this is a funny moment in sport this cramp at his grandson's is so good-looking else is it oh yes this is another funny sport moment I found where this guy gives the ball that goes right there should be an easy goal right how do you miss that close this kid was trying to go for a trampoline done yeah boom he would have signed the roof as actually crazy what the here this is a really funny clip wheels guys playing baseball don't need one second left on the clock he tries to go for a full corn hoop way over the hoop buddy this is actually crazy this guy tried to save Kenny jumped it's like everyone's drinks it went everywhere that poor ladies just called dedication right here to save the go oh his kids kids kids will be feeling that one this guy's celebrated after getting a ball in the hoop and he does this celebrated punch the rhythmic got this one here how can you be that bad in front of all clearly missed and hit a guy Minaj this lady was playing tennis and her backhoe connected to her he let look oh my god oh that is actually unfortunate he still tried to go for it they are this is a very interesting way water bottle dolphins balls any here yes they're trying to hit it out but kind of happy wait for a swim they passed the stage here and look what he does he gets pressured boom kicks the ball bench was keeper but you hold in the goal is the craziest or goal I've ever seen well I can say this 100 Daniel s box was trying to jump into a ring but I didn't hit you well this is what happens when a riff is hit up with the plan he just braces that sort but that guy's face I don't even know this mascot was trying to do trying to walk and cheese guy was trying to lift up some weights and think he's struggling a little bit here to bring him up if you ask me this kid is a sniper with a soccer ball boom one Broner this is one of the coolest possible schools out of a simple rebound let's just guy grabs it and he tries to keep it and flicks it back is a very unfortunate clip better misses oh my goodness all that gotta hurt sheesh so skill gets a heart random playing baseball she celebrates she say but while she's celebrating she forgot one thing he forgot to touch the base and look someone actually told her she tries to run it back right he sees that is very awkward another very clumsy situation on the keeper keeper tries to get it this is it and so fucking this right here these guys then I got the whole front she is this defender tried to keep the ball in but as chilli's raccoon or a honey bitch total put to the field and he is causing a havoc this man look at him girl a little honey badger oh hey God hey guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure you click here to watch more awesome reactions we do the channel every day I try to find all the craziest and best clip so it's worth your time and as that sounds good to you make sure you subscribe to notifications I love you guys I'll see you in tomorrow's new video bye guys


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