Franciacorta Golf Club – Il Superintendent

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Hello my name is Maurizio Zani, Superintendent of Franciacorta Golf Club Are present in the field since 1985 construction date, in practice I have traced
field together with the architect Croze our field is a fun, very technical However, a field is fun for everyone
professional and amateur a par 72 18 holes, then we built the
other 9-hole course called “Rosé”. then the path “Brut”, which are the first nine holes and “Satèn” the second 1985 I attended the National School of Golf before then I was Greenkepper
I took the diploma of Superintendent in 1996 and from there began a beautiful adventure with a team very close-knit and the results have arrived, because we won twice the best service and once I was premmiato as GreenKeepper year we are fortunate that we are in a
area in which people can play all year round but
at the same time for us workers on field work, however, some double
always full of foreign people plays and we have to be able to visit
our space cut fertilize do all the maintenance work
field good morning are working under Roberto Sartori here since 1989 I take care of the irrigation system and
when there are no breakages even cut the grass call if you’ve never played
Franciacorta to come and see our range and try to play on a course a lot of fun, so you can see how is the maintenance and
beauty of this route. Greetings to all from Franciacorta


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