Frank, the Wimbledon boy who treats ADHD with magic – Londoner #8

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Can you reach in and pick a card.
Oh, yep, so you’ve chosen the eight of hearts, yeah. I love magic, it’s my favorite thing in the whole world. Blow that card. Have a look. It’s not a talent that a lot of people have,
like football, it’s just really rare and amazing. And then
it brings people together. That’s what I like about it, I like making
people happy. Is that your card, no?
No. Okay I’ll try something.
Your slight of hand is way better than mine. I’ve been doing it for ages that’s why.
I showed them a few magic tricks and I couldn’t show them how to do it ’cause
I’m a magician. Don’t, you’ll ruin it for him. You’re way better than me.
Thanks. I’ve got dyslexia, which, I find it hard to read and write.
And then with my ADHD I’m normally really hyper but because I can do all this
with the cards and stuff I’m sort of putting my ADHD, channeling it into the cards
so that way I’m spending it all on the magic. When I wake up I know where my cards are,
and then I’ll get ready and make sure I have the cards on me.
If I don’t have the cards on me it’s a nightmare. I always have the cards on me, I practice
while I’m walking down the street, when I’m shopping. When I’m doing anything
I’m just practicing. Anywhere I can get a reflection I’m practicing,
I’m practicing my snap-change, I’m practicing loads of different things.
Can I try Fulton’s clip joints please. Yeah, sure.
I had a Phoenix pack of marked ones and I think because I’m dyslexic
I found them easier ’cause they actually had the numbers on them. At my cousin’s wedding, my mum hired me. She said “I’ll give you twenty pounds for
the night if you go round and do magic to the tables”.
So I was going round doing my magic, my magic, my magic and everyone loved it. And then my
dad’s friend might be hiring me for my son’s birthday soon. When I’m older, I would love to be a professional magician. It would be wicked. It’s just so cool how I am doing something
that I really, really like.


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