Golf Clash LIVESTREAM, Weekend round – Master – Platinum Resorts tournament!


hello glad to see you all in here tonight so hello to everyone on YouTube and hello to everyone on Twitter welcome to this stream and I will have to be very clear all of you already from the beginning of that I have already played my weekend round I played it early today because I knew I was going to be very stressed when I came home with Amelia so it's a recorded version of my weekend round I would HIGHLY appreciate for those that might know the score and how it went and stuff like that to just be quiet and if someone's going to speak about that then you're going to be muted that's just how it is so please please first of all also a big congratulations to team Europe for within the European airline not your main divided cup as awesome and it takes a lot for it the clash of Nations for the whole that's absolutely amazing so today I'm going to put up the recording and we're going to go over the holes but also we're going to have so much fun and hopefully going to go for the gold you know it's so we are going to just take you from the beginning and see if we can do a really really good score which is going to be important as we need a good score to be able to win and if you do have any question please please make a comment in the comment ca in the key English at and I will be there answering you here if you want to support the stream with a few box you can make a donation so yeah so with its I'm going to put it on are you ready you know I really like it I really do like these courses and I'm going to just put it on here and we're just good to get going with hope number one so BB hey buddy Greg Weisman hey it's got rather than the breath temp as well fun stuff thankfully still streaming live will be cool different type of Swing hope you crash it bad Graham yeah we'll see we'll see I'm going to do my very very best at least and see what we can actually do what would be awesome – dude you scored yeah I'm a lot definitely going to do that you know talk to you guys and gals more track the star that's awesome that's awesome say hello to Evan for me did you win the poker tournament I did I actually won't this poker tournament that won't change a Swedish okay we're going to start with whole number one I'm going to play with a royal ball and I'm going to change some clothes because I played a friendly game with my cows before is so Apple CAPTA and it's important to get a good start you know even though hold on the one is going to be so tough it's still going to be a hole that is a must Eagle did you see the mine 32 I'm also on I in one bracket I I did I did it's at least sent to play demmick for VIP review I don't see what what comes out of that and Troy Scott thanks a lot for the five bucks bro give Troy Scott some love and some booms in the shot thanks but it's a whole number one can we get gold I really want to have a goal you know I do have four goals at the moment or three there are three or four I don't know really okay for girls yeah I didn't know but you know I definitely have a good opportunity you know that the target score for me was a – 26 when I started playing around which I felt was highly possible if I did play in my absence best game you know why is -32 so unbelievable Ryan it's it's four shots better than anyone have been doing on this court overall opening round and the week around and coming from a player that has been questionable earlier so and also if you play master I think that everyone can sign up on the -32 is at least worth a shake from the game makers to see if everything went okay and all the most brackets do get reviewed you know so let's go hole number one I'm going to go with Max over power almost all almost all of the haze and then as much side spin as possible what was leaving your bracket when you started – 25 gram so it was a low or a high I don't know what it's called but like not that good of a score and so definitely a possibility for us to to get there to the top weight the rough rolling out good start so what what did you do in your in your weekend round please let me know please let me know I hope you did well I hope you did very very well hope you went Tommy looks like I'm going to get my first cold ballot only my second term at Lake and Booth boom well done bud twelve months of practice this summer I was like you know two more practice than I actually thought to be honest but I guess that many many plays to taking the step up to master especially now after when if when clan points is so important in master so please tell me if the music is too loud please okay okay so now we're going to go with a slice here and as we did reach for it's like I'm only going to call play with five hours topspin and Max is side spin here Adrian thanks bro oh my god killed it awesome big bites for dating expert okay let's go okay okay crossing fingers here we need to hit the rough you know no no no no sit sit sit sit sit sit this is it always you know I like first hole as well like I can't put myself in our worst position come on it's like you know it's always painful you know starting a recording even though it wasn't live stream and to start off with struggling because I know I'm still have to stream it you know know what Scott the whip well done sir hopefully that will be enough for a banner for you well done – with six hundred extra thank to you a rough bump advice um hold on six here four of the five times if you're sitting a second right now Victor Brown well done yeah Peggy calm yeah that's true good luck Tommy sorry I crashed and burned Oh sir sorry here my friend ah but it's what it is you know can't do that much about it thankfully good luck anyway bro okay we need to get this one you know it's otherwise it's such an uphill battle you know okay so I'm going to line it up a little bit to the right of the pin here not that long you know we just barely barely in the rough barely in the rough knockos well done sir weather – 23 working 20 in pro important so important Jim that rough Irish Shaboom that's what's this Paris awesome you're good but you're also human and thanks her appreciated haha so important you know it's so painful to go in the rough but then have to save her are you actually playing this and the as a second beginning this is a recorded version on my we came round I was going to be too stressed when I when I came home from getting Amelia so I just decided to play early today when I was actually not doing anything so I would HIGHLY appreciate for those that do know the score because of course some people are going to figure that out that you will be quiet thank you okay we caught that one tag for all the booms everyone and got that one and then it's on to hole number two hate to mention – when – you might get my first call for tournament I played in Jay it was done sir hopefully that will be enough for you hopefully that will be enough I've tried you Tommy's human sorry but it was nice to see you struggle a bit during expert when you ended up stuck at the light pole you know right I'm glad you know it's and of course and that is the thing you know everyone is going to have a some bad shots or a bad round something it's for those that never have a bad round and never have a bad shot then there's something a little bit wrong but at the moment I'm still first in that no globe racket actually with my friend six I believe actually nowhere but thanks Ryan cam well done with – Whitney I might retain if that's not doesn't hold up you know I'm going to be very very sad for you it's absolute amazing score Quinton Scarborough thank so for the five bucks give Quinton how was your vacation my vacation was awesome it was awesome and fortunately the weather was bad about you know what cam is Perl and thanks a lot for the super 99 through super shot appreciate that buddy give Walt canceled love as a booze okay hollow matoom fibers top max aside going to do you some reference adjustment here max girl max all the power here let's get it more this one okay great left la break then hey sir hey bro how did your weekend run go we were in the same expert opener oh you're not talking me okay yeah okay so we are a little bit too close to the rough air 495 would be perfect 500 a little bit you in Japan can go it I tell me had an off expect ROM but use your video as my practice cabin evil time yes Bellamy is 40 left 716 on the rim well dump and sorry that I didn't get as you daddy didn't get as planned sir go for it bro callate hey buddy no Christopher you will bounce back from that aimer thanks a lot for the kind words preciate that thanks for I appreciate that big time and Daffy Duck appreciate that as well thank you you know this is a recorded version see you can go for the dunk here and you know I have the notes for the dunk here it's just that I had to execute it properly with something so 3.2 rings no in between clubs come on okay so I'm going to slightly on the power this one but it's always like in between clubs right on target you know but still short because we like I'm a bit disappointed about that approach that would have to be honest we need to keep herself a pity shot come on tell me just got a silver banning Rickie my first tournament ever I'm so slow thank you all you guys my friend Hannah Tom there will be more out as well you know so happy to be able to help and congratulations well done Jesse Huntley welcome in here how do I really we should use and bring in there you know cam I wish that you were afterwards if I could just not be in between clubs there orally like been thinking about it like that like 500 yards then it's like entering a time then it would be such a better but in the end I would like to go with the touring and that might mean they isolated their data thunk require elevation adjustment I did adjust for the elevation minus 30% which is that I played massively uphill do don't forget to subscribe to the channel everyone be yourself – 24 for my baby rookies all in post my first ever goal boomer capitulation every kid in the house boom bro welcome so many near misses finished a my 21 first in X picture and looking like a top 20 things I'm happy without looking forward to the next one Richard band well done sir we're just going to keep improving keep playing as good as you did there well done oh okay we're going to forfeit this one to Matt I think he's from Denmark yes I guess because of the name maybe 30 didn't realize it was that much uphill you know Annabelle the dunk works with my 30 but if I would be playing with the bounce that we're playing it biased and that's just so weird but yeah it kind of works you know okay hold free and I'm actually going play with a spider ball I got lucky enough to be in the winning team in the in this goal goal flash the links the forum like five man tournament he won't the whole thing so I actually got a gift card of forty bucks which was awesome so Bob bought that package with the 40/40 spider balls of forty ghost balls hard astern me today 110 sucked big time with a put five do you know yeah they're font especially if you didn't have any part for balls sorry power for balls what is your target goal to win the gold today Michael my goal was minus 26 it's like definitely possible and it's definitely possible with more as well but it's very hard to get stuff to drop and with the minus 26 if who put me first and I would be having tiebreak on everyone that was left to play so so then I didn't put up there as a high goal really but you know we need to do the work we do have that we need to make hold of a 514 both front and back you know okay the recording is lagging a little bit here hopefully that stops against you I haven't watched this recording afterwards to be honest so it's I know of course how I play the but I don't know if it lags for some points you know be protease thanks for following the stream on the twitch okay I'm going play with a spider ball here plus 3y r CF or per side and one Bart back and then we'll play 9.8 9.8 rings did you say one 10,000 we display poker yes and let us played it with my brother but yeah I won the whole tournament which was awesome oh how great great great great great great I forget about that actually becoming I'm very nicely act and we sit sit sit sit fall back down come on get in the hole now could have been such a good start good start Charlie Brown your -20 husband the whole to you for the donkey spot on Tommy yeah an expert today spend in Austin if climb on a thirty in a different way it's weird but yeah I'm only ever made to make Vova buying buying was near no sense yeah and only thirty eight players only and only about you didn't ever get my thirteen okay yes he did kill it you smashed it so welcome everyone one more three other people in here and thanks for stopping by I'm going to be a more active with my talk you know taking you through with the holes here in this one dime Spanish crawling the ball may dismiss k-pshh everybody well done sandy as well well done let's go home before okay we're close but like you know we I don't really know if that would be going in if I hit it perfect but definitely at least fell so you know which new ball is better value I would say the goals ball Richard because like despite a ball is a power one ball and Howell one ball we have had like the with power one ball would win for which we did have the Voyager ball just a little while ago but the ghost police are is basically a snow globe all and and that is going to be very valuable good luck Tommy thank for the help Jim Norris I'm so happy to help how did he do in your own what do you guys and gals think about in new balls that came out have you bought them both or is it not any value for you or what do you think again you stick together and they need to make a power six fault yeah but I guess that would just be a ridiculous bruno to you smash it down like 700 yards you know tell you in on a par 5 bye bye bye okay we're just gonna play ourselves straightforward here stick together okay so we're going to get it just straight forward here yes straight forward here are getting a bit short to be honest I would definitely want to have more distance with that one love the graphic and I have them both that's all just got the spider ball looks cool yeah Darryl's gonna buy tomorrow you know I I'm not going to buy more I believe I did buy one of the packages for that gift card I did get then it had to be you know hey like it's I do have globe satya berserkers it was good to fill ups with some clothes more but it's not that often that a globe came it comes in handy and not I think I know especially when I do have a circus in the day we'd okay so let's go for the approach here I'm going to go with the sniper here as for being so far away actually I would like to play with the Goliath as I do feel very comfortable with that do not forget to subscribe to the channel be a sub if you watching on twitch hit the follow button on top of the stream thank you everyone and welcome about the three of five over thirty beach despite the only photograph is the goal for the graphing stats yeah I think I think that is kind of like was many did actually the spider balls are really cool and a big prize I did try out the go ahead the ghost ball and the ghost ball is having the same type of needle speed I see a snow globe 22 t2 case of last time I watched I had 14 year time you had 14k yeah Aaron it has been crazy which is of course very very appreciated you know I tell me do you know if these new balls going to be available again for the next tournament I don't think so Jamie I think yeah the thing that has been communicated from play them akin and with balls is that you can bite into Wednesday so about as they have been hinting as well we're most like to go to see some some Halloween courses stuff like that that we've also I'm looking forward to that thanks I appreciate it okay so – for off – five of the four now we come to a very important whole guys very important all we need to make the Eagle here otherwise it's going to be a uphill first time in expert and I have it in my bracket you're reaching both cash lega what do you think buddy will they make mine sprint six over take me you know are there for to see John Ritchey to to be able to make a score like that and or more the other one I don't really know really to be honest so I think it's like a medium master player or something like that so my going to do it or not I don't know hopefully it holds for your body even though I of course hope that John is making good score as well but you guys hopefully can share the position okay hold on the five Matt's is going to pull off a trigger ball de BTU thank you for the two bucks much appreciated David give Jamie some movements of loving shad thanks buddy okay that was lagging like crazy okay he goes into draw bunker at least okay Archon important right Mark Smith thanks a lot for the Congress fishy anybody important important here spy that I okay one and a half bar top Mac side please layer layup I go in a bit short here guys Brad Kim thanks for the two bucks say give Brad some Pumas a lovely chat thanks buddy 70 me win with a lavona oh my god crazy okay so we did the drive at least even though we went a bit short but rather that then putting ourself in the rough for in the bunker like that needle speeding over power with the turbo it's absolutely great that's so unlucky Wow someone lucky you know that that's an excellent try with the with a turbo you know okay let's see what we can do here let's see what we can do come on you know 40.4 trying to go directly with a single bounce waita perfect perfect come on there we go tell me whether the beam is coming back Brad we do have beanies we are not having them in the store so if you want to have a beanie then then we kind of home to fix that that was good that was good I'll take that you know I'll take that the y'all do not forget you will shake out slash golf – Tom if you do want to have a training session or maybe you do want to have the text cut before everyone else because the thing is everyone you know the text cuts that we are doing for every tournament they are always really available as latest on Thursdays for patrons subs on Twitch and sponsors and you could get those by then on for example on Twitch if you link your account with Amazon Prime you will get one subscribe for free a month which doesn't cost you anything if you're already paying in France on Prime and get sign up you know and and get the texting up before everyone else otherwise if five bucks a month which college Tommy the beam is great yeah brandon has an orange we so this is old Daniel – eight let's go let's go let's go let's go go spider ball four hold of a six can get the holy one just finished rookie under mine 20 my first tournament all the best Tommy Killam Janish well done sir yeah we unfortunately with you unfortunate but we do only have gray but they look cool Brandon okay ten point one I'm going to play my shot with five bars back spin and one and a half per side spin to the left I'm going played 1.25 per ring now it's good give me around like thing 1.25 we're going to have it like eight that's five eight rings can I get this one in the hole if we hit it perfect I know we're going to be close come on another close one what is that how can I get one Tommy yes through PayPal you know it should be an email Brad and then we can go over there that would be easiest Tommy not sure it was cool apply damage to come out we need balls in the middle of the twentieth thoughts you know in a business perspective think it was just smart you know having having a hold of the 5 it is tournament having a whole five at this tournament and also whole deny any kind of people were screaming for globes you know or power fireballs so I think it was yeah smart really that that that is where what I leaned to in the end you know but of course if it gets too much then you can't get too much in there niggas ok Brad will do data that's so close but we are there at least ok so now we do have home at number seven air but we are they were fighting for the drops you know and there is no harm like if we finish a – 11 12 13 for the front ends that's ok we can make it happen it back down can you see how close we are we are there fighting for it tell me I want to buy a large boom up for there gone how they find them then you find them through this store exclamation mark store my mom actually bought a mug and my step I bought a t-shirt cool there I told me how are you my friend in run I'm not fine buddy how are you it's Sunday enough and tomorrow it's I do have something fun that I'm going to do which I can tell you about but you will see about see about this soon all of a sin let's go come on we need a drop we need a drop all of a seven possible don't play with a spider ball again power one ball worked well nothing can go up let's go here in the Duda riders Cup winners I want to be near Christopher with 20 Swedish thanks a lot my friend appreciate that DeChristopher Sullivan's a boom in the Chateau sweet days as if name is as well here on YouTube a job we won the right cup I was awesome congratulations to team juror for winning the Ryder Cup host a bike golf clash in nature or like clash of nation its eco like that clash of Nations sorry if I say wrong John if you're watching or anyone that is working with but a excellent hosting it was actually really fun to play even though nicely I didn't lose a game I think I don't think so that was awesome little fun and also nice to be and also about the beam equation we can sort that out you know if you want to you know top-scoring your bracket Tony – 25 Tommy did you see it Alcatraz on top 5 on the Facebook page yeah I did absolutely crazy you know all the all the trusses I've seen a whole fire is just breathtaking it's absolutely amazing you know I because the difficulty level of that shot is absolutely set insane you know okay four bars back spin three bars I spin to the right then I'm going to over adjust the ball guideline because of the headwind up we're going to have so I'm going to have to over adjust my like the bounce that we're going to have then we're basically going to stop when we hit hit the ground here so we're going to played eight rings scatting hole come on then come on Wow well we are there at least you know okay we're actually playing good you know III okay so are you TV thanks pro-free buddy like the stopping by so if you do have any question about the game you know this is a recorded version of the week amount that I played early today so I appreciate it and anyone knows the score that you will not tell people who score because that will take away the excitement a little bit so so happy to see all in here this is Sunday the end of the week around in the platinum resorts tournament okay so two to easy parts really this close Chelse I like you was still practicing come on wall strong yeah you know it's like it would have been so nice to get one of them you know I would be so nice Tommy you are a network for the first year sweetie making you neutral I don't get you know I didn't get that it sounds funny but yeah and it feels so nice to have a melee home again even though it's kind of nice as well to to have a little bit of a lone chiming though I miss Amelia and I miss Jennifer of course but sometimes it's also nice to kind of like yes yes to just to do whatever I feel to do really even though no one of them is kind of like but like for today I've been lying in my bed basic the whole day just being fat really so eating ships and watching television playing gold class you know and yesterday I was playing poker and I wanted forty tournament so maybe I used up all my luck for that we found it some main Oliver eight let's go you're the man Reba thanks a lot appreciated thank you so much so when it comes to for tomorrow we're we're most likely going to get the golden shot what which of the holes do you think we were going to get as a hard one do you think hole number three six or eight I think we're going to see hole three that's my thought at least 265 watching only 239 are enjoying or liking the stream Michael I bring it up by I forgot to say you know hit thumbs up button please if you do have a minutes over take that mouth of yours or your finger of yours and hit that thumbs up button please that would be much appreciated so I'm going to play it 101 so 10 miles per hour 10 rings slight amount the curl to the right not much I'm going to get the bounce here looks good looks good come on come on up okay I was yeah don't reach it April I taught me a good bunch win7 expert division Oh kill it well done buddy Juan de Garay oh hey hey sir you won you need to send me an email or message to the team page so we can send you for the gems you're the only one that haven't sent in I'm still waiting for a Duke a gift card for one I don't remember Phil I believe it his name was so oh three never seen a hole-in-one from ride only from left let's see if we can make it happen from for the back time Scott because here in master I'm going to play on the right side up from them okay then we have been closed on four holes I believe I will have to say been kept away as as most thanks a lot everyone for anything that thumbs up button or 300 people in they were twitching you to combine much appreciated and we didn't even make a post tonight so so would be awesome if we could get to 100 thumbs up tonight that would be cool so so long at the to perk or Daniel – take my ten of the six going on trouble okay let's go hold on a nine we need to make this eagle and of course is always a possibility for the out of the trust but that possibility is it's not that high but therefore their possibility come on now hold on my 9 let's make it happen guys come on so if you do want to learn how to adjust for the Rings check out the video learn the ruined ring system exclamation mark and win there and can see the link in the shot okay our opponent is playing it differently and I know you could gain more distance by playing this way the reason I'm not changing is that I feel very comfortable with my own Drive there put myself up in a spot which I've been starting to dial in and if you want to know why I do forfeit the shootouts then would you have a come on the exclamation mark forfeit in this shot and then we will be able to learn why I do that instead of like being very like like why it's not me doing that this we are giving away a million coins and also law school at least follow me on snapchat and you will be able to follow me what I do during the days and also of course if you send me a personal shopper first object I tapped at that personal snapchat I will of course be there trying to answer you as soon as possible interact with with you if you want to okay get over here we do have some amazing Top Spin here perfect rolls nicely there rolls nice they're giving us a 462 works perfect come on being that you are afraid of spider why did you get spite of all you know I could only say that I hate those little spiders that comes up from the hole I hate it so so much you know and I the only reason I actually bought the spider balls as I have Voyager ball I do have other like win for power one ball and if that I was lucky enough to be in the team that won five man tournament hosted by gold clash the Lynx and won a gift card of $40 so then I bought one of the packages for that all a $50 40 or 50 I don't know so then I bought that one instead so I would most likely have only bought the one with 40 ghost poles otherwise okay important here I overshot this one on hole 18 and yes the ennifer you call when I play this hole in the opening round but yeah I definitely not blaming Jennifer because I directly when she call over some more focus we're talking about talking to her that much then they're focusing here but now almost 15 rings I don't know if Jennifer is watching but try to be funny you know hit the crate not cut the rough please okay well it'll go short I'll take that you know this is a wedge stuff we should be making and straight win yeah baby was you really call me during the opening round Friday I had I didn't say anything to you but because it was like unnecessary but they're not told me how are you today Ethan I'm fine how are you doing they are creepy they don't like the me they're you know that fear spiders like I think to get the hype up now after the front I will need something to drop from the back time to bring home that gold it's time to tell tell me and the shot how old are you if you don't want to answer that of course don't answer but how old are you I'm 26 I'm turned 27 in March next year so how old are you please let us know in the shot nama okay there sir shall we play let me spawn sponsor you please tell me yes I'm supposed to buy gold I should play damn it did you have Amina catch us by the way she goes home Amelie eyes it's like I'm afraid of spiders amelia is terrified of spider Jennifer will dive if this see a spider almost so I will have to take it even though I hate it I'm very much not like spiders good question Greg what did I did I miss the ball guideline in some of these ships of alternate between short of the hole and 20 feet pass can play them I fix this cost me three strokes an expert interesting Greg have you sent in a ticket about that oh my god older than you yeah I guess I'm definitely going to be one of the younger ones so 63-47 3030 every way over 30 I didn't know that I'm I'm the John Stehr here you know my date is 31st of March the last day of March Tommy have you seen Iraq the phobia yes I had I of boohoo terrible movie much love bro you know that is I kind of like tell me what is snapchat name Tommy love Berg it's my snapchat game I'm the youngster Tommy around on the earth you are I guess you're turning 23 you like soon right okay hold of a ten focus now focus now focus now focus now we can we just get this ball really to green wait the perfect good come on thanks a lot for for right that is awesome you know good Drive good ride good Drive so now way yours good to get it to green instead of over shelter you shoot the green but this is a very very technical and tough shot you know and everybody singing like is la dee da da da yeah gay stop playing you know it's some disgusting you know Congrats Brian I don't what happened are you is it your birthday oh no it's John 18th birthday happy birthday bro okay let's make this one too green okay okay crossing my fingers now I don't want to overshoot this one okay we slice this one come on I think the ruffed a girl figure up then we go that's a shock you know that's a shot that's the way to lock in the eagle or hold an always John Ritchey today or what no nada okay now it is messing with me wife Playa Demick was looking for the best thing they were lucky enough for Tommy to say yes RJ thanks for appreciating thank you very happy with that Shaw let's go my greatest fear are cockroaches though Tony yeah I I can't say that we have a bunch of them in Sweden so if if they're not something that I enjoy it's not often that with you basically have to tap in a pot here doesn't matter if you're the ground if we yeah if you feel that then or not you still a huge part of our big big big community and family so I would HIGHLY highly I would be I want to express a big thank you for everyone that makes every single day so amazingly fun and so happy to all of you being a part of our big family yeah Tommy I'm going to be starting gtpase soon on my journey to losing weight it would be awesome for your support Mike keep me posted Bobby definitely definitely sir good good luck with us make it happen buddy oh it's the anniversary of my heart transplant today so technical on for again you know wow I'm so happy that that went really really well for you as awesome tell me what is elevation adjustment mode in clash caddie if it is – before then it's uphill if it is not a minus sign before or like a subtract sign or whatever we want to call it then then we then it's a downhill like if you play downhill the ball is probably more in the air and we'd have to add the I congratulations rerun big high also I really love you guys in saying yes this is amazing okay whole number 11 let's make it happen can we bring home the eagle here I thought um Ben Tom it's too cold outside today it's no real golf me know what is the temperature over there KB you you're leaving Canada right or am i I think you have a Canada flag on a profile pic or something like that you know I'm a I'm a stalker no but about I have a weird memory though we have a double transplant recipe recipe PN on our team and we're time to him every single day definitely definitely I mean couldn't say it better myself definitely well it's amazing so okay let's make this drive good I want to be like approximate like this is the Pedro's like second account I see yeah I had kids over at Utah me haha yeah I know I might jump there you know but I feel oh I feel really old sometimes you know always tired I don't know if that is said for being old that you're all tired but you know Tommy can explain how you use the Rings for wind adjustment yep check out the learn the wind ring system and you will definitely get there get the hang of it if you're watching that a couple of times and maybe and no baby and you go down and practice you know to the lower chores good luck Tommy go get a cold boo but maybe it'll wait a month to mess with me back next time I know I'm sorry bro I'm sorry and thanks for stopping by bro how'd it go for you the tournament okay second shot now now let's go for down here guys let's go for the dunk okay so I'm feeling this one it's a perfect position for us here I'm going to adjust this one three wings in those days two point nine three rings let me get it perfect it's actually it's actually on that level that I kinda know not know about you know but like I'm feeling like 80% that this is going to go in if I hit it perfect as I am in this ball to where I think the other two ones on my off that second account waited great No okay come on come on now cut off them that be just that just blacked on us there yeah okay I'm just restarting the app here so we can get into the game directly again it felt like the reconnecting stream was still like working you know recording still going Wi-Fi still going movies still going you know this is so painful to watch this is so so painful to watch I yeah I did do that during the game this is absolutely incredibly painful to watch you know I think even though I know it's going to happen that's it's a recording but yeah and everyone that knows me and knows that I'm not going to miss that pot you know but you know what can you do then then after this now it was basically yes – you have to try to finish you know so I think it's you know I guess that is going to happen to everyone it has never happened to me in the week around I think not a master at least and the screen went black and reconnect the screen and then a bogey which is absolutely painful but according to the rules you know even if I watch this one afterwards it's so really really painful because we were fighting for the gold here and needed still an extra but still fighting for the goal can we bounce back now directly then can we bounce back can we bounce back it's like now it's now now it's up here you know now it's up here now it's hard you know Ben H Warner that were both buying the big boom on I've got the clothes there as well so now it at the moment this is this is this is painful you know this is painful so the thing that I I basically can count for here is that if they Demick get to the ticketing time which I hope they will then I'm going to then I'm going to be rewarded a par as a general score if plane MA doesn't think that okay he's going to get a birdie because he would make that pot Morton I have a good night's sleep buddy so the thing that I need to do now is to get the score that I need you like the minus 26 or like at least a girl or a me for it then I need three extra drops plus I need to make whole five and I decided that I was going to send in a ticket but I'm not going to do that until the end of the stream sorry end of the recording so you're going to see the thing that wrote I'm going to see what happened but the only thing I can do now if you just do my absolute very best so I'm not just destroying the round because I'm still fighting for my clan you know but in the end instead of minus 16 so minus 16 after 12 we are minus 14 of the 12 oh my god you know it's I know and the thing is here this has happened to many players in the community is and and I feel so bad when I see it and honestly it hasn't happened that often that I've been having to send in a ticket to to you know feeling that I I deserve better so yeah definitely got me you know into to that mode but what can you do the only thing you can do is to keep on playing keep on fighting giving yourself a good run for the last hole kind of just trying to enjoy time but we at least in shot he's going to enjoy ourselves know you never know what's going to happen you know hey Tom help always good we even family's Master Pro John Murphy thank you stopping my buddy I'm going to actually update the score for you all I did forget about to do that I'm just going to update the score so you can actually follow that you just jumped in and I forget about that you know but we are going to keep enjoying our selfie with the shots well you know the keep on coming with Christians and some fun Annabelle I saw what you wrote earlier I saw what you were Lea and I couldn't agree with you more thanks a lot for saying that in shot means a lot you know if that we are all thinking like that you know I had a nice man 23 necks but I'm having such as a half-bath speak one of ours one just kind of weight loss about all my coins all my luck just turn soon Steve and take a break sir and play a lower jaw is still so you get the confidence back buddy they're the score is updated exclamation mark score you will see the current score Bravo well done sir what is updated score how top this course and a bug shell and it's something that I do manually on an iPod page so the knight boat is going to get in get in get in come on it's like what I don't know how many times we have been so close yeah I kind of agree with you it's a it's a it's a hole that you don't look forward to playing you just need to you just want to survive okay we're still getting close you know lean [Applause] and be dancing okay so with you know with that what can I say with like having a bogey and then plus just a lip and then basically a lip again and basically about again and then we come to I am and then we come to a whole number 14 which is going to be the long par 5 and we need to make that Eagle you know I don't want to miss and I want to do at least the current score hopefully I can get something extra you know that would be nice you feel like boosting the confidence a little bit there in the end actually because you know for you that have been watching from the beginning it's not that we are playing bad so I've been very very close but still not over me just going to do a very very best to keep it up Lin worrisome thanks a lot for the 279 much appreciated give lengthen boom and some love in the shot thank you okay come on oh okay so important drive here Portland Drive come on the girls in there okay so now as you can see we're getting very quick matchup the reason we're getting very quick matchup is like every time you do either disconnect your line not disconnect but like you do forfeit maybe or you like you get a bug in some kind like that you're not then that did not play yourself to a bogey then you're going to be matched up against non alive players which means that though this is recorded versions of those players that played which means that the matchup is going to go very quickly but it's also the sign like that so you cannot like you take a body and you match up and then your body kind of like gives you a forfeit and gives you an e give you an eagle you know okay 1440 oh let's go let's make this one over come on wait it absolutely smashing perfect and that's awesome love the old five minutes by Eagle birdie and par were possible score a perfect tournament old rope you know in that in that sentence you know it's absolutely excellent I would be first to sign up there the reason I said before that I thought it was kind of was it like if for some reason don't really know what's going to happen so it's like are you painful to go into it you know but you're absolutely right like that's the same for hole number one in in master which was absolutely lovely with a headwind there even though I like for a pocket for and me in a public five six with only kingmakers then they couldn't really reach over if the wind was higher than 11.5 Sebastiani okay let's see if we can make this one on to green then come on Annabelle thanks a lot and have fun thanks off to stopping by much appreciated okay 15.7 absolutely crazy not crazy but okay see we can do here come on hit the perfect sit there we go here we go I will take a boom for that shot you know I would take a boom I we haven't caught any boobs I'll take a boom there what do you think about the new balls saw me a ghost fall absolutely love spider ball lovely design I will have to say but not not that in terms of stats not like the best I've seen but like the ghost balls ever as a Powerball absolutely excellent and the time they are say so is really cool so we're going to put it in here for an eagle like rusty appreciate it buddy so we will have to keep on being positive because we get negative that is not going to be dude so we can't be negative can't be negative in life as well so then we need to just share up chin up and just keep on at it you know hold of it yeah hey is anybody okay let's play quarterback and pull out the lovely knee despite their ball despite ball has definitely been in the close to us but hasn't been a drop yet so see if can make em good play now fifteen sixteen so see okay whole fifteen come on I'm gonna play the same way like five bars back and one and a half parts I've been left at one point 25 per ring that's all right did you send him a ticket body for hole 11 I did this in the end when I was done with my round I just wanted to try to keep focused even though was it was hard so I'm having the ticket when I write you to record as well Indians Eocene five and we're going to go a little bit more than eight rings like 8.1 rings there we go what pugna me I'm gonna tell you in there and get the boom in the shot for that one okay that's awesome to get one drop you know so there we go there we go so kind of the deal is now everyone is that if you get one more drop and we and we count with that we're going to get our par for the disconnect that we get because again it's getting a birdie it's it's not really that often it happens with new girls so then then we are if we can get one more drop then that is going to be a minus 25 for us oh wow wow so close so we need one more drop the see you can get one more drop so we can get up like job it will be a minus 24s on the scoreboard boy but with a power a minus 25 see we can get that one at least we're going to fight for it you know that was a nice hole in one rusty you could play that one with kingmaker so do you don't have kingmakers either it's like you play the play quarterback you can make your 1.2850 ring as well what kingmaker that worked extremely well I played it with my second account for the kingmaker and I made hole in one twice a but not one time at least I know shouldn't lie but very close and one all over 16 there found a possible drop do not forget to subscribe you can say do not forget to subscribe to channel be a sub to watch on Twitch hit the follow button top of the tree we actually if we unfortunately did get a bogey on home in number 11 after the screen went black and then we apparently lost connection there for some reason I don't know any at Sansom thanks a lot for subscribing to the YouTube channel welcome are literate ah and now I get you the same okay so we're just going to make a dry put yourself naked in spite of all right you know this has actually been a tournament like kind of like I kind of mixed up notes you know some written now some clash charism anything planned for 25k subs do you never know you never know there's definitely going to be some big for 30k if we reach there you know but you know us we love to give back and Lucy tell me I noticed that I wasn't getting journey holy ones on my stats played any fixed I got win 16 all the one intern issue wow that's a really good body why didn't you go left side Tommy it's it's not possible you see the headwind it's not possible to reach over there it's like would just be very would be less intelligent to try to go over there it would be in the water every single time I guess so we'll never be able to reach over yeah but then come on I don't being a farmer is Ryan from Northern Ireland keep up the good work thanks of Ryan much appreciate itself okay I'm just going to give Amelia some water just going to run to can get this one in the hole the recording was still wrong whoa so everyone I'm back you know and now I just wanted to give Amelia some water and now she's peeing she want to sit in my lap now so she's going to join us for for the later part here both cars Topsy hey buddy how are you doing so okay we did get the very birdie there you know and now we're going to have like we do have hole number 17 18 see we can get something extra here I think it's time to give Amelia some booms everyone it's a boost in these jobs my little angel so bryan bear' Ryan's been asking for beanie hat month so guess what is getting fresh again you so okay hold number 17 can we make it happen and you know I told everyone for Amelia as much appreciated do not forget to hit the thumbs up button on the video please thank you well your Halloween costume be able clash theme you know rob is very tough to do some Halloween with golf I guess but I'm definitely going to dress our address up see if I can get some maybe some change in the layout on stream as well to something cool during Halloween I don't know we'll see what happens but definitely going to dress up okay so getting it so close so close yeah key down I'm very proud you know yeah she she is together with Jennifer my absolute everything you know I would be doing every anything for them you know she's just starting to get so big read supper Payne Stewart what's that I don't know thanks a lot everyone much appreciate thank you so much Bonnie may probably be nice but how did you going poker yesterday Tim actually won the tournament so that was awesome and they gave me some some cash back which also was also you know so that was also played like six and a half hours but I didn't get like plus of the buying like nine nine cake now six I really I split with my brother I don't remember exactly number but the first prize was the most around 10k Swedish okay so one more hole to go and that is going to be hole number 18 and again like the rules that follow really if we do get an albatross and if you do get the change in score card to a par that is going to be a minus 25 for us or otherwise it's going to be a minus went forward with a bogey with an ego mind 23 and my friend or with a par instead and if we get it to change to a birdie which is highly unlikely I'm going to talk about that after all over a team a little bit actually and getting a birdie there that would put us with a minus 25 with an eagle but with a minus 26 on with you can see there a minus 25 we have tiebreak on everyone that would be putting ourselves up top so in change clubs and going hole 18 just going to do our job really so she's saying that her hair is brown so let's say it it great and then let's get it over so hole number 18 I'm definitely going to say Salvage was what can we do really so but I can say I've been close but I've never even been close you know it's a whole lot – 30 is awesome so our poems this is my drive sorry I thought it was my drive before yes yeah okay so and make a drive good no problem here really when I'm playing really good since since that bogan upgrade get I got it rock Allah above still in shock Scott killed it buddy and you know it's I had to say like with not to drop getting one drop with that holy one there have been very very close one many I will have to say like at least that I could count like to the five six seven and you know in a good day going to drop one or two of those as well so I felt I had so much in me you know and and I played really and I have to say that I am very satisfied with the game that I did play and unfortunately it happened the thing that no one likes to happen you know that and sometimes that is going to happen with the getting that bow yeah I guess so let's make the final shot good at least hit it and it like we always do fibers top one bar size pain we're going to adjust for max distance of our club it's like if we was like for some miracle reason we'll be making an albatraoz it would be giving us a possibility with the ad for a banner if we would be getting a par changed it from a bogey to a bar or still oh yeah waited great see come on get in the hole boom well that albatross there would go a great shot as well I'll leave its lucky in the end come on come on oh oh uh I'm have an albatross on hole number 18 how sick is now that you know how it's awesome you know I we're going to watch it again you know there is nothing nicer really to end it up with an albatross on a really tough par five with a great shot so to pull up two drops after after that bogey that we did yet is something that I'm of course very very happy with and even though it could have been better it is what it is really and so the thing that I wanted to really say here is like never give up you know never give up and basically if I keep my bogey which I can say that I I did send in a ticket and you're going to see the thing that I wrote in the ticket and the reason I did that is that there is some people I want to treat everything that I do and try to put it as I'm asking for more than I'm entitled to so I didn't decide to send in a ticket but I also did with a little twist in the end you can see [Applause] with our birdie I would be putting myself on our -26 and that would be on the top Daniel here is going for -26 himself so but I did have tiebreaker on him which of course it's a bit sorry taste you know if he makes a mind 26 and I might went for 25 you know so then it would be a mime spoon sick but easy to say you know and in the end it was really really frustrating after the round and I've been very frustrated but sometimes that is going to happen why did he say what's on the 19th old yawn if you look through the whole video every hole is out of order it says the wrong number on every hole a minute ago mom okay okay so I'm going to send in a ticket and I actually did send in a ticket and I did get some quick response it took this time I think it took like four or five hours no it doesn't now three four or five hours something like that doesn't really matter so it is here on the recording but I'm actually going to do like this I'm going to see if I can pull it up here on my iPad at the same time okay yeah I can't so I'm actually going to close the recording here and you're going to see the thing that I actually wrote so we're going to do like this so would read it to you right there the app did shut down on me at hole 11 after I made my second shot for the Eagle I missed the Eagle but would have had a very easy putt for a birdie I got to reconnect reconnecting screen and sat there for a while then I restarted app and got rewarded a bogey can't please take a look at it I will add the timestamp in the recording when it's uploaded on YouTube Thank You Tommy and then it says like I don't I I want to speak with somebody you get that question then I wrote in a little while later and said hi again I just want to add that I only want to get rewarded apart for the issue so the reason I send in that is to absolutely do one understand make sure that I'm I don't want to have a birdie for that I don't think it's fair to other players if it for some reason would be judged from played I'm excited that I should be getting up birdie for what can I say for me no bad that didn't lost the connection on the drive it it lost connection after I made my second shot so it would be an easy pot but I wanted to make it clear in the ticket that I don't want to be rewarded more than a par I think this issue is it's big I think it's important to address I've been dressed it I do have some thoughts on how to improve the scores change and I hope that that will be changed then I gotta answer hi Tommy it's nice to hear from you today I'm sorry to hear that you have experienced a connection issue issue with your tournament match I've changed the score to a power and all 11 you may continue to stream now yeah but I wasn't streaming but then for more information frequently asked question thanks in Neriah for the for the awesome so so I got a part I'm going to shake the scoreboard and I'm second at the moment Daniel got my spoon 6 we would be taking him with the time and so got the power as you can see here on hole number 11 and then it is for this – 25 and we can check down here to see we do have most likely going to meet us highlight that phone for Alex well placer and we're going to just take a look here we do have Canada to us – 12 of the nine really good player needs a minor fortune for the back to beat then we do have these two guys here Kate going from 1913 for front and then Craig here is doing you going from – 9 – -21 – all of a sudden – 11 off – seven holes so he's having the round of his life at the moment so then we do have Ryan here that is absolutely an excellent player as well that can absolutely make a good score making a – 26th and he will beat me and then Lindsay as well of course excellent player and didn't get to finish the opening round after a very good back nine which unfortunate though but he's a minus 26 as well I wouldn't care if Lindsay beat me you know he's from she's from the same clan so you know it's my decision look it's my decision and I don't want to yes Wow the appetito soft oh yeah mommy can't eat the bulk of them so okay if so and I'm satisfied without you know it if it's something that is apparently going to happen but this issue is bigger and I don't want to be I don't expect to get anything else I just wanted to make it clear therefore the support that I don't know now because this tournament there has been some players that has been beginning to replay a whole I and some players that have got some changes there because there was some prod there were some problem with the app with the service in in the beginning of the tournament so I just want to make it sure that would get so yeah it is what it is and hopefully that will be enough for a banner I'm happy with the way I played you know I'm happy we have so many close ones as well and that albatross in the end was awesome so again so I say very much thank you for being here even though it's a bit painful to stream when it comes like that but I think it was necessary so it's just on to the next one and good luck in your own week around if you haven't played yet and other than that please let me know in the comment section if you're watching this recording other like after what you what can say what you did get in your round so good luck everyone and happy throw team


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  1. K P

    July 12, 2019 3:16 pm

    Firstly I'd like to say I'm a fan of yours and love your videos, this is not a criticism of you.
    I'm amazed at how quickly you got a response from support, it would appear being sponsored by playdemic does have some advantages. I had a disconnect in the previous tournament. In game support ignored the ticket for a week and i only got a response after 10 days when i sent two emails to the playdemic support website.
    I've never had a same-day response on any issue, I wish we could all get that kind of service.


    July 12, 2019 3:16 pm

    This kind of disconection always happens to me but they never believe in me and say that is a trouble with my internet ….. I always stay with that plus but in you Thay can believe


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