight, which is what I would
like. For amateurs, those kinds of things are important. Any club that helps straighten out your mishits
is a plus for an amateur golfer.>>When you mishit it, it doesn’t feel like
you’ve mishit it. Even though you hit on the heel, it still
feels like it might’ve hit right in the square.>>I was surprised how I could get this one
up. When I immediately hit it, the first thing
is, just it launched. So that, to me, was the biggest surprise,
’cause when I hit my other 3 woods, the Callaways or Pings or any of the other ones I tried,
it was just — I could not get it high enough. But that one does everything that I would
want in a club and a 3 wood, for sure.>>I think it’s a market that’s being missed
by the major manufacturers that they forget about the ease of use of actually hitting
it and putting it in play. So where having the increased distance, the
CG and higher CT, it just makes it a more forgiving club that anybody can play. It absolutely is a great club.>>It’s the start of a new golf season, and
many of you are working on your swings. But how many of you are working on your course-management
skills, as well? Well, we have you covered with a great lesson
from John Miller, the Director of Golf at the Reserve Club, next.>>We’re partnering with Cleveland and Srixon
Golf to give away golf balls and wedges to — that’s right — you, the fan. Cleveland is the leader in short-game play,
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to win. ♪♪♪♪>>Let’s get out to the Reserve
Club for a playing lesson on course management with John Miller. Here’s your host Colton Little.>>John Miller joins us, the Director of Golf
for the Reserve Club. John, while I got you out here, I know you
do some teaching while playing. Thought maybe you could give me some course
management.>>Absolutely. We’re on a par-5 here, and the first thing
I look at when I look at a par-5, I go, “My God, you can land an airplane in there.” I mean, it’s big. So — And I always look at where I can’t play
from. I really cannot play from left. Even if I hit it too far to the right, it’s
gonna take a long shot if I hit it right to get it in the desert to the right, so I’m
gonna err on the side to the right and that bunker way out to the right will be my target
here.>>Okay.>>So, swing away, Colton.>>Let’s see if we can do that. ♪♪♪♪>>Well, you hit a really good
shot, Colton, but you hit it right where you aimed it.>>That’s — That’s the problem.>>That’s the problem.>>I needed to –>>So that’s what playing
out here will — See, you hit it right where you aimed it. So it’s not your swing. We need to get you aiming more. So you got to get your club head aim at the
right side. You aimed it way left and hit about a 5-yard
draw. I mean… If you’d aimed it correctly, you’d have been
in business.>>I would’ve been right where you said to
hit it.>>Exactly. It’s not your golf swing. But that’s how you learn playing, getting
out here and understanding it and playing.>>Exactly. Well, let’s go find that and learn a little
more.>>Sounds good. Let’s go. All right.>>All right, John, well, I’m not too far
off my target, but I landed in the penalty area.>>Yeah, the rules changed this year in 2019,
so now all this area in the desert is penalty area here at the Reserve. So, you can ground your club now, and you
can move all the loose impediments. All those rocks, you can get them out of the
way.>>Oh, yeah. Previously, you weren’t allowed to do this.>>You weren’t allowed to do this, ’cause
if this was marked as a hazard, you couldn’t do that. Now they’re called penalty areas.>>As long as that thing doesn’t move.>>And you can ground your club now where
you never could. So, Colton, what’s your strength? We’re on a par-5.>>So, my strength is about 130 to 150 out.>>130 to 150. We probably got 240 to the green. So what most people do here is they try the
miracle shot. I see more people get in here with a 5 wood
thinking that they gotta get close to the green, and they bring in more trouble. And most people aren’t that good with their
wedges ’cause they don’t practice. So I think the way you’re thinking is correct
— you’re gonna land it out there, have 130 to 140. You’re gonna have a full shot in, then you’re
gonna have a good chance at a birdie.>>Perfect.>>Okay, go ahead. Let’s see how you do. ♪♪♪♪ Good job, Colton. I think when most people get in trouble is,
they just try to take a club and hit it down there as far as they can. What I would do in this situation, I think
good players do, they got to learn to manage the golf course. There’s so much about golf. So, if you have bunkers like the bunker on
the left’s about 185 yards and the bunker on the right’s 200, so make sure you take
a club that, even if you pull a little bit, you can’t get there.>>Exactly.>>Because you don’t want to be hitting the
next one out of the bunker, ’cause that’ll be a hard shot.>>Yes.>>So, you gotta think when you go around
the golf course, and that’s where you will improve your score, and your handicap will
go down. And it isn’t just hitting it up there as far
as you can if you’re not comfortable with the wedge, but stay short of the trouble.>>Right. All right, let’s go see if I can get close.>>Okay.>>Okay, John, I got a wedge in my hand now. What do you got?>>Well, what I look at, I just don’t look
at the pin. The pin’s 114. You got a little wind behind you. But I also look at how far it is to carry
that bunker.>>Okay.>>And it’s about 100 yards. So I got some room there. And I’m also looking at — When I look at
this — And I always start reading greens here.>>Okay.>>’Cause I can see the slope. Left of the pin is high, right of the pin
is low, so you know the putt’s gonna — You can start reading the green this far out,
and you can see it better. So I’ve got a big target out there in my mind. I can go a little left of the pin. And if I mishit it, even if I miss it right,
it’s not the end of the world.>>Okay.>>So you got a big target. Again, when you put that club behind the ball,
aim the club head at the target, not your body. Forget the target. Once the club goes behind — head goes behind
the ball, target’s done. You’ve taken care of it.>>All right. Clear for launch.>>Let ‘er go. ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪>>That ain’t bad.>>I was just a little bit left, but that
was –>>It’s not bad.>>That was the safe play.>>But, see, the beauty about playing out
here is, what I saw there, is you consistently aim a little bit left of your target. You did it on the drive, and you kind of did
it there. You didn’t — It’s not your golf swing. So when you think you got to work at your
golf swing, that’s where people get in trouble.>>Exactly.>>You just got to figure out how to learn
to aim your club head properly, and then you — It’s not that far off, believe me. That was a good shot. You hit it very well.>>Thank you. Let’s go make a putt.>>All right.>>Let’s go save par. Well, John, knocked it on the green, about
20, 25 feet. Got the flat stick in my hand.>>So, what you’re looking at when you putt,
you’re always looking at where the low points are. And you look where the bunkers are. So, this is kind of unique here. There’s a bunker here, and they’re never gonna
let water drain into a bunker, but there’s also a bunker over here. That’s telling me it’s gonna be kind of — maybe
it’s gonna equalize one another. There’s a low point right here. So I would say, at the hole, the ball’s gonna
go to the left just a little bit. This property’s unique, like, in the mountains.>>Okay.>>Vale and those places, where this whole
property is sloped like this. So, basically, this looks downhill, but you’re
putting up the hill, the property line. So, you kind of — Those are all things — But
don’t overthink it.>>Right.>>Your mind will feel. It’s all feel now.>>Okay. So, let’s go for it.>>Give it a shot. ♪♪♪♪>>Good job.>>Now, that’s an easy — easy tap-in there.>>Couple feet, you got a good shot, you made
your par. Let’s go to the next hole.>>John, really appreciate it. Thank you for walking us through this place. This is beautiful, the Reserve. It’s gorgeous out here. So we appreciate you letting us come out here
and your expertise.>>Well, I appreciate it. Thanks for coming. You bet.>>Thanks for watching “Golf Life.” Don’t forget to visit us at and
download the Golf Life channel app where you can enjoy tons of golf-related videos on any
device. Plus, find “Golf Life” on Facebook, Instagram,
YouTube, and Twitter for daily golf videos and reviews. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next
time on the 19th hole.


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