Golf In The Mud! (Mud Ball Challenge)


what is up y’all happy new year hope you
had a great one here at Nashville Golf & Athletic Club today it’s a little chilly you’ve
got a ton of rain lately and today’s challenge is I can’t clean my ball all
day that’s gonna make it pretty tough I can’t even mark it on the green so if
you have a clod of mud and you got to hit the putt
with the cloud of mud on there then you got to do it so today’s challenge we’re
gonna tee it up it balls clean right now but that’s the only time I get to if the
ball plugs and embeds I do get to take it out drop it but no cleaning we’re
gonna tee it up back 9 here in Nashville golf number 10 par-3 about 180 yards
let’s go we’re puttin Golf In The Mud (Mud Ball Challenge) par on 10 as you can see that ball
collected a little bit of fertilizer turned our hand neon blue or green
something like that par on 10 we’re on to 11 can’t clean the ball hopefully we
don’t get too big of a clot of mud on it at all through this round but I’m
anticipating we probably will that wasn’t quite who we were looking
for push that a little right might have been a tight swing we didn’t get to warm
up let’s go find it hit it again got a question for y’all who is winning the
college football playoffs the national championship Alabama or Clemson
I gotta go with Alabama unfortunately by no means am I an Alabama fan I just
think that they probably are the best team in the country we will see comment
below who’s gonna win yeah let me know found a little tree trouble
no worries that’s why we worked so hard on the stinger a little low butter cut with
the 5-iron here from about 160 yards just like this just on the fringe we’ve got a putt number twelve par four bombs with
driver even through to par on ten par and eleven let’s make a bird here on
days that it’s rained a bunch and your balls collecting a lot of mud and you’re
not able to lift clean and place it for example you hit it in the rough and
you’re only playing lift clean and place in the fairway your ball has a lot of
mud in the rough I would recommend to not take as aggressive of a swing take a
more conservative line because that mud on the ball will affect it There was some mud on the side of the ball there definitely affected it it left it out right we’ve got to get
this up-and-down for par number thirteen par-5
even through twelve three pars would like to give ourselves a little better
chance at a birdie with this par-5 we should be able to do that and you really couldn’t ask for a better
location for your tee shot here on 13 about 200 yards left and it looks like
our ball got a little cleaned off there on that tee shot so gonna be a bit more
aggressive into the green here 200 yards left full send with the 6-iron I couldn’t see that one down I hit it
pretty decent but it might have come up a little short we’ll have to go find out
came up just a bit short unfortunately probably should have taken a bit more
club it was uphill and with the wet cold conditions ball is just not quite flying
as far let’s get this up and down for bird hoping to get that one up and down we
did not unfortunately that’s a par on 13 even par through 4 on to 14 14 par 3
little wedge in can’t tell exactly where that pin is but
it was a pretty good line maybe a little short slight misjudgment of the distance
and where that pin was that pin is all the way back we’re kind of on the front half of
the green here need to roll in a long one if we want that elusive birdie today quick update on the ball yes it is blue
little muddy but mostly blue at the moment and so is my hand par 5 15 here we couldn’t have hit that
drive any better set ourselves up in great shape for a go at the green pin is
on the right side of the green about 210 yards left not our best shot there left it out
right need to get this up and down for bird finally got that bird let’s go number 16
here par 4 little dogleg left we’re going to take it over the corner over
that tree right there best drive of the day right there I know
it’s tough to really gauge exactly how the ball flight is gonna be when you
have mud covering your ball I don’t think it’s a bad idea
to occasionally when you’re practicing go out hit some shots with mud on the
ball cuz you’re not always gonna be able to lift clean and place it especially if
you’re playing in competition so go out there hit some shots see how the ball
reacts because it is going to react a little different depending on where the
mud is go out give it a try let me know I think for a little short wasn’t quite
sure on the number there don’t have a rangefinder unfortunately so we are kind
of guessing where the pin is hit it good hit it on the number I was thinking just
a little short I’m a little off on my guestimations on yardages today we
have been pretty short on most our shots let’s roll the rock it’s getting dark quick going to need to
hurry if we want to get these last two holes in we’re just gonna tee it up let
it fly let’s go 1-under through 16 well through
seven on to 17 our eighth hole of the day par 3 probably playing about 180
yards we’re gonna tee it up let it fly my hand is blue now yes it is yeah
awesome eighteen here par-5 grip it and rip it with driver rip city starting to rain a bit now and
it is getting dark very quickly a few more shots left see if we can’t make
bird here on 18 finish strong let’s go boom that is the way to end it can’t believe we
got that in we finished strong too making a couple birds coming down the
stretch finish it two under our ball is blue now and I’m kind of muddy wet
and everything my hand is nice and blue as well
yes had fun today glad we got to finish wasn’t sure it got dark quick on us
thank you all so much for tuning in in today’s upload the mud ball challenge I
guess it’s what we’re gonna call it yeah mud ball challenge that works thanks so
much for tuning in if you like this kind of content please like this post
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on it is greatly appreciated and comment below what you would like to see in
future content and until next time happy New Year and we’ll see you when we see


25 Responses

  1. Ryan Streit

    January 4, 2019 12:43 am

    Roll Tide! Great video once again, Zac! It just snowed up here in Iowa so I haven’t been able to get out this year but I’ll be hunting for birdies all year long! Keep it up!!

  2. Neil B

    January 4, 2019 4:39 am

    Great video once again Zac. I’ve only had a chance to visit the range on New Years Day so far in 2019. My first round will be this Saturday. Do you still have a blue hand? 😀


    January 4, 2019 4:55 am

    Outstanding short play Bro! When you were trying to get up and down, were you using a sand wedge every time? Crazy great wedge shots to get close like you did.

  4. Edward Buchanan

    January 4, 2019 10:19 am

    New challenge – get it at least pin high every hole! You come up short way too often for someone of your skill set.

  5. Chris Hogan

    January 5, 2019 7:22 pm

    Awesome video man! I love how you break down each hole!!! Just wondering what shoes you're wearing? They look comfy as!

  6. Sunder Somasundaram

    January 5, 2019 10:27 pm

    Loved it. Your chipping is awesome. Would love to see a video with your thinking around that.

  7. Where'sMyFish

    January 7, 2019 3:52 am

    Subbed. Love your videos man.

    And yeah I think Bama wins.. as much as I hate to say that being an Auburn fan lol


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