GCU Men’s Volleyball 2019 Preview

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(slow electric guitar) – Last year’s momentum,
I think we could be a little bit disappointed with the way we finished last season. So we’re trying to use that as more of a motivating memory. You know, obviously it’s nice
to be pre-season ranked again, but we have a whole new squad. We graduated nine guys last
year. Have seven freshmen, so getting them up to speed
through the fall’s been great, and I’m really impressed
with what they’ve done, so I’m excited to see
where this year goes. (slow rock music) Keith is a familiar name.
He’s one of the best setters to come through this program, and we have three young setters right now. I’m happy to have him come back. He’s been doing great
things behind the scenes. But more importantly,
he’s been designating most of his time in the gym
to working with our setters, and they’re getting some
really good training. (slow rock music) Demographically speaking,
Arizona was really strong last year for boys volleyball. So, Parker Broadway from Arizona. We have a couple of older guys, Trevor Weary, David Kisiel. We graduated one guy, Cody Williams. So we like to stay local if we can. We have two stud outsides from San Diego, Camden Gianni and Christian Janke. Those guys are going to be
on the court a lot for us. Starting in libero this year, is another freshman from Arizona, Cole Udall. He’s gonna be great. We’re really happy with where we are. (slow rock music) Every year I think our attendance
to matches has increased. I think there’s a buzz around campus about the good character that
we have within our program, but also the exciting
matches and the teams that we bring into this tiny little gym. We love it. We love playing in here. It’s exciting. It’s definitely a must see.


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